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Discipleship Training Course


... two main areas of focus for Isca: outreach/evangelism & moving in the Spirit. Like scissors, with relationship with Jesus/discipleship as the pivot ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Discipleship Training Course

Discipleship Training Course
Why the DTC?
  • Prophetic word about two main areas of focus for
    Isca outreach/evangelism moving in the Spirit.
    Like scissors, with relationship with
    Jesus/discipleship as the pivot
  • We therefore want to re-focus on our pivot,
    personal discipleship
  • Sunday preaching is not always the best way to
    learn (we have short memories!)
  • Challenge of how we in turn disciple new

What is the DTC?
New!Exciting!Learning and growing as we follow
Jesus together!
  • Presentations/talks on themes under the heading
    attitudes and actions regarding
  • Themes will include work, money, relationships
    etc. (see next slide)
  • Biblical background, testimonies, teaching
  • Questions/guidance for discussion in small groups
    during the week will be provided on Sundays

attitudes and actions regarding
  • Jesus
  • The Father
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Faith
  • Holiness
  • Personal disciplines
  • Self
  • Forgiveness
  • Church family
  • Simplicity
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Creation
  • The poor
  • Not yet followers
  • Making disciples

Small groups
  • Following Sunday themes and using guidance
    provided for discussion
  • This is a conversation rather than a Bible study
    - a time to talk about personal reflections,
    reactions, resolutions to themes
  • Real, honest relationships are how we learn and
    grow within the church family context

Small groups - practicalities
  • Groups of 3 or 4, same sex groups
  • Not necessarily geographical -relational
  • Nominate up to 5 people youd be comfortable
    being grouped with, office will coordinate -
  • Opportunity to mix with new people, perhaps
    different ages and stages in life from us? Your
    choice though!

Are lifegroups being cancelled?
  • No! Small groups will take priority over
    lifegroup meetings during this course (over the
    Autumn/Winter) but will resume afterwards, and of
    course youre free to meet as a group during this
    time if you want to!

Why is it called a course?
  • It isnt a qualification - we just called it this
    because its a series of topics!
  • Were trying to cover a broad range of subjects,
    which we believe to be the basics of being a
    follower of Jesus.
  • Content chosen by the Leadership Team and
    presented by various Isca folks
  • Breaks for visiting speakers
  • It doesnt matter if you miss a week, but you can
    always catch up by downloading the talk on our
    website if you like

Im worried about being put in a group where Im
not comfortable/dont know people
  • You can tell us who you would like to be in a
    group with - this could be people from your
    current group, or new people, its up to you!
  • As far as possible you will be grouped with these
    people - and at least one of them (in a group of
  • This information will be treated confidentially!

Will I have to talk about things I dont want to?
  • Absolutely not!
  • But this should be a safe environment where real,
    honest friendships allow us to learn and grow
  • You may find it easier to talk about sensitive
    subjects in the small group context than in
    larger, mixed-gender lifegroups

I dont have time for this!
  • It should only be an hour or so once a week -
    which may be less than your usual lifegroup
    meeting in some cases!
  • Wed encourage you to put extra time in yourself
    - reflecting on the topics, praying etc, but
    thats entirely up to you

Evenings are difficult/I cant leave the kids etc.
  • Small groups will arrange to meet at a time that
    suits everyone in the group - this might be an
    evening, or it could be meeting for breakfast or
    lunch, or even at the weekend
  • Other members of the group could come to your
    house if that suits you
  • Meeting day/time/place could vary from week to
    week - you arrange whatever you prefer among

Is someone in charge? Do we need to prepare
  • No - notes will be supplied on Sundays, usually
    this will be questions for discussion.
  • It may be worth thinking about these in advance
    to make the most of your time together, but isnt
  • No-one is in charge/the leader, its just a
    chance to get together to chat through the
    various issues and topics well be discussing

  • Learning together to become more like Jesus
  • Learning leads to change action
  • Being disciples together so that we can disciple
    others, including new Christians
  • Personal follow-up recommended - journalling,
    scrapbooking, portfolio, action plans - to make
    the most of this chance to learn and grow (Laura
    has info on learning styles which may help with
    this if youre interested)
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