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Abstract – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Abstract

  • The modular coils on the National Compact
    Stellarator Experiment (NCSX) present a number of
    significant engineering challenges due to their
    complex shapes, requirements for high dimensional
    accuracy and the high current density required in
    the modular coils due to space constraints. In
    order to address these challenges, an RD program
    was established to develop the conductor,
    insulation scheme, manufacturing techniques, and
    procedures. A prototype winding named Twisted
    Racetrack Coil (TRC) was of particular importance
    in dealing with these challenges. The TRC
    included a complex shaped winding form,
    conductor, insulation scheme, leads and
    termination, cooling system and coil clamps
    typical of the modular coil design. Even though
    the TRC is smaller in size than a modular coil,
    its similar complex geometry provided invaluable
    information in developing the final design,
    metrology techniques and development of
    manufacturing procedures.
  • In addition a discussion of the development of
    the copper rope conductor including Keystoning
    concerns the epoxy impregnation system (VPI)
    plus the tooling and equipment required to
    manufacture the modular coils will be presented.
  • Work supported by U.S. DOE Contract No.

NCSX Modular Coil Cutaway
RD Winding/VPI Development
Copper Conductor Keystoning
  • New England Electric Wire Co. and the NCSX
    Project worked together to develop the conductor
    that would satisfy the projects needs
  • (7) Variations of conductor were fabricated and
    evaluated during the RD phase
  • Minimizing the keystoning of the conductor as
    well as achieving maximum copper density were (2)
    of the primary goals with the selection of the
  • The compacted copper rope conductor selected is
    0.342 in. x 0.383 in. (bare) /- 0.010 in.
  • Material OFHC copper per ASTM B-577/ 34 gauge
    wire 0.0063 in. dia.
  • Construction 12x5/54/34 cable, 3240 strands
  • Nylon serve 0.004 inch thick was used on the
    conductor. It helps during the manufacturing of
    the conductor, as well as minimizing loose copper
    strands during coil fabrication.

Keystone RD Findings
  • Keystoning and tolerance control go hand in hand
    during the manufacturing of the modular coils.
  • Minimizing Keystoning
  • New turn to turn insulation scheme eliminating
    Kapton tape
  • Setting conductor in position by gently hand
    tapping in place
  • Using smaller conductor
  • Sufficient number of winding clamps
  • 3 inch centers
  • Remove minimal number of clamps during winding

Conductor VPI Trials
  • CTD-101 K 3 part epoxy system has been selected
    to VPI the Modular Coils
  • Numerous VPI tests were performed
  • Demonstrated good epoxy fill between individual
    strands 0.0063 in. dia

Electron Microscope photos of epoxy filled
Twisted Racetrack Shaped Coil (TRC)
  • Twisted racetrack coil (TRC) captured many of the
    physical features of the NCSX Modular coils
    including geometry, cooling scheme, insulation,
    conductor and coil leads.
  • The fabrication of the TRC allowed final
    development of
  • Tolerance control
  • Manufacturing procedures final tool development
  • Verification of VPI plan using the Autoclave
  • Verification of thermal performance of the coil
  • Training of key personnel

Dimensional Control Metrology
  • To ensure stellarator symmetry, it is important
    that the positions of the current centroids of
    all the modular coils of each type are as similar
    to each other as possible. /- 0.020 inch
  • The Romer measuring system will be used to
    inspect the winding form and determine the
    position of the coil bundle.
  • During winding, the coil width shall be fixed and
    a constant torque of 30 inch-lbs will be used for
    vertical height
  • After winding the bundle can be repositioned to
    final dimensions
  • Glass tape lacing bands will be positioned on
    either side of the winding clamps to control the
    position of the turns during installation of
    Groundwrap, chill plates and bag mold.

Cladding Chill Plate Development for Cooling
Modular Coils
3. Chill plates to cooling tubes soldered using
Stay-Brite rosin core Silver solder
1. Kapton backed Copper cladding is held in
position using 3M cement
2. Chill plates are installed and staked together
Brazing Cable Connectors
Brazing procedures had to be developed for
attaching the copper connectors to the cable rope
Argon Inert Gas Head
Nibco- Resistive heating Carbon Tongs used to
heat connector and cable
Water cooled chill blocks were used to contain
heat in the conductor during brazing
Sil-Fos braze rod being fed through end of
Bag Mold for Epoxy Impregnation
A silicone bag mold with epoxy/glass shell was
developed and used as a mold for the epoxy
impregnation of the modular coils
Modular Coil Winding Facility
Special tools and equipment were developed to
manufacture the Modular Coils
Vertical Turning fixture for winding modular coils
Conductor Payout spool system - 4 conductor in
Autoclave Pressure/ vacuum oven
Modular Coil VPI System
Vacuum-Pressure-Impregnation Cure Cycle
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