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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 033_Oslo

How to Create Business with Space Developed
Technologies Kiev, 10-11 October 2006

Pierre Brisson,
Fr. Head of Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer Programme (TTP)
  • Valorisation/Diversification of European space
    developed technologies-
  • (Europe invested gt 150 Billion)
  • Opening of new markets new
  • sources of income
  • Diversification
  • Maintenance/creation of jobs
  • Interest of investor
  • Promotion and image valorization

Valorisation Initiatives
  • Technology Basis
  • Developed according to needs
  • Maintained
  • Reinforced
  • Valorised
  • Back draft !

Valorisation/Diversification Initiatives
  • Understanding
  • Space is not enough!
  • Space and non-space
  • Market(s) driven
  • Down-to-earth, down-to-reality!
  • From paper-producer to added-value producer
  • Return on investments
  • To make money is not bad

  • Core business requires to maintain core
    competencies in competitive but cyclic markets
  • Medium and long term strategy is to develop new
    fields of activities showing commonalities with
    core business and offering feedback opportunities

Valorisation /Diversification Initiatives
  • Objectives
  • Support to industry
  • Not to rely on public/monomarket
  • Pro-active
  • Maintain/Improve expertise
  • Maintain/Improve competitiveness through
  • Business oriented
  • Diversification is not dispersion
  • Promotion to inform/attract investors

Reasons for Technology Transfer
  • Space Technology Categories Examples
  • Materials like Composite Material,
  • Alloys Metals
  • Hardware/Software
  • Automation Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Electronics and Optics
  • Power and Energy Devices
  • ..
  • Characterised by
  • Low Weight
  • Durablity
  • Strength
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance

Applications for Space Technologies
  • Automotive Industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Navigation
  • Medicine
  • Life Science
  • Water Management
  • Leisure Lifestyle
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Oil Gas Exploration
  • Food Industry
  • Textile industry

ESA TTP Network
National Agencies
European Links

Cooperation agreements
ESA TTP Economic Impact
  • More than 200 space technology transfers
  • Some 50 M transfer related turnover of space
    technology providers and some 1200 M transfer
    related turnover of space technology receivers.
  • Turnover equivalent to more than 1,500 working
  • State revenues exceed related expenses 15 to 20

Radar for Anti-Personnel Mine Detection
  • HOPE
  • space Ground PenetratingRadar for planetary
  • non-space anti personnel mine detection
  • actors RST (CH), Vallon (D), DLR (D), RMA (B),
    MAG (UK), NPA (N)

Example The Growth of Anson Medical
Anson Medical sold to shell plc, Lombard
Medical for 27M
DTi SMART and EURECA funding
Private equity placement through Corporate Assets
Management raised 2,800K
Spin off from Brunel Institute for
Bio-Engineering ESA support of 13K
Coating of Kneading Elements
  • Space Origin
  • Coating of bearings of fuel pumps for the space
    shuttle MAT PlasMATec GmbH (D)
  • Non-space Application
  • DLC coating of the kneading elements of the
    polymer mixer of calenders. Cost savings and
    throughput of the calenders could be increased up
    to 15 (potential of 125 M/a). Klöckner
    Pentaplast (D)
  • gt 600 M turnover (1998-2007)

Improvement of Bagging Performance
  • Space Origin
  • Aerodynamical analysis of re-entry HTG
    Hyperschall Technologie Göttingen (D)
  • Non-space Application
  • Improvement of the performance of a bag forming,
    filling, and sealing machine for packaging of
    potato crisps. High-speed packaging machine at
    trade-fair INTERPACK, Düsseldorf (1999) ROVEMA
    Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH (D)
  • gt 125 M receiver turnover (1999-2007)

Quick Reacting Magnetic Ball Valve
  • Provider German Aerospace Center DLR
    (D)Receiver GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH Co KG (D)
  • Origin Valve originally designed for gas dosage
    regarding the firstly planned cold gas
    maneuvering nozzles of the Rosetta lander Philae
  • Application RAPID REACTION VALVE (RRV) for
    dosage of viscous fluids
  • First valves are in operation for body-cavity
    sealing of cars with wax (millions of valves per

Control of Crystal Growth Processes by
  • Space Origin
  • Ultrasonic Diagnostics of Solid-Liquid Interfaces
    University of Leipzig (D)
  • Non-space Application
  • Ultrasound diagnosis for printing machine
    monitoring and damage prevention, to detect and
    avoid real cause of mal-function and safety
    critical loads. -gt Increase of performance of
    high-speed printing machines. Heidelberger
  • Druckmaschinen AG (D)
  • gt 200 M receiver turnover (2003-2010)

Vibrator for Seismic Measurement
  • Space Origin
  • Opto-electronical devices and electro-mechanical
    hardware for small satellites. Astro- und
    Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH (D)
  • Non-space Application
  • Compact sonic converter for a manufacturer of
    tunnel boring machines (TBM) to visualize
    important geologic changes up to 40 m in front of
    the rotary sheer blade. Herrenknecht AG (D)
  • gt 2.8 M donor revenue (2001-2010)
  • gt 25 M receivers cost savings (2001-2010)

CFC Rods for 3D Test Equipment
  • Space Origin
  • Highly rigid heavy-duty carbon fibre com-posite
    (CFC) rods for structure parts of different
    probes and satellites.Schütze GmbH Co. KG
  • Non-space Application
  • 3D testing body called tetronom for quick and
    effective interim inspections of stationary and
    mobile measuring devices and robots metronom AG
  • gt Users of the new test equipment can expect
    huge cost saving potential, e.g. in the order of
    100 M with respect to assembly lines.

ESA TTP Success Stories
Tractive Force Measurements at Safety Critical
  • Provider University of Leipzig (D)Receiver PFW
    Technologies (D)
  • Origin ESTEC studies on ultrasound diagnostics
  • Application Tractive power measurements using
    ultrasound at safety critical bolts, e. g. rotor
    blades of helicopters
  • Development contract for University of Leipzig of
    40 k opened turnover potential for receiver of
    250 M for the first 3 years.

ESA TTP Success Stories
Seva Technologies Transfer Energetic Material
from Ariane Booster to Innovative Air Bag Gas
  • The gases produced are non-toxic, low density and
    warm. This allows the use of a lightweight bag
    (no folding)
  • more gentle and uniform inflation
  • deflation by thermal permeability (without
    vents), constant whatever the morphology of
    vehicle occupants

Example DHS-Personal Medical Tele-Security (1)
Personal Security for the Elderly
  • Wireless
  • Remote supervision
  • Portable comprising "Sensor
  • System of Telecom System of
    analysis/interpretation alarm/intervention
  • European Market Billions of Euros

  • Injection without a needle
  • 1st patent 1860..
  • Today compressed air
  • Problems
  • Interdermic , intramuscular, reliability,
  • Right quantity of drugs
  • Pyro-techniques combustion conversion of gas
  • Fluid mechanics

Budget M50 - Eureka M25 Market 2005-2015 gt
EUREKA Composite Riser
  • Oil production offshore in ultra deep water
  • Development/production of Risers tubes to
    link oil well at the bottom of the ocean to the
    production platform at the waters surface
  • Carbon composite technology expected to
    dramatically reduce weight and enhance resistance
    to fatigue of these tubes

Labellised EUREKA 2Meuro
Snecmas equipment for LNG carriers on the market
in 2004
LNG Cargo Valves Cryogenic Actuators
  • Snecma has initiated in 2002 a partnership for
    development of a new concept of actuator for LNG
    valves optimised for LNG carriers
  • Based on
  • Snecma know how on pneumatic cryogenic
    actuators for Ariane Liquefied hydrogen/oxygen
    rocket engines
  • Medium pressure dry air as command fluid

Thermal Oxidizers
  • Snecma has been selected by
  • "Chantiers de l'Atlantique" to provide the on
    board thermal oxidizers for the first Diesel
    Electric 150000 m3 LNG carrier
  • The thermal oxidizers proposed offer
  • higher performance with regard to
  • transients
  • three times less bulky
  • half the mass
  • 50 reduction in integration and operational
  • two times more reliable...

NUNA Car I II Solar Racing Car
  • Won World Solar Challenge
  • Darwin-Adelaide
  • Broke 4 World records!
  • Average speed 91km/h
  • (speedgt160km/h)

Space technologies technologies involved -
Dual/triple junction AsGa solar cells - Maximum
power point trackers - Battery, 46 Li-ion cells
- Kevlar, Carbon
Optimization of Prosthesis for Para-Olympians
Optimized L-bracket for long-jump CFD (fibre typ
Tenax HTS 5631)
Optimized L-bracket for sprint AlZnMgCu1,5
Optimization of Prosthesis for Para-Olympians
ParaOlympian Wojtek Czyz 3 Gold Medals
100 m Sprint
200 m Sprint
12,51 s ParaOlympics Record
6,23 m World Record
26,18 s World Record
100M Sprint
200M Sprint
Long Jump
Business Technology Incubator
INCUBATOR A business accelerator to get
(spacerelated technology) projects off the
ground and help them develop into viable
businesses It begins with Ambitions (ABN-Amro
Business Technology Incubator
  • Definition
  • "Facility to provide small units of offices with
    shared services to enable entrepreneurs, Start-Up
    companies and early stage new businesses to gain
    comprehensive Business, Financial, Commercial
    Marketing Assistance in a state-of-the-art
    Technical Environment"

European Space Incubators Network
  • More and more opportunities are given to
    entrepreneurs to innovate and create their own
    companies which utilize space-related technology
    for their products and services
  • Space as Business

Business Technology Incubator
  • High tech and innovative industry from all ESA
    Member States
  • Promote creation of start-ups
  • Facilitate finance of high-tech firms to T.T.

ESA (ESTEC) Incubatee
Terahertz Imaging
  • Provider ESA StarTiger Project based at RAL (UK)
    Receiver ThruVision (UK)
  • Origin Space Terahertz Sensor for Earth and
    deep space observation
  • Applications Airport security, life science
    imaging, counterfeit detection
  • RAL developed 2nd generation TerahertzCamera and
    formed ThruVision start-up
  • (licence deal with ESA) raised 5 M. T.O 45 M.

ESI (ESTEC) Incubatee
  • Bradford Instruments S.O.
  • Instruments Sterilization Tool
  • Space Techno Origin Glove Box ISS
  • Market Potential Initially for the dentistry
    market. Sale potential Europe 15000-20000
    units( estimated market price per unit 5000
    more applications in surgery
  • Horizon of First T.O 2005 (1st half), gt 1Meuro
    2008 (gt5Meuro)
  • Finance (VCs, Bas,) Funding from Bradford
    Engineering. Additional funding to accelerate is
    still open.

Transfer Gap Solution
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