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... re-education for Anthropogenic Climate Change Deniers'! 24 ... The hysterical predictions about Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change' are no different! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Answer: NOTHING

  • But what about bushfires? What about Black
    Saturday in Victoria in 2009?
  • Surely this was because of man-caused climate
    change and the demon CO2 emissions!
  • This was the worst-ever bushfire wasnt it?

Check it out here!
Well, er, no actually! Here is the official list
of bushfires in Victoria Ash Wednesday in
1983, Black Friday in 1939, Red Tuesday in
1898, Black Thursday in 1851. There were also
major fires in 1905/1906, 1912, 1914, 1919, 1926,
1932, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1952, 1962, 1965, 1968,
1972, 1977, 1980, 1985, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003.
Heres an iconic Australian painting …
John Longstaff 1898 Gippsland, Sunday night, Feb
20th, 1898 (National Gallery of Victoria)
Again we ask So whats changed?
Is CO2 dangerous in a fire? Will increased CO2
increase bushfires?
Well, actually no! Its used for EXTINGUISHNG
And then there are the flooding rains ….
Aby Altson 1890 Flood sufferings - a mother and
baby are rescued during a flood
Once again Whats new? Answer Absolutely
But what about ocean temperatures?
The 3,300 Argo bathythermograph buoys deployed
throughout the worlds oceans since late in 2003
have shown a slight cooling of the oceans
(anomaly in Celsius degrees left scale) over the
past five years, directly contrary to the
official theory that any global warming not
showing in the atmosphere would definitely show
up in the first 400 fathoms of the worlds
oceans, where at least 80 of any surplus heat
would be stored. Source ARGO project, June 2009.
And what about the unfortunate Polar Bears in the
And just recently in 2009 some environmentalists
attempting to prove that the North-West Passage
had opened due to Global Warming had to be
rescued by an ice-breaker! (Link)
Look! Its heading up again! Click HERE for the
It all looks pretty normal!
And heres how the Arctic summer ice compares …
And who could believe the Canadian Cryospheric
Information Network?
Oh look! Its increasing!
Click HERE for the current Arctic Sea ice extent.
And how about the penguins in the Antarctic?
It doesnt look as if the penguins are suffering
But what about the increased risk of disease due
to Climate Change?
Supposedly Global Warming would increase the
risk of diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow
fever, encephalitis, ….
Read his memorandum to the House of Lords. Note
paragraphs 18, 23, 25!
In summary, the treatment of this issue by the
IPCC was ill-informed, biased, and scientifically
unacceptable. Professor Paul Reiter, Institut
Pasteur Paris.
Disease Increase Another Alarmist exaggeration!
But there are more cyclones, hurricanes,
typhoons - arent there?
In reality, hurricane activity is at its lowest
since satellite monitoring began …
So just how accurate are the UN IPCC computer
Lets look further ahead then ….
Would you buy snake oil from these people?
Finally, a word from the saint himself ….
Enough of the science ( the pseudo-science)!
  • Lets looks at the REAL agenda behind all the
    Global Warming/Climate Change hype!
  • Well, actually there are two agendas
  • Economic/Financial Market Manipulation
  • Political Control New Religion

This whole thing really is NOT about
science! Its always been about the hidden
agendas ….
Dr Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the
Climate Change propaganda!
He perfected an understanding of the "Big Lie"
technique of propaganda, which is based on the
principle that a lie, if audacious enough and
repeated enough times, will be believed by the
And the Global Warming/Climate Change
lie continues to be repeated ….
The effect of the propaganda ….
Aint it the truth!
Al Gore his Alarmist devotees have one thing in
  • And its our biggest problem!

They wont discuss any alternative to their
dogma The science is settled There is a
consensus of opinion etc. These are their
mantras! This is the stuff of politics religion
not of science! Al does not take any questions
from the floor when he gives his educational
But its OK! Al was carbon neutral because he
offset his carbon footprint for his air travel
to Australia!
And during his recent educational visit to
Melbourne Al did not have time to meet
privately with Senator Steve Fielding!
And how did he manage that?
Check the link …
  • Why, by buying Carbon Credits of course …
  • And what could be more friendly than buying them
    from his own company?

He pays for his extra-large carbon footprint
through Generation Investment Management, a
London-based company with offices in Washington,
D.C., for which he serves as chairman.
But it sounds like hypocrisy to us!
It sounds very noble reasonable … And so hes
carbon neutral! Very commendable …
So why are Al his disciples so reluctant to
answer questions from the floor to answer
Senator Steve Fieldings questions?
  • Could it be that Als grounds for argument are
    very shaky?
  • Could it be that making money trading in carbon
    is more important?
  • Could some of Als scientific disciples who
    support the Global Warming/Climate Change
    position merely be protecting their monetary

Surely not!
By contrast, true science is about asking
questions in search of the truth (Link)!
  • It is not about being dogmatic insisting on a
    preset position!

It seems to us that this attitude prevails among
true believers in the Global Warming/Climate
Change religion today …..
After all the science was settled wasnt it?
Extremism the result of propaganda!
  • Weve seen the results of this on numerous
    occasions even in recent history

Save the Planet! BAN Di-hydrogen Monoxide! (?
Its in the video …. ?)
First corrupt the impressionable (Video), and
then enslave the masses!
And this is what Maurice Strong has to say …
Check the last bit of this article about Al Gore,
the Chicago Climate Exchange, Maurice Strong!
And at the Chicago Climate Exchange (Members) you
will find under Social Investment Al Gores
Company! What a surprise!
Founder of the UN Eco-summits and Undersecretary
General of the UN Isn't the only hope for the
planet that the industrialized civilizations
collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring
that about?
This Climate Change thing is really about
politics and profits!
And now psychological re-education for
Anthropogenic Climate Change Deniers!
Climate 'denial' is now a mental disorder!
Eco-psychologists recommend treatment for those
that dont follow the Al Gore religion …
And listen to what Maurice Strong was saying in
Click here for YouTube Video!
You have been warned!
But, of course, we are all doomed!
Heres an interesting history of climate change
scares ….
And heres a complete list of everything that is
being attributed to Anthropogenic Global
Warming/Climate Change! Repent!
For the full list click HERE!
Scary Stuff? Try this …
  • No matter if the science of global warming is
    all phoney, there are collateral environmental
    benefits … climate change provides the greatest
    opportunity to bring about justice and equality
    in the world.
  • Christine Stewart, a onetime Canadian Minister of
    the Environment
  • I believe it is appropriate to have an
    over-representation of factual presentations on
    how dangerous it (global warming) is, as a
    predicate for opening up the audience to listen
    to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is
    that we are going to solve this crisis.
  • Al Gore

So now its time to take the test!
What test?
  • Why its the pick-who-said-what test!
  • You have a choice between Al Gore Theodore John
    Kaczynski The Unabomber!

Ready? Set! Go here ….
Now that was REALLY scary stuff?
  • How did you do?

We have been talking about propaganda
dogma. This test shows how difficult it can be
to differentiate. So, consider the effect all of
this is having on our impressionable young …..
So now perhaps its time for you to read some the
history of the Global Warming/Climate Change
push …..
Lets start by looking at some UN IPCC history!
  • First from IPCCs 1995 Scientific Report draft
  • None of the (scientific) studies cited above has
    shown clear evidence that we can attribute the
    observed (climate) changes to the specific cause
    of increases in greenhouse gases.
  • No study to date has positively attributed all
    or part (of observed climate change) to
    anthropogenic causes.
  • Any claims of positive detection of significant
    climate change are likely to remain controversial
    until uncertainties in the total natural
    variability of the climate system are reduced.

These were the ACTUAL scientific findings!
Next Rewriting History!
In the IPCC's 1995 summary Report for
Policymakers widely distributed through the
media and governments, all three of the above
statements by IPCC scientists were removed and
replaced with
Rewriting history Lying! ( ? Link ? )
The balance of evidence suggests a discernible
human influence on global climate.
Rewriting history was the principal rationale for
the Ministry of Truth in George Orwells
apocalyptic novel 1984. It seems the
politicians bureaucrats at the IPCC really
belong to that Ministry!
All the history is too complex to present
here, but ….
  • Climate Sceptics has a number of
    analyses/speeches/essays available that discuss
    different aspects that reveal the REAL agendas
    behind this Global Warming/Climate Change fraud!

We are hoping to find enough intelligent people
who will remember the famous adage of US
President Abraham Lincoln
You can fool all of the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time but you
cant fool all of the people all of the time!
Go to our website to download these PDFs
  • All in a Good Cause the origin of The Hockey
    Stick graph,
  • (with a notable absence of peer review!) 10
  • Click Here
  • The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming
    Scam The exploitation of the Greenhouse
    hypothesis. 4 pages
  • Click Here
  • Enron Kyoto the money social manipulation
    behind the CO2 is a problem myth. 4 pages
  • Click Here
  • The Great American Bubble Machine how a
    merchant bank created various financial crises
    including Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate
    Change the biggest market manipulation yet!
    18 pages
  • Click Here

Continued ….
  • Global Warming Why carbon dioxide plays no
    role. 8 pages
  • Click Here
  • No Smoking Hot-Spot From alarmist
    computer-modeller to sceptic. (Dr David Evans,
    previously with the Australian Greenhouse
    Office.) 2 pages
  • Click Here
  • Cool Heads Needed on Global Warming Sensible
    discussion on the subject by Senator Cory
    Bernardi (Liberal Senator for South Australia) 8
  • Click Here
  • Dissenting Report (from Australian Parliament)
    on the report Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
    ( Dr Dennis Jensen MP, Hon Jackie Kelly MP, Hon
    Danna Vale MP, Mr David Tollner MP ) 18 pages
  • http//

Read these and be amazed! And then perhaps be
angry ….
And if those papers dont disturb you, then try
this ….
  • This is an open letter to all members of
    Parliament dated October 2009 by Malcolm Roberts
    BE (Hons), MBA (Chicago) Fellow AICD, MAIM,
    MAusIMM, MAME (USA), MIMM (UK), Fellow ASQ (USA,
  • In this open letter are numerous Internet links,
    including (to pick just one) of a comprehensive
    lecture (1½ hour video) given by Lord Christopher
    Monckton at Cambridge University.

If all the foregoing ( what follows Link) in
this presentation fails to convince you
that Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate
Change is fraudulent, then by all means vote
for the nonsensical Carbon Pollution Reduction
Scheme. And the best of luck to you (link)!
But wait! Heres some common sense!
Would you believe it? Professor Ian Plimer - On
the ABC!
And even in The Age although buried in the
Business Section!
What next? Climate Realists in The Green Left
And finally …
  • Other Government Scientists Also Quoted

But isnt there a consensus that the science
is settled and Anthropogenic Global
Warming/Climate Change is real?
Read this!
Now, what exactly is the proposed ETS?
  • Quaintly totally inappropriately named
  • The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme!

Its a tax being introduced to fix an imaginary
problem! So you can offset your carbon
footprint …
Welcome to a world-first in taxes A tax on fresh
And the spin is appropriate!
There is one word that describes Anthropogenic
Global Warming/Climate Change the Carbon
Pollution Reduction Scheme ….
Its no different from the sale of Indulgences …
  • Then (circa 1530 …)

Heres something more from Senator Cory Bernardi
Click HERE for an outline about the proposed
Emissions Trading Scheme. (YouTube video)
And now lets look at how this will affect us all
And what will it cost you for an ETS?
So has anyone priced what this will cost our
Survey results reported by The Business Council
of Australia.
What prices rises will there be?
  • Food will rise 6 10
  • Fuel will rise 10 40 cents a litre
  • Power will rise 100
  • Unemployment will rise to 20
  • Companies will move overseas

This is just for starters based on Carbon
Prices of between 10 to 40 per tonne!
All to fix an imaginary problem ….
And if you think thats bad news …
  • The executive director of the International
    Energy Agency (Nobuo Tanaka) has said that to
    meet international emissions targets by 2030, a
    carbon price of 225 a tonne will be required.
  • Thats 22 times higher than the Rudd Government
    proposes the starting price of carbon under its
    Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme!

You might like to contemplate a dictionary
definition of scheme A nefarious plot to
cheat defraud!
Seems appropriate!
Spain leads by example ….
  • Spain has been moving towards a renewable energy
    economy is heavily in debt complying with the
    Kyoto Protocol.

Result? 19 unemployment Real cost of power up by
Will Australia share the same fate? And for what?
Now heres our biggest problem …
  • Hugely disproportionate funding to promote
    Global Warming/Climate Change.
  • Lots of recipients of research grants to
    researchers who continue to justify their
    positions on gravy trains.

Disproportionate propaganda exactly as Herr
Doktor Goebbels would have ordered! Big Oils
contribution to the opposite case is much, much,
much smaller ….
Comparatively little funding for anyone taking
the opposite view. Hardly any gravy here!
Be Aware!
Multiple choice pick your favourite!
Experts Gravy Train anyone?
As the Copenhagen Conference approaches, more
more alarmist stories are appearing in the Media!
Look out for the magic words could
might And phrases such as is likely to
And the best of all Experts say that
increased funding can prevent this happening,
reduce the risk, reverse the trend!
Play the man not the ball!
A standard ploy used by Alarmists has always
been that if you dont like the message then you
attack the messenger! Theres nothing new about
this ….
Alarmists always claim that sceptics must either
be cranks, or in the pay of Big Oil!
Now read the REAL facts about who is paying for
what ….
Good Government Gravy Train
Evil Big-Oil!
Read a full report HERE!
And have you noticed pictures like this are
always shown to illustrate pollution?
In reality this is a cooling tower is emitting
definitely non-polluting water vapour!
Mind you, water vapour IS the biggest
greenhouse gas! So there is a great deal of
irony when those in the Media show their
ignorance by portraying cooling towers to
illustrate pollution!
However the Media include this sort of picture in
articles TV programs to highlight supposedly
polluting power plants industries!
Part of our campaign is to monitor expose this
propaganda for what it is!
So thats what were up against!
  • Vested interests with big funding, all intent
    either on making money from carbon trading, or
    manipulating public opinion for political
    advantage, or both!

Climate Sceptics aims to redress the balance!
A profound statement …
  • … no science is immune to the infection of
    politics and the corruption of power …. The time
    has come to consider how we might bring about a
    separation, as complete as possible, between
    Science and Government in all countries. I call
    this the disestablishment of science, in the same
    sense in which the churches have been
    disestablished and have become independent of the
  • Dr Jacob Bronowski (1908 1974) (Link)
  • Author Presenter of the TV Series The Ascent
    of Man (YouTube)

Nothing has demonstrated the need for this better
than the present Climate Change hysteria!
So now you have a choice ….
OR Get involved make a difference!
What can I do?
  • Join us as a party member
  • Vote for us in the Senate
  • Email this presentation to other people
  • Donate funds to help us with our campaign (We
    are up against some very seriously well-funded

And unfortunately, we are NOT funded by Big
When do I need to act?
  • This nonsensical Carbon Pollution Reduction
    Scheme is likely to be forced into Australian
    law this November even before the useless
    Copenhagen conference!
  • The inevitable consequences will be

Our economy will become the equivalent of
Cambodia (or perhaps Zimbabwe) within 10 years!
Al Gore will become much richer!
And lots of scientists ( pseudo-scientists?)
protecting their grants will continue to ride
Gravy Trains!
Our (Carbon) taxes at work …..
Then theres this ….
  • Al Gore refused to be interviewed on this film!

Click HERE to read film launch details view
Click HERE for Quadrant review by Professor
Bob Carter of James Cook University
And a final word from Al ….
At the conclusion of An Inconvenient Truth Mr
Gore asks Are you ready to change the way you
live? It seems that Mr Gore has not been
practicing what he has been preaching! During
the U.S. Senate Environment Public Works
Committee (Link) hearing on March 21, 2007 he
refused to take the following
The Senate is still waiting!
This seems to sum it up …
Climate Sceptics are trying to level the playing
field bring reality not spin - to the
  • Help yourself by helping us to oppose this huge
    economic burden that is about to be imposed on us

A word about the proposed Copenhagen Treaty!
Its a secret plan for WORLD GOVERNMENT!
200 page draft HERE!
Read listen to an extract of a speech (here)
by Lord Christopher Monckton (View full speech
If our Government signs this it will be
tantamount to TREASON against Australia!
And now a final piece of REAL science ….
And THIS becomes quite technical!
Richard S. Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of
Meteorology, PhD, 1964, Harvard University
Download detailed study HERE!
Here is a very recent Australian interview with
Professor Lindzen …
And a recent Australian interview with Viscount
Monckton HERE!
Are you still happy to believe the disastrous
Climate Change propaganda?
So, the entire basis for establishing the UN IPCC
was fraudulent!
The whole thing is about POLITICAL MANIPULATION!
Now perhaps you understand why the
word scandalous was used at the start of this
Remember what Maurice Strong said years ago …
Isn't the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it
our responsibility to bring that about?
So now you know why we are so concerned …
This is NOTHING to do with science!
Its all about money political power!
Let us leave you with a quotation from someone
perhaps youve heard of …
The best way to take control over a people and
control them utterly is to take a little of their
freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand
tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In
this way the people will not see those rights and
freedoms being removed until past the point at
which these changes cannot be reversed. Adolf
Dont say you werent warned!
We hope this has given you real food for thought.
And thanks very much for viewing this
presentation. We hope to get to meet you
sometime. Cheers! Leon Ashby
For more information contact The Climate
Sceptics PO Box 721, Mt Gambier SA
5290 info_at_climatescepti Telephone 61 8 8725 9561 or 61 8 8723