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Christian Giving


Must sound as though it comes from you, not Diocese. Communicate vision. Say thanks ... Maintain website: Diocese of Sheffield, Giving & Fundraising ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Christian Giving

Christian Giving
  • Nick Hutton
  • Diocesan Christian Giving Director

Topics to be covered
  • What is Christian Giving?
  • What are we saying?
  • Gift Aid Scheme
  • What help does the Bible give?
  • To whom are we talking?
  • How do we communicate the message?
  • How often do we say it?
  • What support is there for parishes?

What is Christian Giving?
  • It is not FUNDRAISING!

What is Christian Giving?
  • It is part of our lives as Christians
  • It is not necessarily to fund anything
  • It is a way of saying thanks to God

What is Christian Giving?
  • The quality of our Giving says much about our
    relationship with God.
  • If our Giving is mean do we love God fully?

What is the message?
  • It is proper to consider money as a subject in
  • Jesus did

What did Jesus say about money?
  • You cant serve two masters, God and mammon
  • Story of the rich young man hard for the rich to
    enter the kingdom of heaven
  • The widow in the temple widows mite
  • The rich man with Lazarus at his gate
  • Ten lepers healed but only one gives thanks

Church Finances
  • Parish Share what is it for?
  • Often still thought of as a tax from which the
    parish sees no benefit.
  • Parish Share resources the ministry we receive in
    our parish.
  • Most parishes get back more than they pay.

2007 Ministry Costs
  • Stipend and NI 21,418
  • Pension contributions 7,356
  • Housing 5,975
  • Other 650
  • 35,399
  • Parish support 8,724
  • TOTAL 44,123

Church Finances
  • People think the Church of England is wealthy.

Resourcing the church
  • Why are we members of the Church?
  • Do we not want to see the Churchs vision
  • Comparison with a secular charity being resourced
    to meet its objectives
  • Why have our name on Electoral Roll and not want
    to make the church work

Planned Giving
  • The QUALITY of our Giving is important
  • Not casual but thought through, planned and
  • Not a tip for God
  • Not a token but meaningful

Guidelines for Giving
  • Each member
  • Regular
  • Budgeted
  • Realistic Proportion of what we have
  • Cheerful not reluctant
  • Generous and sacrificial
  • Tax Efficient!

Guidelines for Giving
  • Each church member has a role to play.
  • What we give will vary according to our means,
  • but we should each seek to give what is right
    for us.

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be regular, ideally weekly or
  • The use of envelopes or bank standing orders
    helps this.

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be budgeted.
  • What we give to our church should be part of our
    family budget in the same way as anything else
    that is important to us.

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be realistic and
  • These are two key words as we consider what is
    right for us.
  • We should give 5 of our income to the church
    and work towards giving a further 5 to work that
    furthers our faith, possibly church-based
    organisations, or directly to our church.

A generous diocese
  • Covers third poorest area of C of E
  • Usually near top of table for regular Giving
  • Average given through gift aid scheme in 2005 was
  • Up from 11.71 in 2004

A generous diocese
  • Figures should be treated carefully
  • Give thanks to God for them
  • Not a subscription
  • They are too high for many people
  • but too low for others
  • They show the realism of many givers

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be cheerful and happy, not
  • If we are happy to be a member of Gods church
    how can we be miserable when asked to resource it?

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be generous and sacrificial.
  • What have we given up for Gods church?
  • Is our Giving related to the cost of everyday

Guidelines for Giving
  • Our Giving should be tax-efficient.
  • Using the Gift Aid Scheme adds 28 to the value
    of our gift.
  • Not everyone is a tax-payer but, if we are, it
    is a waste not to use this scheme

  • I suggest we should mention legacies but only
    lightly at this stage.
  • We are called to share our wealth
  • not just our income.
  • I will be doing more work on legacies later this
  • I would welcome your views on this will it
    detract from the Giving message will it cause
    upset with some people will it increase legacies?

Message summary
  • We give both to resource the church and in thanks
    for what God has given us.
  • The way we give says much about what we think of
  • Our Giving should be planned and prayed about,
  • not casual or a token.

Gift Aid Scheme
  • Applies only to those who pay tax
  • Either Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax
  • Must pay sufficient tax in the relevant year
  • Can go back six years

HMRC audits
  • They will need to see-
  • Correctly worded Gift Aid declaration forms
  • with full name, address with post code, and date
  • Evidence of payments being made,
  • e.g. weekly envelopes with figures written on
    them, or bank statements with details of standing

HMRC audits
  • Keep evidence for six years
  • Sample of weekly envelopes (all current year and
    one (I suggest different) month per year of
  • All bank statements
  • All one-off donations

Gift Aid Scheme
  • Tax claims can be made as frequently as you want
  • Donations must be freely given gifts, with no
    benefit in return
  • Higher Rate taxpayers can claim back their
    marginal rate (18) thereby being able to
    increase their donation

Gift Aid Scheme
  • Make the most of occasional services (weddings,
    baptisms, funerals) and visitors
  • Designs available from Nick Hutton
  • Keep envelopes (and pens) readily available
  • Try to give time at beginning of service to
    complete details

The Bible and Giving
  • Old Testament
  • Building the first tabernacle All brought to
    the Lord freewill offerings. Exodus 3520-29
  • David builds an altar I will not give offerings
    that cost me nothing. 2 Samuel 2418-25
  • Come let us sing for joy. Psalm 95

The Bible and Giving
  • Gospels
  • You cannot serve both God and money. Do not
    worry about tomorrow. Matthew 624-34
  • Story of the rich young man. Matthew 1916-30
  • Story of the rich young man. Mark 1017-31
  • The sheep and the goats. Matthew 2531-46
  • The widows mite. Mark 1241-44

The Bible and Giving
  • Gospels (cont)
  • Jesus anointed by a sinful woman.Luke 736-50
  • The rich man and Lazarus. Luke 1619-31
  • Ten lepers healed but only one gives thanks.
  • Luke 1711-19

The Bible and Giving
  • Epistles (etc)
  • Paul encouraging generosity. 2 Cor 81-15
  • Sowing generously. 2 Cor 96-15
  • Thanksgiving and prayer. Eph 115-23
  • The command to be generous
  • and willing to share. 1 Timothy 617-19
  • Letter to rich church in Laodicea. Rev 314-19

Parish Giving Renewal suggested structure
  • Use, say, three weeks to concentrate on money in
    the parish
  • Build up to a Pledge or Promise Sunday at the end
  • Use the weeks before to communicate the message
  • Conclude with publicising result and saying
  • Establish small Giving Group to run Renewal
  • Gift Day?

Communicating the Message
  • Write to people
  • Speak to people

To whom are we communicating?
  • Firstly, church members, i.e. those on the
    Electoral Roll.
  • Others who come to church not yet on the
    Electoral Roll.
  • Perhaps, those connected with church
  • I advise against a mailing in the neighbourhood.

Write to people
  • Carefully written letter
  • I can show you letters used elsewhere
  • Must sound as though it comes from you, not
  • Communicate vision
  • Say thanks
  • Personalise
  • Who to sign?

Speak to people
  • Explain process of Giving Renewal
  • Clergy to preach on generosity
  • Talk about accounts (treasurer?)
  • Nick Hutton available to preach
  • Give letter out with a few words

Parish Giving Renewal
  • Use parish magazine to explain whats happening
  • Articles on Gift Aid or Higher Rate taxpayers (if
    relevant). Available from Nick Hutton
  • Poster display in church?

Parish Giving Renewal
  • Think about-
  • Parish supper
  • House groups with meal
  • Pass it on
  • Jigsaw

How often should we say it?
  • It should be part of the culture of the parish
  • A renewal or campaign should not be run more than
    every three or four years
  • Annual Giving Sunday is good opportunity to top
    up Giving
  • Diocesan Giving Sunday is 3rd Sunday in October

Support for parishes
  • Nick Hutton (Giving) and Roger Pinchbeck
    (Finance) are always available to visit parishes
  • Explanation of Parish Share and Diocesan
    Budget/Church Finance
  • Talk about Giving to PCC, full church meeting,
    preach in service, at parish meal, etc
  • Advice on fundraising

Support for parishes
  • Leaflets
  • Gift Aid forms
  • Envelopes for occasional visitors
  • Weekly envelopes
  • Newsletters
  • Training and conferences
  • Posters

The Future
  • New leaflet
  • Legacy initiative
  • Gift Aid seminar
  • Maintain website Diocese of Sheffield, Giving
  • National website

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