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General Introduction


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Title: General Introduction

Part II
True Parents Course (1960-)
Chapter 1
True Parents 21-Year Course (19601980)
  • The First 7-Year Course
  • Family Foundation (19601967)

1. The Holy Wedding of True Parents
1960.03.27 (L.3.1) -- Engagement ceremony
establishment of Parents Day 1960.04.09
(L.3.14) --- Engagement ceremony of 3 couples
1960.04.11 (L.3.16) --- The Holy Wedding of
True Parents
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(No Transcript)
2. True Mother
a. Birth
1943.02.10 (L.1.6) Anju-gun, Pyeongan Namdo,
North Korea father --- Seung-oon Han mother ---
Soon-ae Hong
b. Going to the South
Mrs. Hong knew that the LSA was living in the
South, and they made the journey with the
attitude of coming to meet the LSA, bowing 3
times in succession at many places along the way.
Mrs. Hong brought Mother up to remain pure and
unblemished. Mrs. Hong raised Mother to lead a
very disciplined life just at the age when
children love to play the most. Sometimes Mother
cried, but Mrs. Hong continued to give her strict
c. Meeting True Father
Mother first met Father in Seoul when she was 13
years old. When Mother saw Father, she bowed
very deeply. Father said to Mrs. Hong, You
have such a lovely daughter, dont you? Does
she do well in school?
d. The Way of the True Mother of All Humanity
Mother had to restore through indemnity the
failure of Eve - Absolute faith and loyalty to
God as His daughter - Absolute faith, obedience
and loyalty to Adam as his spouse - Absolute
love, sacrificing herself for the sake of the
salvation and rebirth of humanity as the True
Mother of all of them
3. Blessings
1960.04.16 (L.3.21) --- 3 couples 1961.05.15
(L.4.1) --- 33 couples
36 coupes
Adams family (previously married) ---- 12
couples Noahs family (previously engaged) ---
12 couples Jacobs family (virgin love)
--------------- 12 couples These 36 couples
became the ancestors of human history, and
established the foundation to liberate the spirit
world. The 36 couples did not consult their
families or relatives about the Blessing. great
1962.06.04 (L.5.3) --- 72 couples
Cain 36 couples
36 couples 72 couples
Abel 36 couples
1963.07.24 --- 124 couples 120 couples
symbolizing representatives
of all nations of the world 4 couples
previously married couples,
symbolizing the gates of east, west,
south and north
4. Establishment of Church Holy Days
1960.03.27 (L.3.1) ---- Parents Day 1960.11.19
(L.10.1) -- Childrens Day 1963.06.21 (L.5.1)
---- The Day of All Things
5. Other Events
1965.01.2810.10 --- 1st world itinerary tour
Father visited 40 nations, established 120
Holy Grounds.
1965.06.25 --- Father visited former US President
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
19601967 --- First 7-year course victorious
foundation of the True Family
B. The Second 7-Year Course National
Foundation (19681974)
1. Gods Day
1968.01.01 --- Proclamation of Gods Day
Family level 4PF entered into the sphere of
Gods direct dominion.
2. IFVOC and the Ecumenical Movement
(Abel) (Cain) IFVOC Korean sovereignty ---
activities of VOC UC Christian Churches ---
ecumenical movement 1968.01.13 --- Establishment
of IFVOC (Korea) 1968.04.01 --- Establishment of
IFVOC (Japan)
1970.09.14-20 --- WACL World Rally in Tokyo
1970.11.26-28 --- 1st public hearing of the
Divine Principle for Christian ministers
1/10 of all Korean Christian ministers, more
than 1,000, participated until autumn 1971. But
the established Christian churches and the
nation continued to suppress UC.
Father went to America for the following
reasons - To restore the lost foundation of
Korean Christianity - To bring God back to
America, making her into an ideal nation based
on Christianity - To protect America from
communist invasion and prevent the communization
of the world - To reorganize Gods providence in
Asia - To prepare for the third 7-year
course the worldwide foundation 1971.12.18 ---
Father arrived in Washington, D.C.
3. Blessings
1968.02.22 --- 430 couples Korean history
4,300 years Israelites slavery in Egypt
430 years
The 3rd Israel (Korean people) started toward
the worldwide Canaan.
1969.02.0205.02 --- 2nd world itinerary tour to
21 nations 43 couples (America 13 Germany
8 Japan 22) were blessed. The seed of the
Blessing was sown throughout the world.
1970.10.21 --- 777 couples Reaping the fruits
of the seed of the Blessing sown in the world
participants came from 10 nations. Entered the
supranational age
4. Day of Hope Tour
1972.2.31975.5.16 --- Fathers public speaking
tour Father visited almost all states of America
and was welcomed as the new prophet from the
Orient. Father also visited Great Britain,
Germany, Japan, Korea for the Day of Hope Tour
and established the International One World
Crusade (IOWC) to support these rallies.
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1974.09.18 --- The Madison Square Garden Rally
The worldwide spiritual foundation and the
Unification Church foundation were connected.
5. New Organizations
1972.08.20 --- Establishment of UTI 1972.11.23-26
---1st ICUS
1973.05.06 --- Professors World Peace Academy
(PWPA) was founded.
6. Watergate Proclamation and Meeting with
President Richard Nixon
1973.11.30 --- Publication of Watergate
1974.02.01 --- Meeting with US President Richard
M. Nixon in the White House
7. Other Events
1970.12.01 --- Blessed wives 3-year (1970-1972)
pioneer witnessing started in Korea. 1971.01.03
--- Special Ceremony of Jesus Holy Marriage on
Jesus birthday 1971.12.51972.5.8 --- 3rd world
itinerary tour visiting 15 nations 1972.11.21
1973.7.22 --- 4th world itinerary tour 1974.10.08
--- Invitation speech at the U.S. Capitol in
Washington, D.C.
1968 1974 --- Second 7-year course victory
  • The Third 7-Year Course
  • Worldwide Foundation (19751980)

1. Blessing
1975.02.08 --- 1,800 couples (6 6 6) 18
2. World Missions
In 1975, at the beginning of the third 7-year
course, Father sent missionaries to over 120
3. Korean Rally for World Freedom (Yeouido
Island Rally)
1975.06.07 --- Father was welcomed by 1.2 million
(No Transcript)
4. God Bless America Festival
America, representing Christianity and the world,
celebrated its bicentennial in 1976. 1976 was a
very critical year. Therefore Father held God
Bless America Festivals in that year.
1976.06.01 --- Yankee Stadium Rally 40,000
people could receive Gods message from Father.
1976.09.18 --- Washington Monument Rally It was
a great historical victory, attended by 300,000
Father appealed for the unification of world
religions and unification of the world through
unification of three religions. Judaism
Christianity Unification Church (1st son) (2nd
son) (3rd son) Israel USA Korea
Father succeeded in what should have been
accomplished in Rome at the time of Jesus. He
opened the gate to the Heavenly Kingdom.
Result of the victory of this rally - Appearance
of God on earth as True Parents - End of the
struggle of Cain and Abel and the new age of
indemnity on Cains side - Unification Church
would stand in the position of the new Chosen
Father proclaimed at the celebration of the Day
of Victory of Heaven on 1976.10.4 that the next
rally would be in Moscow.
5. Proclamation Ceremony
1975.05.01 --- Ceremony for the Total Dissolution
of Resentment 21 years since the
establishment of HSA-UWC, 30 years since the
start of Fathers public ministry, 60th
birthday of Mrs. Won-pok Choi.
1976.10.04 --- Proclamation of the Day of
Victory of Heaven
1977.02.23 (L.1.6) --- Proclamation of the Day
of Victory of Earth True Parents birthday,
True Mother 34 years old, going beyond Jesus
age This day is Day One of the Kingdom of Heaven.
6. Attack by the Fraser Congressional
1977 --- The attack on Bo-hi Pak
1978.03.2206.20 --- Bo-hi Pak gave testimony 4
times at the hearings of the Fraser Subcommittee.
7. Home Church
1978 --- Start of preparation for the Home
Church providence The new year mottos from 1979
to 1983 were related to Home Church. Goal of the
Home Church Movement of witnessing to 360
homes internal goal perfection of
love external goal restoration of 84 spiritual
Providential significance of the Home Church
- Inheritance of the foundation of worldwide
victory - Completion of restoration through the
course of historical and worldwide
indemnity - Qualification to become a Tribal
Messiah - Foundation for the entire spirit world
to cooperate with the saints on
earth - Foundation for the unification of major
religions, their many branch religions, and
unification of the realm of tribes.
8. Fathers 60th Birthday Celebration
1980.02.21 (L.1.6) Over 20 VIPs came from
Argentina for the celebration. Some people from
Communist nations attended the celebration.
9. The New 21-Year Course
1980.04.15 (L.3.1) Father proclaimed the
completion of the 21-year course centered on True
Parents, and the start of the new 21-year course
centered on the children.
10. Other Events
1980.11.04 --- Ronald Reagan won over Jimmy
Carter in the U.S. presidential elections.
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