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Polymer Chemistry


Suggested Topics. Photoresist for 193 nm lithography. Photoresist for EUV lithography ... Polyimide for dielectric passivation applications. BCB for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Polymer Chemistry

????? Polymer Chemistry
  • ? ? ?
  • Jihperng (Jim) Leu
  • Fall Semester, 2004
  • Suggested topics / Useful sources

Suggested Topics
  • Photoresist for 193 nm lithography
  • Photoresist for EUV lithography
  • Polyimide for dielectric passivation applications
  • BCB for dielectric and passivation applications
  • SiLKTM for low-k dielectric applications
  • Polycarbonate for automobile applications
  • Kelvar for bullet-protection applications
  • Composite materials for bicycle applications
  • Nylon
  • PTFE Teflon
  • Polymers for optical applications
  • Siloxane polymers for dielectric and package
  • Metallization of polymers
  • Etching of polymers (photoresist)
  • Plasma polymerization

Suggested Topics
  • Adhesives for post-it
  • Polymer memory
  • Organic LED
  • Polymers for biological applications
  • Adhesion promoters
  • ABS
  • Thermosetting, thermoplastic, elastomer
  • Degradation of polymers Degradable Polymers
  • Polymers in food industry
  • Polymers for sport industry
  • Polymers for clothing
  • Polymers/fibers for military use
  • Polymers for paints
  • Polymers in pharmaceutical industry
  • Conductive polymers polypyrrole
  • LCD liquid crystal

  • Useful Sources on Polymer Science and Technology
  • (http//www.geocities.com/drclumsy/polymer.htmlTO
  • 100 Solid Polyurethane Coatings Technology Forum
    - center of polymer interfaces and macromolecular
    assemblies (includes articles, information, and a
    message board).
  • Advances in Polymer Technology - a quarterly
    peer-reviewed journal edited under the auspices
    of the Polymer Processing Institute, presents
    important developments in polymeric materials,
    production and processing methods, and equipment
    and product design.
  • Biopolymers - publishes original research papers
    in the field of biopolymers (proteins, nucleic
    acids, and polysaccharides), low molecular weight
    molecules relevant to the study of biopolymers
    (including model systems, monomers, oligomers,
    and molecules which interact with biopolymers),
    and molecular dynamics and bioassemblies.
  • Bogazici University Polymer Research Center
    (Turkey) - conducts experimental and theoretical
    research for understanding and improving the
    properties of polymeric materials.
  • Brian Vincent's Polymers and Colloids Research
    Group - University of Bristol...Brian Vincent's
    Research group has a wide variety of interests in
    Polymers and Colloids. These pages contain
    information on current projects.
  • British Plastics Rubber On-Line - magazine for
    UK polymer processors, with an on-line directory.
  • Center for Composite Materials (CCM) - a
    composites engineering research and education
    center housed in the Composites Manufacturing
    Science Laboratory at the University of Delaware.
  • Center of Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular
    Assemblies (CPIMA) - ...

  • Center of Polymer Studies, Boston University -
    scientific visualization research center
    developing experimental and computational
    materials for high school science education.
    Includes lesson ideas.
  • Colloid and Polymer Science - a leading
    international journal of longstanding tradition -
    is devoted to colloid and polymer science and its
    interdisciplinary interactions.
  • Department of Macromolecular Science and
    Engineering - at Case Western Reserve University.
  • Department of Materials Science and Technology -
    Delft University of Technology...The Natherlands.
  • Department of Polymer Engineering, University of
    Akron - ...
  • Engineering in Rubber - free advice on rubber
    mouldings and materials (elastomers)...by HARBORO
  • FAQ about Silicone - frequently asked questions
    about silicones at GE website.
  • Geopolymer Institute - Prof. J. Davidovits
    research in geosynthesis of inorganic molecules,
    cements, ceramics, fire-resistant composites,
    waste encapsulation, global warming, and applied
  • Glossary of Polymer - from Case Western Reserve
    University website.
  • Industrial Applications of Polymer Terms - from
    University of Leeds website (UK).
  • Injection Molding Magazine Online - for Injection
    Molding Professional.
  • Institute of Materials Science (IMS) - at The
    University of Connecticut...Interdisciplinary
    programs in metallurgy and polymer science.

  • Institute of Polymer Science and Technology
    (Spain) - ...
  • Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials
    Engineering - Loughborough University.
  • Intelligent Polymer Research Institute - at the
    University of Wollongong...Research in
    intelligent polymers, materials, and conductive
  • IPR (Institute for Polymer Research) - University
    of Waterloo...Applied and fundamental research in
    areas that are of vital interest to the plastics,
    coatings, adhesives, and elastomers industries.
  • Journal of Applied Polymer Science - reports
    progress and significant results in the
    systematic, practical application of polymer
    science. Areas of focus include plastics and
    their composites, blends, elastomers, films and
    membranes, fibers, coatings and adhesives,
    studies of emulsions and latices, aging of
    polymers, structural property-processing
    relationships, extrusion and molding, diffusion,
    and permeability.
  • Journal of Polymer Science (Polymer Chemistry) -
    is devoted to studies in general organic polymer
    chemistry and physical organic chemistry. This
    includes all related topics (such as organic,
    bioorganic, bioinorganic, and biological
    chemistry of monomers, polymers, oligomers, and
    model compounds, inorganic and organometallic
    chemistry for catalysts, mechanistic studies,
    supramolecular chemistry aspects relevant to
    polymers and reactions on polymers).
  • Journal of Polymer Science (Polymer Physics) -
    accepts contributions in physics and physical

  • Kent Centre for Polymer Colloids - an Australian
    research council key centre of teaching and
  • Louisiana State University Macromolecular Studies
    Group - interdisciplinary, interdepartmental
    graduate studies in polymer and biopolymer
    chemistry and engineering.
  • Macrogalleria - a cyberwonderland of polymer fun,
    an extremely comprehensive tutorial of polymer
  • Macromolecular Chemistry (Germany) - ...
  • Mississippi Polymer Institute - ...
  • MRSEC - Materials Research Science and
    Engineering Center at the University of Chicago.
  • Ordering of Polymers - Simulated dissipative
    particle dynamics. Explains and shows the phase
    separation phenomena of polymers and block
  • Polymer and Colloid Lab - Chinese University of
    Hong Kong...A laser light scattering lab, studing
    polymer solutions and intelligent gels.
  • Polymer at Interfaces Group - Terry Cosgrove's
    group investigates a wide variety of Polymer and
    Colloid systems.
  • Polymer Bulletin - provides rapid publication of
    significant advances in polymer science,
    including chemistry, physical chemistry, physics
    and material science.
  • Polymer Chemistry Hypertext - an educational
    resource created by students at the University of
    Missouri- Rolla.

  • Polymer for Advanced Technologies - is published
    in response to recent significant changes in the
    patterns of materials research and development.
    Worldwide attention has been focused on the
    critical importance of materials in the creation
    of new devices and systems.
  • Polymer International - publishes on new
    developments in all branches of macromolecular
    science and technology.
  • Polymeric and Supramolecular Liquids Physics and
    Rheology - physics and rheology of polymer.
  • Polymer Liquid Crystals - from Case Western
    Reserve University website.
  • Polymer Modifiers Additives Division, Society
    of Plastics Engineers - sponsors technical
    meetings for the plastics additives community and
    supports polymer additives education (in USA).
  • Polymer Processing Institute - independent
    research group focusing on the development of
    processing operations.
  • Polymer Science and Engineering Department,
    University of Massachusetts Amherst - ...
  • Polymer Science Internet Directory - resource for
    students exploring polymer-related Ph.D. programs
    in universities across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute - Polymer
    Division - details of organisation, meetings,
    prizes, publications and other activities.
  • Sandretto Plastics Museum - plastic materials and
    moulding machines, yesterday, today, and
  • School of Polymer and High Performance Materials
    - University of Southern Mississippi

  • Society of Plastics Engineers - dedicated to
    helping members attain higher professional status
    through increased scientific, engineering, and
    technical knowledge
  • Swedish Institute for Fibre and Polymer Research
    - offers research, product development, testing,
    consultation and training within the fields of
    fibrous and polymeric materials such as textile,
    plastic, rubber and fibre composites.
  • The Center for Molecular Design and Recognition
    (CMDR) - University of South Florida...Develops
    and investigates novel synthetic methods and
    applications especially as they relate to the
    construction of branched polymeric and dendritic
  • The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer
    Research - ...
  • Other journals
  • Chemical Reviews (ACS)
  • Chemical Communications
  • Chemical and Engineering News (ACS)
  • Macromolecules (ACS)
  • Polymer Engineering and Science
  • Journal of Polymers and the Environment
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