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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Renaissance College

Renaissance College
  • 2007 Digital Year Book

Congratulations Class of 2007 Best Wishes from
the Faculty Staff
Pierre Zundel, Dean
Eamonn Lynch
John Valk
Thomas Mengel
Valerie Reeves
Rick Hutchins
Mike Carr
Carol Roderick
Al Sharp
Gerry Clarke
Jenn Pazienza
Moon Joyce
Mark Bishop
Nina Erfani
Jonathan Foster
Jo Anne Colford
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Leading in a New Direction North Lake, NB
Words of Wisdom
  • Jocelyn Ball Jocelyn sends love to her family
    for their support. RCOO, BBR, BYOC, napalm, road
    trips, ladies nights, friendships, worldviews,
    social interactions. Unforgettable and the growth
    exponential. Thank you to everyone who was a part
    of the adventure. RC5 for life, Ill miss you.
    "No love, no friendship, can cross the path of
    our destiny without leaving some mark on it
    forever." - Francois Mocuriac
  • Alison Bird- When I first came to RC three years
    seemed like a life time. Now its over in what
    felt like a minute. Im so happy to have had such
    an incredible experience that was much more than
    just a degree. I love you all and you have made
    my time at RC the best years of my life. I cant
    wait to see where you will go in the future, I
    know you will all do great things! You have all
    taught me so much and Ill miss you more than you
    can imagine.

Words of Wisdom
Katie Byford-Richardson - friendsWe rocked this
time in our lives together.i am filled with
pride and hope and love for all of you.and
really, i just wanna dance.rock on,katie.
  • Christina Bonner - I know, its only rock and
    roll But I like it
  • Katherine Bramble - We are like chickens. We all
    have goals in life, whether they are to get a
    PhD, or simply cross the road. Then, to achieve
    these goals we must overcome various obstacles.
  • These could be dilemmas, Portfolio, or cars. One
    thing that is certain, though, is that if you put
    your mind to it, you can cross your road.
  • So, why did the chicken cross theroad? To
    achieve a goal! So, remember Dinosaurs Rule!

Words of Wisdom
Adam Coish-  In all honesty, I regret how little
I participated within RC. Throughout my first two
years, I was barely present besides for class and
even in my final year, I haven't made much of an
effort. I say this because now that my time is
getting short in RC, I'm realizing just how much
I'm going to miss the school and the people. I
may regret how I rarely took part in RCS events
however, I'll never regret my decision to enroll
in RC, it was the best decision of my life. I've
been in Africa, I know what I want to do for a
living and I have some amazing friends that I
will always remember. Thanks for the memories RC5.
Andrea Davidson- I have a confession, and after
all these years I think you deserve to know the
truth I am a spy. A coalition of professors from
up the hill hired me to go under cover (Im
actually a 45-year old Croatian woman named
Magda). I have been reporting back to them
everything thats been going on inside the
college, mostly in the form of interpretive
dance, so they can gather information to destroy
you. Im sorry, can you ever forgive me?
Youssef El-Khoury
Words of Wisdom
Kathleen Ireton- "three years have gone by
heartbreakingly fast."
Aaron Hall
Samantha Hodder -Coming to RC was one of the best
decisions Ive made in my life. It allowed me to
grow as an individual, become part of an amazing
collective, experience things I had never dreamed
of, and find direction in my life. I will miss my
classmates, integrators, and the general
experience of being in RC so much. I look forward
to seeing where we all go after this and I truly
hope that we keep in touch.
Alex LeBlanc -No man can reveal to you aught but
that which already lies half asleep in the
dawning of our knowledge. The teacher who walks
in the shadow of the temple, among his followers,
gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith
and his lovingness. If he is indeed wise he does
not bid you enter the house of wisdom, but rather
leads you to the threshold of your own mind. And
even as each one of you stands alone in God's
knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in
your knowledge of God and in your understanding
of the earth.-kahlil Gibran
Amber Klatt - sink into your steps to fill this
moment with being here
Words of Wisdom
Sarah MacLellan Parting is such sweet
sorrowYet in the morrow- Ill be there.No
matter how long, we will all belong Your soul
needs to be free, Such as me My heart will never
close to you who know who I be
Justin Levangie 'When you are first presented
with an experience that is going to last three
years youfigure Wow that sure is a long time.
When the end of that three-year experience
drawsnear, you suddenly feel like that wasnt so
long after all. In fact, you quickly feel asif
you never had enough time to begin with. I would
just like to thank you all for theexperiences we
shared and I hope we will continue to share them
in the future.'
Kalin McCluskey Hey all!  I'm one of the New
Brunswick crew of RC'ers, hailing from the middle
of Route 8.  Been a blast, take care all! 
Andrew MacLean These three years have flown, but
they havent passed me by. RC5 I appreciate your
influence on my life immensely as individuals,
we were definitely the glue that held the group
together. These past three years have not been
without challenge for anyone, but the friendships
developed have been more than enough to carry me
through. I walk away from this degree as a
different person, and while RC helped, it has
done so by bringing me to know all of you. God
bless you all, go get em!
Patsy McKinney
Words of Wisdom
PES - Philip Edward Shay You cannot plan the
greatest moments of your life and you cannot
predict moments of pure ecstasy they just fall
onto your lap when the time is right. Shay, 2006
Jeffrey Nadeau - A life is as good as the
stories that can be told about it. I want to
dedicate myself to discovering what it is to live
in a way that creates worthy stories. That is
going to take time and imagination, since most of
my ideas are still in their formative stages. I
think that a lot will have been inspired by what
we shared as friends at Renaissance College. Im
grateful, and Ill miss you.
Alisha Somerville November 14, 1986 Born
raised Bear Island, N B. Youngest of four
children. Canadian Internship Inuvik, NWT
Assistant Day Camp Coordinator International
Internship Paro, Bhutan Co-lecturer
Renaissance College has without a doubt changed
my life and I am so excited about that. I will
never forget the many lessons I learned and the
laughs, cries, and smiles we shared! Much Love
and Hugs ?
Theresa Richards "Task  To be where I am.
Even when I am still the place where creation
works on itself." -Tomas Tranströmer
Words of Wisdom
Aroon Thakkar- It's hard to lead a cavalry charge
if you think you look funny on a horse A.
StevensonLife is like a dogsled team. If you
ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes
L.GrizzardA man who wants to lead the orchestra
must turn his back on the crowd J. CrookA
true friend never gets in your way unless you
happen to be going down A. GlasgowNo man who
worships education has got the best out of
education. Without a gentle contempt for
education no man's education is complete G.
Louise Tardif- If the word philo comes from
love and the word sophy from wisdom, then
my time here has fostered both.  In the general
sense of the words, I would not be as I am today
without the staff, the integrators, and my
classmates, who have helped shape my vision of
leadership and of society.  Love and wisdom come
with time, however, the RC community has provided
me solid ground for this and many friendships to
treasure.  I thank God and all of you for making
these past 3 years possible.  
Words of Wisdom
Evelyn Ward - How can I be sure if the
identification of a quality or value within me is
something that I have missed in the past, or if
it has only grown and gained importance in what
defines me, being realized now due to new
experiences? In answer to this question posed in
my portfolio, I say only this it is with
infinite thanks to all of you that I am more
myself now than I could ever have imagined being.
Simone Tielesh - Three years have flown by for me
here at R.C. The things that I have learned in
class at Renaissance and in my polisci and enviro
studies have opened my mind and inspired me for
my future. The memories and life lessons from my
internships at DFO, St A. and in Costa Rica will
last a life time. My RC career wouldnt have been
half as successful if it werent for the support
of my parents and my amazing girlfriends. Whether
in ball gowns or PJs we always have a great time-
I will miss you all until I see you again!
Justin Wies- This is simple. The nearly three
years that I spent at Renaissance College was
great in almost everyway. This section of my life
will undoubtedly be one of the highlights I look
back to when Im old and use a stick to hit
Year Book Professions RC 5
  • Jocelyn Ball CEO/soccer mom with a twist
  • Alison Bird- a seal hunter
  • Christina Bonner- leader of a bloody military
    coup in a third world country
  • Katherine Bramble- a dinosaur rights activist
  • Katie Byford-Richardson- the first person to be
    able to communicate with penguins
  • Adam Coish-  Volcano Whisperer
  • Andrea Davidson- a spy
  • Youssef El-Khoury- professional basketball player
  • Aaron Hall- Underwear model
  • Samantha Hodder- , an extreme sports enthusiast
  • Kathleen Ireton- owner of the Birkenstocks
    Company with a yearly contract to RC
  • Amber Klatt- a lumber jack
  • Alex LeBlanc South Baptist Preacher
  • Justin Levangie A member of Hells Angels
  • Andrew MacLean- CEO of a chocolate company
  • Sarah MacLellan Crazy Cat Lady
  • Kalin McCluskey- Host of Body Break
  • Jeffrey Nadeau - A young drivers driver education
  • Theresa Richards Pet cemetery owner

Candid Camera
Candid Camera
Candid Camera
Candid Camera
Forever RC
I am a Leader
  • I am a Leader
  • Hey,
  • I'm not an arts student, or a philosopher....I
    don't sit in classrooms with desks or write
    exams, or not give a damn....and I do know PES,
    Lynden and Sally from each cohort,-and trust me,
    theyre really, really nice I have an
    integrator, not a professor.I speak candidly and
    passionately, not passively.And I pronounce it
    'Renaissance', not 'Reconnaissance'.I can
    proudly write my schools name on my resume.I
    believe in worldviews, effective
    citizenship,problem solving, and social
    interaction,and that the Birkenstock is a hip
    and comfortable footwear.
  • An exam is a reflection, a lecture is a
    discussion,and we plant organic gardens, not
    'conventional', 'organic' !!!Renaissance is
    UNBs newest faculty!The first of its kind in
    Canada!and the best part of this campus!!!I am
    a leader!And I go to Renaissance College!!!

Class of 2008
Coming Soon
Class of 2009
  • Sally McCrae
  • Bphil no major yet. Age 22. Known for all things
    wonderful Hometown Bellville ,On
  • Favourite Saying Marry me Tim? Or Join the Army,
    Go Commando
  • Interests Tim, Latin Dancing, Trivial things
  • Idol Stewart MacLean
  • Favourite thing to do make people laugh either
    at or with me.
  • Tim Ross
  • Home Town Stanley New Brunswick
  • Minor Political Science
  • Canadian Internship Position Soccer Coordinator
    and Field Liaison for the Fredericton District
    Soccer Association. Responsibilities with
    internship will include corporate relations, PR,
    Media Releases, and hopefully playing soccer too.

Patrick Keeler - So here is my blurb. I wanted it
to be extra exciting, extra spicy, but as it
stands that might not be possible. Not possible!
At any rate, where am I after a year of RC? I
know that Kozner had a German accent, I know that
keeping a journal every day is tough, I know that
LBR is far away, I know everyone in my class is
great, when I walk into RC I know my class is
going to be interesting, and I still miss my
parents. Cheerio!
Lindsey Croft- I am from Pleasantville (Nova
Scotia, not the movie!) My minors are in Business
and Economics ad my national internship is in
Ottawa working with XWave. Next year I am a
proctor in Mackenzie House. Writing these things
makes me realize how uninteresting I am! I love
squash and Crunchie bars. The End!
Class of 2009
Doug Peacocke My first year at Renaissance
College has been a blast. I have enjoyed my time
with this extremely talented and diverse group of
people. I am honoured to have had this
opportunity. I look forward to two more exciting
Julian Williams- I saw this on Line Rider once.
Grace Kim- Born and raised in Vancouver, BC and I
am hoping to minor in International Development
Studies. I am interning at First Steps, an
organization that works to prevent malnutrition
in children in North Korea this summer. I love
travelling, photography, animals and the Beach!
Shannon Paine- I am from happy Valley Goose
Bay, NL and working on a double minor in
Political Science and International Development
Studies. For my Canadian Internship I will be
working with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs
at home. I plan to help aboriginal youth initiate
leadership programs in their communities. My
interests are in sports (rowing, volleyball and
soccer), dance, politics and music.
Class of 2009
Rosalie Cassidy- Hey my name is Rosie. I was born
in February of 1988 in St John New Brunswick. I
still live in Saint John with my mom, dad, sister
Emily and Brother Harrison. This year Ive
resided in Harrison House. University is
interesting not sure where its going to take me
but Im sure Ill make out fine. Miss family and
friends but have had great times with new friends!
Jeremy Stojan- An Albertan, but transitory for
the most part. Hes known for interpretive
dance, video game presentations, and playing
guitar after class. Plans on going to a farm to
break his back this summer, and will probably
have a good time doing it.
Katelyn Strong Hello my name is Katelyn Strong
and I reside from Fredericton NB, and am an avid
traveler. I am looking forward to my Canadian
internship in Pennsylvania. My minor is in
Russian, although I have yet to take a course on
it. I love to paint with water colors and
acrylics, and hope to become a famous artist one
day. I find that most of the experiences in my
life can be related to a Seinfeld episode.
Laura Brennick- I hail from the Bras dor cape
Breton (which I apparently cant get enough of
since I am heading back there for my national
internship). I am someone who enjoys change.
Evidence of this is my minor and its change from
sociology to psychology. I also enjoy RC and had
a great year! Laugh and laugh till all the
chameleons turn black
Class of 2009
Stuart Lockheart- Im glad this question was
asked. Certainly pizza is good. I always enjoy a
dish of pasta, especially if it has a spicy
sauce. With that I like a warm slice of freshly
cooked garlic bread, and perhaps of glass of red
wine. If pasta is not available, I also enjoy a
fillet of Atlantic Salmon cooked on the BBQ, with
a side of local potato, and whatever greens are
laying around..I was just told that this is a
yearbook entry and not a suggestion sheet for the
next RC common meal..whatever.
Melanie Bell grew up in the small community of
Carleton, P.E.I. Currently in her first year of
RC she is involved with the MJC House Committee.
Melanies passion is writing. She has written a
few articles for The Brunswickan and The
Troubadour, in addition to two poetry books.
Interests discovered this year cooking, painting
and dancing. Highlights of her first year at RC
include the Leadership group project, Gerrys
Citizenship class, discovering new hangouts and
sharing spontaneous adventure with friends.
In Rememberance of the Underground
Remember, remember, the 5th of November The
underground found its spot As a Co-op At the
Charlotte Street School A place which is a real
jewel I know of no reason why the Underground
Should ever be forgot When looking to enjoy a
drink From an organic pot Remember, Remember,
the Underground People till eleven oclock, were
found With large cups of coffee and muffins
Enjoying their fresh daily grounds The social
gains of using the brains to eat At a fair-trade
spot No longer must be sought. They can be found
at the Underground So Come around The Ember of
each member Lets us remember the fifth of
November And the vegan game plan Of which I am a
fan Began to span
PartingArthur Hugh Cough
  • O Tell me, friends, while yet we part,And heart
    can yet be heard of heart,O tell me then, for
    what is itOur early plan of life we quitFrom
    all our old intentions range,And why does all so
    wholly change?O tell me, friends, while yet we
  • O tell me, friends, while yet we part,The rays
    that from the centre startWithin the orb of one
    warm sun,Unless I err, have once begun,Why is
    it thus they still diverge?And whither tends the
    course they urge?O tell me, friends, while yet
    we part!
  • O tell me, friends, while yet ye hear,May it
    not be, some coming year,These ancient paths
    that here divideShall yet again run side by
    side,And you from there, and I from here,All on
    a sudden reappear?O tell me, friends, while yet
    ye hear!
  • O tell me, friends, ye hardly hear,And if
    indeed ye did, I fearYe would not say, ye would
    not speak,Are you so strong, am I so weak,And
    yet, how much so eer I yearn,Can I not follow,
    nor you turn?O tell me, friends, ye hardly hear!
  • O tell me, friends, ere words are oer,Theres
    something in me sad and soreRepines, and
    underneath my eyesI feel a somewhat that would
    rise,O tell me, O my friends, and you,Do you
    feel nothing like it too?O tell me, friends, ere
    words are oer!
  • O tell me, friends that are no more,Do you, too,
    think ere it is oerOld times shall yet come
    round as erst,And we be friends, as we were
    first?Or do you judge that all is vain,Except
    that rule that none complain?O tell me, friends
    that are no more!

The End