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WindShare The Green Investment with Greater Returns


Our Partners. Some of our Members. Mountain Equipment Co-operative. Daily Bread Food Bank. FoodShare. Karma Food Co-operative. Enbridge. Environmental Defence Canada ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: WindShare The Green Investment with Greater Returns

WindShareThe Green Investment with Greater
by the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative
The Waterfront Wind Turbine Project
  • Two wind turbines on the Toronto Waterfront
  • Joint Venture between Toronto Renewable Energy
    Co-operative (TREC) and Toronto Hydro Energy
  • Sites Exhibition Place and Ashbridges Bay
    Treatment Plant
  • First green energy co-operative in Canada
  • First urban-based wind turbine

What is WindShare?
  • Marketing name for TRECs side of the project
  • WindShare inviting Torontonians to become part
    owners in the wind turbines
  • Members purchase shares and receive dividend
    proportionate to number of shares they own

The Turbine at the Ex
Dufferin Gate
Ontario Place
Project Update
  • ExPlace Foundation now built
  • Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant
  • Turbine installation October
  • Target Sale of 800,000 in shares by Fall 2002
  • Offering Statement approved
  • Over 500,000 in shares sold
  • 175 Members to date

Lakeshore Blvd going west
58 m rotor diameter
Both turbines generate 3.6 million kWh/yr
Enough for 500 households
94 metres 25 storeys
Lagerwey 750 1.19 million
CO2 offsets of up to 2.8 million tonnes/yr
65m tower height
WindShares Benefits
  • A hedge against rising electricity prices
  • Similar to a pre-purchase of electricity
  • As prices for electricity rise, so do benefits to
    WindShare members
  • Members become promoters of emissions-free
    electricity generation through popular Toronto
  • Members directly contribute to lowering CO2

The WindShare Offer
  • 16,000 preference shares at 100 each
  • Proceeds used to finance 50 of each of two
  • Individuals purchase up to 5,000
  • Corporate members starting at 5,000 (preferred)
  • Shares sold in blocks of 5 X 100
  • Members purchase 1 membership share

Seven Reasons to Invest in WindShare
  1. Earn a financial return
  2. Earn a good financial return
  3. Earn a good financial return for many many years
  4. Earn a return that does good
  5. Ease the burden on health care costs and your tax
  6. Protect yourself from rising electricity costs
  7. Invest in the future

And Many Returns to You!
  • Projected financial returns per 100 share of
  • 5 Year 1
  • 8 Years 2 and 3
  • Escalating thereafter assuming 2 inflation, and
    2 increase in electricity prices per year

Projected Annual Distribution (per Share)
And Many Returns to You!
  • Value of environmental externalities totalling
    93,000 per year per turbine
  • Avoided CO2, SO2 and NOx worth 85,000/yr in
    avoided environmental degradation per turbine
  • Avoided health care costs in Ontario total
    8,000/year per turbine
  • Based on Environment Canada figures
  • Based on OMA study on health care and lost
    productivity due to air pollution in Ontario

About Distributions
  • Net of expenses and after taxes
  • Dividends projected for end of Year 1
  • Dividends are taxable income
  • Amount of dividend decided by Board of Directors
  • Amounts stated are projections only
  • Potential investors should read the offering
    statement prior to investment

Development and Capital Costs
Project development costs 70,000 Engineering 67,
000 Foundations 175,000 Electrical
100,000 Landscaping 10,000 Turbine purchase
and installation 1,191,000 Spare
parts 45,000 Capitalized interest 20,500 Environ
mental compliance 15,000 Miscellaneous 6,500 To
tal project costs 1,700,000
The Member Agreement
  • Your contract with WindShare (the Co-op)
  • Outlines your rights and obligations
  • Outlines payment options, member interests
  • Plaque and Member Challenge
  • How money is released for project
  • How shares may be sold, transferred, or assigned

Projected Expenses to Year 3
Projected types of annual costs
Some of the Variables
  • Wind Resource Based on anticipated average over
    20 years
  • Price of power after Year 3
  • New Federal Incentive for Wind 1.2 cents/kWh
  • Potential for avoided transmission and
    distribution charges
  • Unanticipated delays or higher costs from now to
  • Climate Change as the biggest variable

Why are we doing this?
  • Response to lack of green power
  • Response to climate change and smog
  • Response to privatization growing a new co-op
    sector, a new movement
  • Today WindShare
  • Tomorrow LakeWind
  • In 10 years, Denmark
  • Denmark 80 of countrys turbines co-op owned

What the Antarctic is Telling Us
Special thanks to Thomas Homer-Dixon
(No Transcript)
Changes in Temperature and in CO2 Concentration
Over Time
  • Make a commitment to
  • Green power
  • Community-based solutions
  • Building a strong co-op movement
  • Future generations

There is something you can do!
Temperature (from the present core temperature
of -55.5 ?C)
CO2 Concentration (ppmv)
CO2 (right axis)
Temperature (left axis)
Special thanks to Thomas Homer-Dixon
Thousands of Years before Present
Our Partners
Some of our Members
  • Mountain Equipment Co-operative
  • Daily Bread Food Bank
  • FoodShare
  • Karma Food Co-operative
  • Enbridge
  • Environmental Defence Canada
  • City TV Broadcaster, Bob Hunter
  • Reknowned pianist, Anton Kuerti

(No Transcript)
Relative Avian Impacts
  • Maximum 1.9 birds/turbine/year
  • Average lt 1 bird/turbine/year
  • Comparative mortality at other structures
  • tall communications towers gt 1000
  • single buildings gt 1500 birds/building/year
  • Oil Spills
  • Housecats

Member Challenge
  • WindShares grassroots campaign is volunteer and
    Member driven
  • Member challenge
  • Sales activities
  • Distribute brochures
  • Staff display booth at public events
  • Host a coffee house
  • Become a trained sales rep
  • Sales Events See our website
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