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Georgia High School Writing Test GHSWT


Main Administration Date ... Make up day for students unavoidably ... Who should take the Fall (Main) administration? first time 11th grade students (GPS) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Georgia High School Writing Test GHSWT

Georgia High School Writing Test GHSWT
  • Students must pass the GHSWT to receive a high
    school diploma.
  • GHSWT is fully aligned to GPS as of fall 2007.
  • Schools receive Individual Student and Summary
  • Scale score
  • Performance Level
  • Does Not Meet (DNM), Meets (M), and Exceeds (EX)
  • GPS writing prompts are released after each
    administration along with samples of performance
    levels and teacher comments.

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • The assessment is a test of persuasive writing.
  • The assessment is scored analytically, using a 5
    point rubric evaluating four domains of writing.
    Each domain contributes a pre-determined weight
    to the total score.
  • Ideas (40) Organization (20)
  • Style (20) Conventions (20)
  • Scale scores range from 100 - 350.
  • 100-199 Does not Meet
  • 200-249 Meets the Standard
  • 250-350 Exceeds the Standard

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • To be certain that students are tested on the
    curriculum under which they have been instructed
    and have had opportunity to learn, students who
    tested for the first time in September 2007 will
    continue to take a GPS version of the writing
  • Students who tested for the first time prior to
    September 2007 will continue to take the QCC

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • Each administration includes GPS and QCC
    versions. Form numbers/letters indicate which is
    GPS, which QCC.
  • Examiners must monitor testing to ensure that
    students receive the correct form.
  • GPS forms will be scored with GPS based rubrics
    and reported on the new score scale (100 350,
    200 Pass).
  • QCC tests will be scored on the QCC based rubric
    and reported on the QCC score scale (400-600, 500
  • Reports will indicate which version of the test
    students took.

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • Comparisons can not be made between the results
    of the GPS and QCC writing assessments.
  • The GPS GHSWT has a different standard and score

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • Main Administration Date
  • Sept. 24, 2008 Primarily for Grade 11 First-time
    GPS test takers or QCC retesters.
  • Sept. 25, 2008 Make up day for students
    unavoidably absent on Sept. 24, 2008.

GHSWT 2008-2009
  • Who should take the Fall (Main) administration?
  • first time 11th grade students (GPS)
  • 11th and 12th grade students who have not passed
    the test (GPS or QCC)
  • 12th grade students new to the school/system who
    have not tested (GPS)
  • Students who have left school with a Certificate
    or Special Education diploma (GPS or QCC)

  • Prompts are secure and must be keep under lock
    and key until time of administration.
  • Examiners must account for all testing materials
    before dismissing students from the testing site.
    All materials should be destroyed by the System
    Test Coordinator.
  • The GPS prompt used in the main administration
    will be released by GaDOE after scoring and
    reporting is completed. Scored samples and
    comments will also be released.
  • System Test Coordinators should train all school
    coordinators, examiners, and proctors.

2008-2009 Answer Document
2008-2009 Answer Document For Teachers Use Only
(No Transcript)
GHSWT Answer Document
  • Important Information
  • In addition to the student FTE number, students
    must provide their Georgia Testing Identifier
    (GTID) number. School coordinators should
    provide examiners with student rosters that
    include both FTE and GTID numbers, Special
    Education or ELL status, and information about
  • Students MUST enter the form number of the test
    they take in the correct space on the answer
  • Students should complete information about their
    diploma status. Special Education has been added
    as a Diploma Endorsement Sought.

GHSWT Answer Document
  • Barcode labels are provided only for the Fall
    administration. They will include GTID and FTE.
  • Students should always write their name, DOB,
    school name, and system name in the spaces at the
    top of the answer document.
  • A script including directions for completing the
    answer document for students with barcode labels
    and those without labels appears in the
    Examiners Manual and should be followed exactly.
  • Students MUST enter and bubble all demographic
    information on the answer documents in retest
    administrations (March and July).

  • All students identified as special education,
    Section 504, ELL, or students who are eligible
    for Title I Reading, Title I Mathematics, or
    Migrant services must be coded in the SRC box on
    the answer document.
  • If the assessment resulted in a conditional
    administration, code the appropriate box on the
    answer document.

  • For students who require accommodations,
    coordinators should consult the Student
    Assessment Handbook and the Accommodations Manual
    for Students with Disabilities.
  • Any accommodations not included in these guides
    must be approved by the GaDOE at least 4 weeks
    prior to the assessment.
  • Contact Jan Grace
  • 988-6328 ext 10197

  • Testing may be deferred for students who have a
    temporary physical impairment (e.g., broken arm
    or hand) that prevents production of a
    handwritten response. High school students may
    have testing delayed to the next regularly
    scheduled administration.

  • Eligible students may be provided accommodations
    based on an emergency Section 504 Plan to allow
    participation in the assessment.
  • A word processor may be used with the
    spell/grammar check function disabled. The word
    processor print out should include the students
    FTE or GTID number and form number and be
    placed inside the Answer Document. GCA will
    score the printout as the final draft.
  • One other option is the use of a scribe. Scribing
    instructions are in the Student Assessment

  • The prompts MUST NOT be read aloud to students or
    interpreted unless that requirement is listed in
    the IEP, IAP, or whose regular education program
    includes this accommodation.
  • Writing materials for visually impaired students
    may be enlarged by the System Test Coordinator.
  • Prompts may be communicated via sign language.
  • ELL students may use word-to-word dictionaries.

  • Georgia Center for Assessment
  • Jeremy Granade Candace Langford
  • 888-392-8977 888-392-8977
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Dr. Kay Ellen Rutledge
  • 404-463-5047