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DTIC Update 2008


DTIC Update 2008 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: DTIC Update 2008

DTIC UPDATE 2008 April 8, 2008 Ms. Helen Q.
DTIC Update 2008
  • Ms. Helen Q. Sherman
  • Director, User Services
  • DTIC

DTICs 34th Annual Conference
DTIC Update 2008
  • The only thing constant about change is change
  • Constant Change at DTIC
  • Replacing the old with the new
  • Keeping pace with new technology
  • Improving products and online services for users
  • Expanding customer base and partnerships
  • Challenging personnel with new projects

Personnel Changes
Personnel System Change
National Security Personnel System (NSPS)
  • DTICs 74 non-bargaining unit positions
    transitioned from the General Schedule (GS) to
    NSPS on 16 March
  • Other employees currently remain in GS system

Strategic Plan 2007-2012
Planning ahead DTICs 5-year Strategic
Plan Available on DTIC homepage http//www.dtic.m
Meeting Our CustomersChanging Needs
From Strategic Plan
DTIC Update 2008
New Customer Interface DTIC Online
New IntegratedCustomer Interface
  • Customer Interface Task Force (CITF)
  • Created October 2007
  • Directed by Administrator
  • Led by Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Involves staff across DTIC directorates
  • Purpose To provide for the integrated design,
    development, deployment, coordination,
    implementation and oversight of a robust
    information delivery infrastructure and
    accompanying support services

Bringing Resources Together
DTIC Online Working Groups
Search and Retrieval
Design and Marketing
Customer Tools
Migration of RE Portal from Oracle to Vignette
WIKI for Communication
RE PortalDoD Research Engineering
RE Portal
  • Single sign-on for array of resources and tools,
    preserving distribution limitations according to
    level of access for each individual user
  • Congressional Budget section continues to be
  • Budget tables accessible in PDF or Excel format
  • Watch for DTIC list announcements for release of
    data within 24 hours of report being filed

RE PortalChange in Process
Customization by Arranging Portlets
RE Portal Migration
  • Key features include
  • CAC-enabled access
  • Personalization rights for users
  • Interactive calendar of events
  • Plus improved reliability and availability
  • Watch for DTIC list announcement with details
  • Coming attraction
  • Integration of RE Portal with DTIC Online
    Controlled Access resources, Summer 2008

Total Electronic MigrationSystem (TEMS)
IAC docs In TEMS database
Information AnalysisCenters (IACs)
  • Ten IACs now managed by DTIC
  • Added MSIAC (Modeling Simulation), 2007
  • Supported Combatant Commanders Workshop, 2007
  • COCOMs learned how IACs collect, analyze,
    synthesize, and disseminate Scientific Technical
    Information (STI) in clearly defined, specialized
    fields or subject areas
  • Planning further improvement to IAC Program
    metrics, 2008

IAC Domain Host AMMTIAC Advanced Materials and
Testing Alion Science Technology CBRNIAC Chemic
al, Biological Radiological, Nuclear Battelle
Memorial CPIAC Chemical Propulsion Johns
Hopkins University DACS Data and Analysis
Center for Software ITT IATAC Information
Assurance Booz Allen Hamilton MSIAC Modeling
Simulation Alion Science Technology RIAC Relia
bility Wyle Labs SENSIAC Sensor
Technology Georgia Tech Research Ins
SURVIAC Survivability/Vulnerability Booz
Allen Hamilton WSTIAC Weapons Systems
Technology Alion Science Technology
Academic Institutions
Expertise and Technology
TEMS Change in Process
  • Coming Attractions
  • Addition of Classified TEMS to SIPRNet site,
    Spring 2008
  • Integration of Total Electronic Migration System
    (TEMS) with DTIC Online Controlled Access
    resources, Summer 2008

DTIC Online
Three Levels of Access
Controlled Access Site
SIPRNet Site
Public Site
DTIC Public Homepage DTIC Search Page Public
STINET Community Managers Public Resources
RE Portal TEMS (IACs) Private STINET Community
Managers Public Controlled Resources
Classified STINET Classified TEMS Community
DTIC OnlineUses STINET Color Pattern
STINET (Scientific Technical Information
Network) Access to the DTIC Collections
Public, Controlled, and Classified
Unclassified for Training Purposes
Prototype DTIC Online Public (Blue)
Community Managers
My DTIC community manager will know where to find
this information.
Sensors Bio Systems Technology Analysis Weapons
Systems Modeling Simulation High Performance
Computing Modernization Strategic Environmental
Research Development Information Systems
Initial Set of Communities
What information will be of value to my community?
DTIC Customer
DTIC Community Manager
ST CommunitiesSample Information
  • Directories
  • Blogs
  • Conferences Meetings
  • Research Centers
  • IACs
  • Universities
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Documents Articles
  • DoD Service Guidance
  • Canned Searches of DTIC Technical Reports
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Web Sites

(No Transcript)
DTIC Update 2008
New Fall Conference
DTICs 1st COCOM Conference
2007 Combatant Commanders Workshop
  • Held 29-30 October
  • Sponsored by DDRE and DTIC
  • Located at Suffolk, Virginia
  • The Lighthouse Center for Innovation
  • Combatant Commanders (COCOM) attendees (EUCOM,
    JFCOM, PACOM, etc.)
  • Presentations by ATL, DTIC, and IACs posted on
    RE Portal and Private STINET
  • ADB334088 available for ordering

Benefits of COCOM Workshop
  • Increased communication with COCOMs to learn
    their requirements
  • COCOMs awareness of DTIC products services
  • Future opportunity for DTIC personnel to attend
    COCOM meetings and/or exercises

2008 Program ExecutiveOffice (PEO) Conference
  • New Program Executive Office (PEO) Conference,
    Fall 2008
  • Include PEOs from DoD, Army, Air Force, Navy, and
    Marine Corps
  • Inform new customer base about available DTIC and
    IAC services
  • Alternate years with COCOM Workshop

DTIC Update 2008
Outreach and Information Sharing
PACOM Exercise
  • Pacific Command (PACOM) Exercise
  • DTIC participation in exercise in Hawaii,
    Spring 2008
  • Researchers prepared advance searches
    on Private STINET and Classified
  • DTIC Librarian participated in Science

    Technology (ST) Cell for two-week exercise
  • DTIC Librarian presented training to group on
    DTIC resources
  • DTIC User Services provided reachback support
    in conjunction with IACs during exercise

Expanding Horizons Ahead
  • DTIC personnel to assist with other exercises and
    enhance the information sharing process
  • DTIC to support Information Sharing Operations
    (ISO) and send DTIC Combat Librarians out in the
    field according to a proposal from Office of the
    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks
    Integration Information (NII)/DoD Chief
    Information Officer (CIO), Information Policy
    Integration Directorate
  • DTIC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with
    Networks Information Integration (NII), signed
    March 2008

Information Sharing Operations (ISO)
ApproachWorking to Bring the Benefits of the
Net-Centric Data Strategy to the Operator
ISO Goal is to give the operator
Operationalized Information Sharing that is, an
easy way to have direct, day-to-day access to the
vast network of information and expertise focused
on the nations defense
ISO FY08 Proposed Activities by Partners
  • Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
    provides DoD technical information to the broader
    DoD community by storing technical information,
    providing automated and assisted discovery of
    information, and providing access to the
  • ISO Objective COCOM exercise participation to
    assess the value of an information
    broker/librarian within that environment
  • Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions
    (ICES) provides the mechanisms for posting,
    discovering, and accessing information across the
    community through tools including search, chat,
    wikis, and forums
  • ISO Objective Enhance the metrics gathering
    capability within ICES
  • Knowledge and Information Fusion Center (KnIFE)
    provides warfighters with current information on
    IED defeat methods, technology, and best
  • ISO Objective Broaden focus of KnIFE to
    additional Asymmetric Warfare topics

Connecting People With Information
Proposed Combat Information ManagementAdapted
from the Defense Science Board 2006 Summer Study
Information Management for Net-Centric Operations
Vol. II
  • Soldier / Commander
  • Ask
  • Decide

Knowledge Transfer
  • Combat Information Specialist
  • Answer
  • Inform
  • Anticipate
  • Find
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Extract
  • Organize
  • Share

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Educate
  • Consult

Net-Centric Environment
Connecting People With Information
Proposed Combat Information ManagementExisting
efforts provide portions of the envisioned
  • Soldier / Commander
  • Ask
  • Decide

Knowledge Transfer
  • Combat Information Specialist
  • Answer
  • Inform
  • Anticipate
  • Find

  • Knowledge Managers
  • Extract
  • Organize
  • Share

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Educate
  • Consult

Net-Centric Environment
Connecting People With Information
DTIC Update 2008
DTICs Products and Services
Total Active Registered Usersby Types (29 Feb
Registration Improvement
  • New Electronic Renewal Notices
  • Implemented April 2008
  • Replaced DTIC Form 15A
  • End of mailed green card
  • Benefits all users

Extended Registration
  • Extended Registration for Military Personnel and
    DoD Employees
  • Extended from 1 year to 2 years
  • Especially benefits military personnel during
  • Required password changes continue

Required USERID Change
  • Requirement for all registered DTIC users
  • OMB Policy Change Elimination of Social
    Security Numbers (SSNs) - even partials - as
    identifying method
  • Affects Login USERID used for all LDAP groups
    based on DTIC registration (e.g., RE Portal,
    Private STINET, TEMS, etc.)
  • Effective April 2008, change to be distributed
    over 60-day period as each user changes USERID
    during normal time to change Password
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Procedure USERID Change Part 1
  • Look for DTIC list announcement this month
  • Follow easy instructions to change your last four
    SSNs to four random numbers of your choice
  • Example change shermanh1234 to shermanh5678
  • Change process will take only a couple minutes
    for you
  • You will receive a message stating when you have
    successfully changed your USERID
  • Do not reply to the automated message

Procedure USERID Change Part 2
  • Then, the USERID change at DTIC will take 15
    minutes to apply to all of your groups
  • After the change, please remember to use your new
    USERID for access to all your USERID/password-prot
    ected Web sites with DTIC
  • If you have any questions or access problems,
    please contact the Registration team at
    reghelp_at_dtic.mil or
  • (703) 767-8273 / DSN 427-8273
  • Toll Free 1-800-CAL-DTIC (225-3842)

CAC Authentication
  • Change Ahead for Logon
  • Planned for Summer 2008
  • Common Access Card (CAC) access to more DTIC
    unclassified sites
  • RE Portal and TEMS already CAC-enabled
  • Individuals without CAC will continue to use DTIC
    USERID and Password for logon

News from Operations
  • Cataloging
  • Updated Cataloging Guidelines available
  • Scanning
  • Scanning wide format paper items now
  • Production, FY08
  • Processing new documents with an average of 3-4

  • Technical Reports (TR) Collection
  • Majority of new accessions are digital
  • Older material digitized systematically and for
    emergency situations
  • Current Digital Holdings in TR
  • Total 2,089,373 (3/08)
  • 269,801 unclassified, unlimited documents
  • 145,447 unclassified, limited documents
  • 13,674 classified documents

Microfiche Discontinued
  • Suspension of Microfiche Products
  • Computer output microfiche equipment unavailable
  • DTIC forced to discontinue the production of
  • Microfiche removed as order option in Private
  • Users who require microfiche should contact DTIC
  • Call Reference section at 703-767-8274/DSN
    427-8274 or contact ref_at_dtic.mil
  • No guarantee that any given document will be
    available in microfiche

Automatic DocumentDistribution (ADD) Program
  • ADD Replacement Program on Hold
  • DTIC forced to discontinue the production
    of microfiche and ADD program
  • ADD users notified
  • DVD option in planning stages
  • ADD replacement program on hold until
    implementation of new DTIC Online and new search
  • Individual users will be notified of changes
  • Contact private-stinet_at_dtic.mil if any questions

Saved Searches
  • Private STINET Search Engine Changing
  • Future plans include change from Verity to FAST
    search same as DTIC Search at
  • No determination yet if current Private STINET
    Saved Searches will convert under FAST
  • Important Start reviewing your Saved Searches
  • Printing
  • Copying/pasting to a file or database for your
    future reference
  • https//private-stinet.dtic.mil

SBIR Technical Reports Submission Toolkit
  • Available Now
  • Technical Reports Submission Toolkit
  • Web-based user-friendly tool for development of
  • Provides electronic submission of SF298 and
    document to DTIC
  • Process for reviewer to give approval

Red MCTL New Navigation
  • Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL)
  • Red MCTL
  • Controlled access for U.S. Government agencies
    and their contractors only, Export Control
  • New, improved Red MCTL site
  • Allows users to navigate MCTL data more
  • Allows new options for searching, sorting, and
    displaying results
  • Available on RE Portal and Private STINET
  • Green MCTL
  • Unclassified, unlimited access site remains on
    DTIC public homepage

How to Get It
  • DTICs How to Get It A Guide to Defense Related
    Information Resources
  • Old favorite
  • New interactive version online
  • Updated content
  • Located on Private STINET
  • User input invited

DTIC Review
  • Features relevant topics
  • Published quarterly as ADM
  • New release
  • Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
  • Recent Review
  • Human, Social, Cultural and Behavior (HSCB)

Safeguarding Information
Security Categories of the Collection -
Unclassified, Unlimited 51 -
Unclassified, Limited 40 -
Classified (through Secret) 9
Security High Rating
  • High FISMA Score
  • DTIC respected in DoD for robust
    Information Assurance (IA) posture
  • DTIC maintains FISMA score of A
  • Reflects DTICs commitment to maintaining secure
  • Shows DTICs compliance with all federal IT
    security requirements

Federal Information Security Management Act
Network Infrastructure
  • DTIC
  • Committed to using advanced server hardware
  • Made significant upgrades to network servers
  • Researches new and innovative hardware and
    software to meet customers needs
  • DTICs IT Technicians
  • Serve on DoD Internet to NIPRNet Security Zone
    (INSZ) Working Group
  • Help define secure Internet environment of future
    for DoD
  • Are recognized as technical authorities with

MetricsHow Are We Doing?
  • How Are We Doing? (HAWD)
  • Automated report generated via enterprise
    Business Intelligence environment
  • Provides measures of activity in DTIC
  • Used for reporting metrics to DDRE and DDRE
    reports to Congress
  • Displayed on DTICKER (internal portal) for DTIC

(No Transcript)
DTIC Update 2008
DTICs Web Hosting
Web Hosting for DoD
  • DTIC creates and hosts more than 100 Web sites
    for Department of Defense
  • 14 years of successful secure Web hosting
  • Recognized for qualities important to DoD mission
  • Rapid response to requirements
  • Tailored content delivery to meet specific needs
  • Document sensitivity
  • User access based on sensitivity
  • Policy awareness
  • Focus on content and end users
  • Development to suit needs, such as training or
    wiki with controlled access

Component Web Support
Emerging TechnologiesAnalysis Portal (ETAP)
  • Emerging Technologies Analysis Portal (ETAP)
  • Web-based, collaborative tool on emerging
    technologies worldwide and selected DoD Science
    and Technology (ST) programs
  • Went live November 2007 
  • Open to Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
    (SIPRNet) users
  • Accessed securely by DoD ST Community, as well
    as ST-related elements of Intelligence Community
    and non-DoD agencies
  • Features shared, browsable document repository
    and discussion forum where users can upload,
    download, and search documents and discussion
  • DDRE Goal To make information regarding
    emerging technologies widely available to members
    of DoD ST and related communities.

(No Transcript)
DTIC Update 2008
Increasing DTIC Access Beyond DoD Systems
DTIC on Wikipedia
Open Archives Initiative (OAI)
  • Open Archives Initiative (OAI)
  • DTIC disseminated 880,000 unclassified,
    unlimited citations
  • Commercial search engines, such as Google, Yahoo
    and MSN
  • OCLC, universities, Federal agencies
  • OAI partners, such as OAIster and Science Commons
  • Metadata links to document via Handle if full
    text is available
  • e.g., http//handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA436044
  • DTIC disseminates metadata in the following
  • Dublin Core
  • MARC
  • HTML

Public Downloads
  • 57.4 Million Citation Downloads
  • 8.4 Million Full-Text Downloads

CY 2007
2007 Monthly OAI Public TR Citation Downloads
Select WorldCat in Search in database
pulldown menu.
Type in Search for box qaDTICE ADA
Please note Quotes required. Use space between
Automated Metadata Extraction
  • Automated Metadata Extraction
  • Software that extracts metadata (title, author,
    report date, etc.) from an electronic document
    for citation creation with no/minimal human
  • DTIC funded Old Dominion University (ODU) to
    develop software tools for automated extraction
    of metadata
  • Other agencies (NASA and GPO) joined DTIC in
  • ODU delivered software to process documents with
    Report Documentation Pages (RDPs), 2006
  • Software development for documents without RDPs -
    expected 2009

Search Study at DTIC
  • Study about Search and Retrieval
  • Interviewed 48 participants from 28 organizations
    federal agencies
  • Conclusions
  • Need both full-text and metadata searching
  • Need more effective user Interface and improved
    search systems
  • Need improved metadata description of data
  • Need more processing speed for large data sets
  • Large search results lack precision
  • Shifting role for catalogers and indexers
  • Future document with AD Current Searching
    Methodology and Retrieval Issues An Assessment,
    March 2008

DTIC Update 2008
Management and Business Initiatives
Defense Agency Initiative (DAI)
  • Mission of Defense Agency Initiative (DAI)
  • Transform budget, finance, and accounting
    operations to achieve accurate and reliable
    financial information in support of
    accountability and effective and efficient
    decision making in support of the warfighter
  • DTICS Role
  • One of first wave participants therefore, will
    be one of first DoD Defense agencies to implement
    new system

Continuity of OperationsPlan (COOP)
  • COOP Goal Preserve essential information assets
    and resume business operations to meet defense
    and domestic needs in the event an emergency
    threatens U.S. national security
  • IT COOP site created on West Coast
  • Directorates identified mission essential
    functions (MEFs) and requirements for personnel,
    system, and equipment
  • Next steps
  • Incorporate MEFs requirements for DTIC COOP
  • Identify potential alternate operating sites

Disaster Planning
  • Send Word Now service provided by Defense
    Telecommunications Services
  • Allows organizations to communicate immediately
    with thousands of people using any device,
    anytime, from anywhere
  • Delivers text and voice messages simultaneously
    to multiple contact points for each individual
  • Tests ongoing with Blackberry, office phone, cell
    phone, home phone, and email for DTIC directors
  • Supports DODI 3001.02, Personnel Accountability
    in Conjunction with Natural or Manmade Disasters

Lean Six Sigma
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Lean Six
    Sigma (LSS) Projects
  • DTIC currently has 10 of goal by Under
    Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology
    Logistics (ATL) for Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Eight projects at DTIC
  • Sample DTIC Projects
  • DTICKER (Internal Portal) Navigation
  • DTICKER Timeliness
  • Personnel Recruitment Process
  • Financial Management
  • Task Tracking

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Project
  • Strategic Planning Session for DTIC Management
    and team coordinators
  • Coordinated by DTIC Marketing and conducted by
    Federal Consultant Group (FCG)
  • Purpose Identify plan to continuously improve
    relationship with DTIC customers while providing
    information rapidly, accurately, and reliably

DTIC Update 2008
Partnerships and Professional Participation
DTIC Partnerships
  • CENDI Federal STI managers
  • NATO Research Technology Organization
  • NFAIS Government, industry academia
  • CODATA National international committee on
  • FLICC Federal group sponsored by Library of
  • ICSTI International Committee on STI
  • IWGDD Federal agency-wide working group
  • Intel Community Open Source
  • SLA / MLW Special and Military Libraries
  • ALA / FAFLRT Federal and Armed Forces Libraries
  • British Library Document collection
  • Canadian Institute of STI Document collection
  • Korean Institute of STI Database resource

DTIC on Radio Internet
  • Paul Ryan Interview on IBM Center of the Business
    of Government, August 2007
  • One-hour radio interview covered wide range of
  • His educational and professional background
  • DTIC's 60 years of serving Defense community
  • RE Portal - background and status
  • DTICs assistance to warfighters
  • http//www.businessofgovernment.org/
  • (Menu Radio gt Past Guests gt Search Ryan)

DTIC on Video Internet
  • 2007 Careers in Federal Libraries
  • American Library Association (ALA) 2007
    Preconference Program in DC, 22 June
  • Featuring speakers from DTIC and other federal
  • Two video segments available on FLICC homepage
  • http//www.loc.gov/flicc/video/alafedjobs/alaconfe
  • 2008 Careers in Federal Libraries
  • Scheduled 13 June in Anaheim, CA
  • To be available as video

Future Conferences
  • You are welcome to join us at these conferences
    or to request training
  • DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
    Training Workshop, Kansas City, MO, 14-17 April
    DTIC session
  • Air Force/Navy Joint Workshop, McChord AFB, WA,
    13 June DTIC session
  • SLA Annual Conference, Seattle, VA, 16 June
    DTIC session sponsored by SLA Social Science

SLA Annual Conference
  • DTICs two half-day Continuing Education (CE)
    courses Special Libraries Association (SLA)
    Conference, Seattle, WA, 14 June
  • Sponsored by SLA Engineering Division
  • Defense Information for the Research Community
    - geared towards librarians, chief information
    officers, engineers, scientists, academia, and
    government contractors in Defense field and
    eligible for DTIC registration
  • Defense Information for All - open to all
    members will provide tools to search the
    publicly available resources generated by the
    Defense community, including core DTIC databases
  • IEEE publishing company - offered 1000 Travel
    Stipend to attend DTIC training as part of CE
    program at SLA

  • Change is ongoing at DTIC as...
  • We continually evaluate and improve products and
    services for our users
  • DTICs customer base and partnerships continue to
  • DTICs status as a DoD Field Activity increases
    our visibility and DoDs expectations for our

  • Ask DTIC staff during the conference
  • Ask a Librarian virtual reference service
  • Email ref_at_dtic.mil
  • Fax 703-767-8228
  • Telephone
  • 703-767-8274
  • 1-800-CAL-DTIC (225-3842)

Point of Contact
Ms. Helen Q. Sherman User Services,
DTIC 703-767-8246 hsherman_at_dtic.mil http//www.dti
Disclaimer of Endorsement
  • Reference herein to any specific commercial
    products, process, or service by trade name,
    trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not
    necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement,
    recommendation, or favoring by the United States
    Government. The views and opinions of authors
    expressed herein do not necessarily state or
    reflect those of the United States Government,
    and shall not be used for advertising or product
    endorsement purposes.
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