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Texas Bluebonnet Nominees


His voice works at home, in the car, on the school bus. ... within Chicago's Art Institute, Max McDaniel discovers a faded tapestry and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Texas Bluebonnet Nominees

  • Texas Bluebonnet Nominees
  • 2009-2010

Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other
Scary Things
  • Fearful second-grader Alvin Ho has never, not
    once, said a single word in school. His voice
    works at home, in the car, on the school bus.
    "But as soon as I get to school...I am as silent
    as a side of beef." Will Alvin ever speak at

Gollywhopper Games
  • This book tells the story of a boy who
    wants to win a contest run by a candy company. It
    is full of brain teasers and puzzles and is a lot
    like a combination of The Amazing Race and
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Read to see
    if Gil has what it takes to win!

Help Me, Mr. Mutt!
  • In this funny picture book, Mr. Mutt gives
    advice to dogs who are dealing with people
    problems and spoiled rotten cats.This book is
    written in letter format and will keep you


Hound of Rowan
  • In a hidden alcove within Chicagos Art
    Institute, Max McDaniel discovers a faded
    tapestry and receives an invitation to attend a
    private boarding school for gifted students in
    New England. He soon arrives at Rowan Academy,
    where he and other young people are trained to
    fight an unnamed enemy. This book is a page
    turning story of a battle between good and evil!

Lady Liberty
This book tells the stories of the many people
who made the dream of Lady Libertythe giant
statue that welcomes newcomers to America in the
Atlantic Ocean--come true. Full of interesting
facts and great artworkyoull love this book!
Luck of the Loch Ness Monster
  • Who would guess that the explanation for the
    Loch Ness monster involves oatmeal?
  • A young American girl's picky eating habits
    transform a small worm into the famous Loch Ness

Maybelle in the Soup
  • Maybelle is a cockroach living in the
    pristine Peabody household. She has a cozy home
    under the refrigerator and friend named Henryand
    a desire toeat the wonderful food in the house
    before it hits the floor!
  • When Maybelle falls into the soup one day,
    everything changesread this book to have fun
    with Maybelle and Henry on their big adventure

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach

It is time for Martina, a pretty green Cuban
cockroach, to get married. She follows her
grandmother's advice and uses a test to see how
he will act when he is angry. Who will Martina
choose as her husbandthe Rooster? The Pig? The
Lizard? Or someone else?
Nic Bishop Frogs
  • Gliding frogs, glass frogs, growling grass
    frogs--who knew there were so many frogs in the
  • Learn fun facts about all kinds of frogs and
    see wonderful up-close photographs of them.

Pale Male Citizen hawk of New York City
  • The true story of Pale Male, a red-tailed
    hawk living in New York City who has become one
    of the city's most-watched celebrities as all
    kinds of people in New York watch the bird and
    his nest, built on a Fifth Avenue apartment

Piper Reed, Navy Brat
  • Fourth-grader Piper Reed's life is about to
    change because she is moving again! Her father is
    in the Navy and the family moves often. This time
    they cross the whole country form California to
  • Go along with Piper and meet her new friends in
    Gypsy Club!

Penderwicks on Gardam Street
  • Mr. Penderwicks sister has decided its time for
    him to start dating again after his wifes
    deathand the girls know that can only mean one
    thing disaster. They start their Save-Daddy
    Plan that causes lots of mix ups, laughs and
    crazy fun for the family.

Someone Named Eva
  • From her home in Czechoslovakia, in 1942,
    eleven-year-old Milada is taken with other blond,
    blue-eyed children to a school in Poland to be
    trained as "proper Germans" for adoption by
    German families, but all the while she remembers
    her true name and history.

  • Its Mibs Beaumonts birthday shell be 13. and
    will soon find out what her savvyor
    supernatural abilitywill be. Whatever it is,
    Mibs knows she will have to work hard to figure
    it out and keep it under control.
  • Just before she can find out, she must rush to
    her fathers side to help him will her savvy
    show up in time? Will it help her to help her

Two Minute Drill
  • Scott is a new kid who is smart in school but
    clumsy in sports. Chris is popular and great on
    the football field, but school is hard for him.
    In this story of friendship and football, the two
    boys help each other find the importance of
    believing in yourself and the meaning of success.

Surprises According to Humphrey
  • Humphrey, has a lot of surprises in room 26
    this year. Some are exciting, like a new hamster
    ball. But some are scary, like a run-in with a
    cat and a new janitor who might be from another
    planet. But even with all that's going on,
    Humphrey finds time to help his classmates with
    their problems.

Where I Live
  • Diana has to leave her house and her very best
    friend to move to another city when Dad loses his
    job. Even though she gets to move in with her
    grandfather, the move is hard for her.
  • Told in poems (that dont rhyme) this is a
    wonderful book about friendship, family, and home.

We Are the Ship

Told like you are listening to one of the players
tell the story of his own days on the baseball
field, We Are the Ship is a great read for all
ages. Full of great art and facts you cant find
anywhere elseyoull enjoy this book!
What To Do About Alice?
  • Alice was the daughter
  • of President Theodore Roosevelt. He once
    said that he could control Alice OR be president
    of the United States!
  • Alice was spunky-- wanting to go places, meet
    people and do things. This is a great
    biographical picture book!

Yum! Mmmm! Que Rico! Americas Sproutings
A collection of haikus (short poems) that talk
about special foods of the Americas, such as
blueberries, chili, corn, chocolate and vanilla.
Fun to read, this book also gives information
about each food's origin.
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    reviewssome used verbatim under fair use-- as
    well as the opinion of your librarian!
  • Compiled by Amy Jensen, M.Ed, MLIS.
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