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Title: Sound%20Communications

A Division of
John Glynn VP of Business Development (203)
Ross A. Sacco Director of Business
Development (212) 489-1122
What is Union Labor Works What is our Mission?
  • Union Labor Works, a division of Sound
    Communications with over 20 years of experience,
    is an advertising agency specializing in
    marketing and advertising for organized labor,
    their affiliated contractors, and the Building
    Trades Industry.
  • In addition to Union Labor Works, Sound
    Communications has many other divisions to be
    able to provide you as a full-service Agency.
  • We have offices in New York, New Jersey, and
  • Our mission is to deliver quality and
    comprehensive advertising and media services.
  • We achieve this objective with emphasis on
    efficiency and value while delivering
    personalized and attentive service.

Labor Specialists
  • Union Labor Works specializes in developing and
    implementing labor related marketing programs.
    With our specialization and expertise with
    organized labor, we can assist you in building a
    highly successful campaign in key areas.
  • Our media department will deliver television,
    billboard, radio, sports, direct mail, print
    advertising, and internet marketing in the proper
    mix, at rates that provide efficiency and
  • Our creative team can provide smart, concise
    messages that are effective and successful.

Reasons for Advertising Marketing
  • Labor Unions and the Building Trades are the
    Nations Best Kept Secret!
  • As an Industry you must Stop Losing Market Share
    and Gain More Jobs!
  • Improve Image!
  • To remain competitive you need to be more
    proactive to compete for Non-Union Jobs or else
    Non-Union companies will continue to take away
    YOUR rightful jobs

Why Advertise Market?
  • Branding Image and Awareness
  • Contact End Users Owners Increase market
    share and secure MORE JOBS for your members!!!
  • Legislative Issues Institute favorable laws to
    increase work
  • Negotiations Create a good-will message that
    will gain community support for your bids on
    major construction projects
  • Organizing Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Recruitment New Apprentices and/or experienced

Funding your Marketing Program?
  • In todays political climate, the use of funds is
    highly scrutinized and Union Labor Works can work
    with you to set up any of the following funds to
    use for Marketing or Advertising
  • Labor Management Fund
  • Market Recovery Fund
  • Industry Advancement/Promotional Fund
  • General Fund
  • Local, State, and Federal Grants

Media Buying Services
  • Evaluate all media, and special opportunities,
    negotiate for the best positioning, lowest
    possible price, and added value.
  • Plan, buy and oversee the correct implementation
    of effective media strategies.
  • Issue all insertion and broadcast orders, track
    ad placement and performance.
  • One monthly invoice can be arranged to simplify
    the billing process

Television (Network Cable)
  • Television in key markets is a great vehicle for
    an Advertising Campaign!
  • Network television shows generally provides the
    largest TV audiences, however affordability can
    be an issue. With Cable, the audiences are
    generally smaller, but you can target specific
    cable systems and shows to reach your audience.
  • The key with Television programming is to
    carefully target specific markets and events that
    will provide big audiences without taking up a
    large percentage of your overall budget.
  • TV Networks effectively used
  • Network Top Show(s) Sports/Play-by-Play
  • FOX 24/American Idol/News NASCAR, MLB,
    NFL, SuperBowl
  • CBS CSI/Raymond/Survivor/Letterman MLB, NFL,
    Golf, College BB/FB
  • ABC Extreme Makeover/Lost/World News NBA, NFL,
    Golf, College FB
  • NBC Apprentice/West Wing/Leno/Today Golf,
    Olympics, College FB
  • UPN WWE/Top Model MLB, Wrestling
  • CABLE Networks effectively used
  • News Sports/Play-by-Play Education Special
  • CNBC ESPN Discovery Home Garden TV
  • CNN Fox Sports Net History Channel Golf
  • MSNBC Speedvision TLC The Outdoor Channel
  • Fox News Local Networks Nat.
    Geographic Spike TV

Cable Television
  • Recruitment Male
  • Outdoor Programming (Versus Network, ESPN fishing
    and hunting shows)
  • Fox News
  • ESPN Sports Center
  • Auto- NASCAR, other racing, how to shows
  • TNT, History, Discovery Channel, Military
  • Recruitment Female
  • Oxygen, E!, Oprah, Home Garden, Food Network,

  • Spot radio can increase results. With spot radio
    you can fine-tune the message via the
    demographics of the station in key markets.
  • With Network Radio, used to reach a broader
    listening area, we can blanket a state, region,
    or the country with your message.
  • With Sports Radio, you reach the loyal active
    listening fan bases.
  • Our account team will match your priorities based
    on reach and frequency with the proper
    demographic audience and the audience with the
    best type of radio format to deliver the target
    audience. We then match-up your demographic
    audience with the best station(s) or network to
    meet your goals and deliver your powerful
  • Radio has power! Through creative efforts, that
    power can deliver response levels that are

  • Utilize major radio stations in each target
    market to reach military personnel, their
    families and friends to establish the V.I.P.
    recruitment message.
  • Select the top male 18 and female 18 station
    in each market

  • Of all media available to the advertiser, none
    delivers the dedicated and loyal home team fan
    like sports. The implied affiliation with the
    home team and the professional and college
    leagues deliver prestige and positive imagery for
    the advertiser. The key areas
  • Broadcast TV Radio Play-by-Play and Talk
  • Signage/Outdoor In-Stadium or Near the Stadium
  • Print/On-line Event Programs, Magazines, Local
    and National Websites, Newspaper
  • Promotions Charitable tie-ins/home improvement
  • Sponsorships With a sponsorship we will get
    your message out over a full or half season and
    tie-in multiple elements from above.
  • Merchandising Game Tickets/Luxury Suite or Team
    Events (training camp, dinners, golf, etc.) are
    typically available to sponsors for use with
    clients and employees.

  • NASCAR on Sirius Radio
  • Touchdown Network (college football)
  • Super Bowl on Westwood One Radio

Touchdowns Play-by-Play is Compelling Radio
  • Established distribution
  • Expert commentary

  • Live, play-by-play production of NCAA football

  • Talented, experienced and popular hosts
    delivering cost effective, professional radio
  • Distribution platforms include terrestrial,
    satellite radio as well as the internet, pod
    casts and cable TV.
  • Weekly Heisman Update and NCAA Blog on

  • Unique ability for Touchdown Radio to advertise
    across 4 mediums during a live broadcast.

Touchdown Network 2008 Schedule
Ohio State _at_ Illinois
Alabama _at_ Georgia
Touchdown Football Distribution
  • Audience Reach
  • Radio Weekly cumulative audience is 2.2 million
  • Satellite 6,000,000 subscribers
  • Cable 11 million homes
  • Internet Monthly unique listeners is 100,000 and
  • In-Flight ATA carries 10 million passengers per

Sports Byline USA is a major provider of top
quality sports programming in the United States
and Worldwide. Programming is distributed via
multiple platforms including Radio 200 U.S.
Radio stations 500 stations in 177 countries via
the American Forces Network Canada and New
Zealand (Radio Sport New Zealand) Satellite Sirius
Satellite Radio XM Satellite Radio Cable Cable
Radio Network Channel 2 Internet www.sportsbylin In-Flight ATA
Airlines entertainment audio channel (domestic
international flights)
Previous Guests on Sports Byline USA
Touchdown Radio 2008
  • 5 30 second commercial spots in game
  • 5 30 second PSA spots in game
  • Half-time Segment sponsorlive read
  • Website recognition at
  • Appearances with UA Reps/Prospective Local
  • Ability to tailor appearances to specific market

Touchdown Radio 2008
  • Fifteen (15) Major College Football games
  • 165 30 second V.I.P. commercials
  • Investment 130,000
  • Appearances 5,000 per game to include

Outdoor Advertising
  • This effective medium is a great tool for
    reaching high traffic areas, specifically areas
    located near construction worksites, power
    plants, pumps stations, and the like.
  • Types of the Outdoor advertising Billboards,
    In-Stadium, Transit, Special Events, etc.
  • Our outdoor placements will make the impression
    you need to attract recruits, organize labor and
    reach end users.

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Airport Advertising
  • Our military personnel frequently travel the
    public airlines.
  • Atlanta, San Diego and San Antonio, because of
    their proximity to major military bases in our
    target area are ideal locations to reach military
    personnel and their families and friends.
  • Backlit signs would strategically placed in
    luggage claim areas.

V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising V.I.P. Airport Advertising
Market Location Cost /Month Total Signs Total Months Production Install Total Cost
San Diego, CA baggage claim 12,000 3-5 2 600 24,600
San Antonio, TX baggage claim 12,000 3-5 2 600 24,600
Atlanta, GA baggage claim 12,000 3-5 2 600 24,600
Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. Prices are for budgetary purposes only. Actual prices will be established upon market selection. 73,800
  • The oldest form of traditional advertising is
    very useful, when reaching a broad based target
  • Types of Print Advertising Newspaper, Magazines
    (Trade Consumer-based), Event Programs, etc.
  • By targeting specific publications, we can match
    your demographic audience with the demographics
    of the readers. The Labor Union Works staff is
    well versed in designing, selecting and placing
    print advertising.

  • Soon to depart military personnel may have the
    question in their mind What am I going to do
    next? The classified section of newspapers are
    often the place people look for work.
  • Timely placement of a solid message will attract
    inquiries, especially when run in conjunction
    with other media campaigns.
  • Overseas personnel, turn to Stars Stripes for
    their daily update of news.

Website Creation Internet Marketing
  • Union Labor Works is the foremost designer of
    Union Related Websites in the country.
  • Since January 1, 2006, ULW has launched over 40
    Union Related Websites and we have numerous more
    under construction.
  • Visit our website design page on our website to
    view the sites that weve launched
  • Our services include, but are not limited to
  • Web Design Development
  • A Content Management System so YOU change the
    site yourself, i.e. No more change fees!
  • Creative Services (Logo Design, Banner Print
    Ads, Collateral, etc..)
  • Internet Marketing Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Website Creation Internet Marketing
  • Create a video for posting to Youtube / MySpace
    through Hire a Hero/H2H postings
  • All military personnel stay in touch with the
    world with Stars Stripes while overseas.
    Military personnel overseas, stateside families
    and others can also keep up with what is going on
    in overseas theaters on line, through, the internet version of Stars
  • In October 2007, there were over 1,700,000 hits
  • Advertise on the homepage with a message and a
    link to the V.I.P. website
  • Each visit to the V.I.P. site would cost less
    than 5 cents.

Direct Mail/Presentation Materials
  • A well defined demographic can be reached
    efficiently through direct mail. For example, we
    can target end users, owners, plant managers,
    contractors, project managers, and/or journeymen.
  • We can use an existing client list that you
    supply us and/or we can purchase a list that
    targets your desired recipients.
  • By combining the lists with well designed and
    professional graphics, the business card cds and
    mailings will get your message out to your target
  • Business Card CDs and pamphlets are terrific
    tools to use in schools during career days. In
    addition, Union Labor Works can help you create a
    Booth in a Box for Exhibiting!

Creative Services
  • Sound Communications has the creative
    capabilities to address your specific marketing
  • From something as simple as a new logo to a Radio
    or TV commercial, together with our creative
    experts, well produce the message thats right
    for you!

The above logos were just recently created for UA
  • Direct Marketing
  • Union Labor Works will help you identify and
    target end users, owners, memberships, journeymen
    and other construction trades. We will assist
    you in creating strategic marketing alliances and
    vehicles to achieve your desired goals.
  • Cause Marketing
  • Organized labor, construction, and building
    trades have always taken an active role with
    charitable organizations across the country.
    Your efforts are truly 2nd to none. Through
    creative strategies, we will help you maximize
    your philanthropic exposure so that when you give
    to charity, everyone knows about it!
  • Event Marketing
  • Union Labor Works will assist you in developing
    and creating an association with major community
    events and activities.

Event Marketing
Print Support Materials
  • When contact is made with interested individual,
    it is important that they walk away with
    something meaningful to act as a reminder of the
  • Handouts or flyers are effective in getting your
    message out where permitted.
  • Bumper stickers are an effective way to serve as
    a reminder and posted on vehicles will act as
    additional advertising
  • Produce an assortment of materials for
    distribution at various events and activities
    near military bases,

Event Marketing
NASCAR Recruitment
Date Track Location Attendance Display Tickets/Hospitality
7/5/2008 Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL 168,000 40,000 120/ticket
8/23/2008 Bristol Motor Speedway Bristol, TN 160,000 30,000 25,238
8/31/2008 California Speedway Fontana, CA 92,100 40,000 120/ticket
9/6/2008 Richmond International Raceway Richmond, VA 112,000 40,000 120/ticket
10/5/2008 Talladega Superspeedway Talladega, AL 143,231 40,000 120/ticket
10/11/2008 Lowe's Motor Speedway Charlotte, NC 165,000 31,500 25,238
10/19/2008 Martinsville Speedway Matinsville, VA 65,000 40,000 120/ticket
10/26/2008 Atlanta Motor Speedway Atlanta, GA 116,000 40,000 120/ticket
11/2/2008 Texas Motor Speedway Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX 159,585 24,000 24,500
11/16/2008 Homestead-Miami Speedway Homestead, FL 65,800 40,000 24,500
Event Marketing
Military Recruitment Target Areas
  • San Diego
  • Camp Pendleton
  • San Antonio
  • Ft. Hood
  • Ft. Bliss
  • Ft. Benning
  • Naval Station Norfolk
  • Ft. Campbell
  • Ft. Bragg/ Pope AFB
  • Camp Lejeune
  • Parris Island
  • Ft. Jackson
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Quantico
  • Ft. Belvoir
  • Walter Reed Army Hospital
  • Naval Hospital

Union Labor Works Client Roster
  • Bricklayers Allied Craftworkers Local 1 MD,
    VA, DC
  • I.B.E.W. Local 269 - Trenton, NJ
  • I.B.E.W. Local 400 - Wall, NJ
  • Insulators Asbestos Workers Local 26 -
    Rochester, NY
  • Insulators Asbestos Workers Local 89 - Trenton,
  • Mechanical Allied Crafts Council of New Jersey
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Central PA
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Connecticut
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern PA
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of New York
  • National Air Traffic Controllers Association -
  • New England Mechanical Contractors Association
  • New York State Building Construction Trades
  • New York State Pipe Trades - State Association
  • Pennsylvania Pipe Trades - State Association
  • Pipefitters Local 537 - Boston, MA
  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 7 - Albany, NY
  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 9 - Englishtown,
  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 13 - Rochester, NY

Union Labor Works Client Roster (cont.)
  • Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 467 - San Mateo,
  • Plumbers Local 1 - New York City
  • Plumbers Local 5 - Washington, DC
  • Plumbers Local 12 - Boston, MA
  • Plumbers Local 14 - Jersey City, NJ
  • Plumbers Local 27 - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Plumbers Local 519 - Miami Lakes, FL
  • Plumbers Local 690 - Philadelphia, PA
  • Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors of Greater
  • Road Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 - National
  • Servicing Contractors Assoc. of Greater Delaware
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 25 Carlstadt, NJ
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 32 - Miami, FL
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 54 Austin, TX
  • South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association
  • Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades
  • Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 - Chicago, IL
  • Sprinkler Fitters Local 417 - Minneapolis, MN
  • Sprinkler Fitters Local 483 - San Francisco, CA

It all starts with you.
  • We would like the opportunity to meet with you
    to discuss your advertising needs, and to
    demonstrate how Union Labor Works can make the
    most of your advertising expenditure.
  • We can be reached through our New York office at
    (212) 489-1122 or please feel free to email us at or john_at_unionlaborworks.c
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