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5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling (1)


Dive into this presentation to uncover 5 signs indicating a need for marriage counseling. Explore counseling services with Untangle for expert guidance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling (1)

5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling
Marriage holds a special place in Indian
society. Its seen as a sacred promise and forms
the foundation for families and culture. Lately,
theres more awareness about mental health
issues and how they can impact marriages too. As
marriage counselling becomes more common in
India, counsellors are making sure their methods
are fit for Indian couples. The bond between
married couples in India involves their whole
families and communities too! The expectations of
husbands and wives also come from long
traditions and values, not just their personal
relationships. So to really help married Indian
couples who are facing problems in their
marriage, marriage counselors focus on
reconciliation and healing.
Signs To Pursue Marriage Counseling
Here are the signs that you should opt for
marriage counselling
1. Communication Breakdown Healthy communication
forms the bedrock of any strong marriage.
However, Indian couples often struggle to open
up, especially when it comes to expressing
vulnerabilities. If you and your partner are
facing problems communicating your expectations,
desires, or what is bothering you about the other
person then you may need the help of a marriage
counsellor. The societal stigma around men
displaying emotional weakness frequently
obstructs honest dialogues. Without safe spaces
to process misunderstandings, repetitive
conflicts can fracture the foundations of trust.
Marriage counsellors create opportunities for
mutual understanding between partners, bridging
gaps that breed resentment when left
unaddressed! Adjusting communication patterns is
challenging but vital for mending relationships.
2. Infidelity or Trust Issues Extra-marital
affairs represent a complex issue in
Indian marriages with convoluted cultural
perceptions. What gets defined as inappropriate
varies by gender, family status, or past
expectations set by joint family
structures. Working through the trauma of
betrayal requires reconciling diverse views on
accountability. Therapists provide clients with a
safe space for discussions around wounds of
infidelity. Therapists remain neutral guides
rather than imposing value judgments regarding
traditionalism or progressivism.
If your partner has cheated on you and you want
to make the relationship work and move past the
infidelity, marriage counselling can be of great
help in helping you two come to reconciliation.
3. Differences in Core Values and Beliefs With
Indias incredible religious and cultural
diversity, marriages must often bridge
substantial divides in outlook and priorities
across families of origin. Even in arranged
partnerships, alignment between values can
diverge over time as individual growth shifts
worldviews. Factors like inter-caste status,
shifts between rural versus urban habitats after
relocation influence expectations. If the core
values and beliefs are in conflict to such an
extent that it is hampering your marriage then
you should seek counseling services. Marriage
counselors help you two understand and respect
each others beliefs thus helping you develop a
strong bond.
4. Financial Stress and Disagreements
Economic instability or disparity in earning
potential frequently creates marital tension,
compounded by the Indian taboo blocking open
money discussions. Men often refrain from
consulting wives on monetary matters,
undermining them through isolation rather than
inclusion. If you and your partner are constantly
fighting about financial matters and financial
decisions are creating a rift between you two
then a marriage counsellor can help you solve
your arguments and come to a common ground.
Addressing reluctance to seek help due to pride
or shame around not fulfilling provider
expectations also soothes stress benefiting the
entire household.
5. Issues with In-Laws and Extended Families
Given the integral lifelong role of extended
relatives in Indian society, in-law conflicts
often loom large, but get downplayed at great
emotional cost to couples. Addressing conflicts
to maintain surface-level harmony can breed
resentment over the years. If the relationship
between you and your partner is being strained
because of issues related to your in-laws and
extended families then opting for marriage
counselling services to resolve the conflicts is
a good choice. Therapy explores setting mutual
boundaries to respect all family members and the
couples well-being.
Looking for a reliable and experienced marriage
counsellor online? Marriage counselling provides
compassionate support without judgment. Our team
of licensed therapists at Untangle empowers
couples toward deeper understanding and
emotional healing through counselling services
tailored to their unique needs. Choose our
marriage counselling sessions and get access to
professional guidance. Build skills strengthening
communication, trust, and intimacy. Contact us
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