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Amazon web services Training | AWS Training in Hyderabad


Visualpath Teaching the best Amazon Web Services Online Course. It is the NO.1 Institute in Hyderabad Providing AWS Online Training Classes. Our faculty has experience in real-time and provides AWS Certification Training and Real-time projects. Contact us +91-9989971070. WhatsApp: Visit: Visit Our Blog: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amazon web services Training | AWS Training in Hyderabad

AWS Elasticache
Amazon Web Services
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Introduction - Amazon ElastiCache is a fully
managed, in-memory caching service provided by
Amazon Web Services (AWS). - It enables you to
deploy, operate, and scale popular in-memory data
stores such as Redis and Memcached in the
cloud. - ElastiCache helps improve the
performance of your applications by caching
frequently accessed data and reducing the load on
backend databases.
Key features of AWS ElastiCache include 1.
Managed Service AWS ElastiCache is a fully
managed service, which means AWS handles
infrastructure provisioning, setup,
configuration, patching, and maintenance tasks
for the caching infrastructure, allowing you to
focus on your application development. 2.
In-Memory Data Stores ElastiCache supports two
popular in-memory caching engines
- Redis An open-source, in-memory data
structure store known for its versatility,
advanced data structures, and features such as
persistence, replication, and pub/sub messaging.
- Memcached A high-performance, distributed
memory object caching system that is commonly
used to speed up dynamic web applications by
reducing database load. 3. Scalability
- ElastiCache allows you to easily scale your
caching infrastructure to accommodate changing
workloads and traffic patterns. - You can scale
up (by increasing node size) or scale out (by
adding more nodes) to meet performance and
capacity requirements. 4. High Availability -
ElastiCache provides built-in features for high
availability and fault tolerance.
- It supports automatic failover and multi-AZ
replication for Redis, as well as replication
groups for Memcached, to ensure data durability
and availability in case of node failures. 5.
Security - ElastiCache offers several security
features to protect your data, including network
isolation (VPC support), encryption at rest
(using AWS Key Management Service), and
authentication mechanisms (Redis AUTH and
Memcached SASL).
6. Integration ElastiCache seamlessly
integrates with other AWS services, such as
Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, Amazon
Redshift, and AWS CloudFormation, making it easy
to incorporate caching into your existing AWS
infrastructure and applications. 7. Monitoring
and Metrics ElastiCache provides monitoring and
metrics through Amazon CloudWatch, allowing you
to monitor cache performance, track key metrics,
set up alarms, and troubleshoot issues.
Conclusion Overall, AWS ElastiCache is a
powerful caching solution that helps improve the
performance, scalability, and reliability of your
applications by leveraging in-memory caching
technology in the cloud.
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