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Hotel Booking System


FlightsLogic's Hotel Booking System is the best solution to boost the direct bookings of your hotel, with a hassle free and easy to use approach. FlightsLogic provides a ground-breaking hospitality platform to hoteliers, travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies with an array of features that help analyze customer behavior to maximize performance and increase in revenue. For more details, please visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System
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  • Bookings and Reservation Management with a Robust
    Hotel Booking Engine Software
  • FlightsLogic provides a ground-breaking
    hospitality platform to hoteliers, travel agents,
    tour operators, and travel companies with an
    array of features that help analyze customer
    behavior to maximize performance and increase in
  • We provide powerful and tailored hotel booking
    system that offers the ability to fully customize
    it according to your requirements. FlightsLogic
    is simple and intuitive and gives your guests the
    ability to make instant bookings right from your
    website or mobile app.
  • Integrating into your existing website is a gust
    as our system is fully compatible with all web
    and mobile platforms. The system displays
    real-time modern information about accommodation
    availability and pricing.

  • Our hotel booking system helps in managing the
    rooms of a hotel or other lodging facilities and
    you can display a number of available rooms with
    facilities and they are per day rates online to
    your customers.
  • With the help of this module, you can add
    multiple hotels with various kinds of rooms,
    provide numerous services or amenities to your
    customers. This hotel booking module also
    empowers the customers to pre-book the rooms and
    search rooms by various parameters like price
  • You can create multiple groups and room types
    which can use as a template while adding any new
    room. Our online hotel booking engine optimizes
    your booking funnel by seamlessly integrating the
    booking procedure on the hotel's website and
    tracking user behavior all the way to the hotel
    booking engine.

  • By understanding user behavior through your hotel
    website booking engine, you understand how to
    advance click-through rates and drive high
  • At FlightsLogic, we understand how
    important direct online bookings are to your
    hotel business. Grasping that, we use best in
    industry technology to provide you with a
    powerful online booking engine. Our booking
    engine gets you unlimited bookings right from
    your hotel website.
  • This user-friendly internet booking engine serves
    as advanced sales-boosting software to help you
    maximize revenue. Our groundbreaking online
    booking engine with an array of features to
    maximize performance and increase the revenue of

  • Our online hotel booking system is very much in
    demand that is why travel companies are earning
    high profit because most of their tasks are now
    completed by the system itself. Our hotel booking
    system allows your guests a flexible and easy
    online booking experience by any device to book
    rooms directly from your hotel's website.
  • Our booking reservation software system generates
    higher revenues by allowing your guests multiple
    special offers, discount coupons, corporate
    packages, and promo codes to do group bookings.
  • Our hotel booking system module allows you to
    create an amazing hotel booking website with lots
    of customization features and functionalities.
  • With the help of this module, you can handle
    multiple hotels, add rooms, create different room
    types, add groups, manage amenities and view
    bookings. The clients can easily search and
    pre-book any of the available hotel rooms from
    the website and can do the payment either online
    or offline.

  • Manage direct bookings, and affiliate bookings
    across devices with our fully equipped
    hotel-booking engine software now All under one
  • FlightsLogic develops hotel booking engine for
    global travel agencies are powered with GDS, XML,
    API Integration and We are also capable of
    developing the online hotel reservation system
    with CRS (Central Reservation System). This
    integration provides users with access to a vast
    array of data available online.
  • Any online travel portal can integrate their
    information and portal with XML and API
    interfaces to access the global inventory with
    all established hotel booking engines online and
    this integration directly puts down a user at the
    page of the hotel instead of taking the users via
    booking portals of travel agents.
  • Our hotel booking engine (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) is a
    feature-rich, robust and scalable web-based OTA
    solution for leading travel companies.

  • Our online hotel booking system enables travel
    agencies, travel companies, hospitality domains
    to have witnessed strong growth and our online
    hotel reservation software lets you connect with
    global clients by providing them the special
    search and book functionality.
  • Our Hotel Booking Engine offers the most
    comprehensive feature set available in today's
    market. It is a feature-rich booking engine for
    hotels, villas, resorts and other accommodation
    providers with the ability to load contracts in
    multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • Our solutions allow you to help lower costs,
    increase revenues, and provide better services to
    the customer who in turn helps you to create
    exceptional guest experiences increased
    loyalty. With this system, you will get an
    instant ROI as it will let you get quick returns
    on your investment.

  • We are a specialized Hotel Booking System company
    that provides hotel booking system software at a
    very affordable price. We provide flawless
    service of hotel booking by providing a
    well-designed hotel booking software. Our online
    hotel booking system provides integrated hotel
    reservation software to the clients worldwide.
  • It also offers travel companies, travel agencies,
    and hospitality businesses to manage their online
    booking of hotel excellent. Our simple and highly
    advanced online hotel booking engine that lets
    your users book their accommodation without
    leaving your website.
  • Our hotel booking engine provides a user-friendly
    display for users to search room availability and
    book reservations at your property.
  • Our solution not only simplifies web-based
    reservation and guest management for your
    property but also enables you to have details of
    the revenue generated. With our hotel booking
    engine, we help you to reduce your dependence on
    third-party software.

  • It will enable you to have control of your brand,
    your prices, your inventory, and your customers.
    Our fully-featured online booking engine offers a
    lot more in terms of language support, reviews,
    mapping and routing, social media integration and
    a stand-alone dashboard for online hotel
  • All together make our solution a complete online
    hotel booking software. It's fully developed for
    single property independents, multi-property
    groups, and large hotel brands. It suits all your
    hotel booking needs.
  • FlightsLogic offers one of the most powerful
    hotels booking platforms on the market with a
    wide range of functionalities to help you manage
    and sell hotel rooms online. With our hotel
    booking system, your business can become a
    one-stop-shop for hotel bookings, generating
    revenue for you 24/7.
  • Our hotel reservation system allows you to
    aggregate hotel inventory from multiple sources
    to offer your customers the best possible rates,
    including your direct contracts (negotiated
    rates), bed banks, as well as channel managers.

  • It allows your hotel inventory to be booked using
    real-time rates and availability by retail
    customers, B2B sub-agents/ affiliates, OTAs and
    any other channels you work with. Our cloud-based
    software allows customers to make bookings
    directly from your website, thereby increasing
    your hotel revenue.
  • Our booking engine customizes your website
    according to your requirements. Payments can be
    made and collected directly online at the time of
    making a booking or making part payments as per
    your flexibility. Payments can be made safely
    using and secure payment gateway.
  • Bookings can be made from any device and from
    anywhere, hence having a mobile suitable website
    is a must. Our booking system is highly
    customizable and compatible with various website
    types. A user-friendly web-based hotel
    reservation system can help you increase your
    hotel room bookings online to a great extent.
  • Our hotel reservation system provides a complete
    room booking system to provide hotel managers
    with an easy way to manage reservations and
    booking availability.

  • Our cutting-edge hotel booking engine solution
    enables travel agencies, tour operators, and
    travel companies to make reservations, manage
    accommodations and accept online payments on a
    single platform. We develop tailor-made hotel
    booking solutions for hoteliers, travel agencies,
    tour operators and travel management companies.
  • Our online hotel booking solution is best capable
    of Individual hotels and groups with a chain of
    hotels. This is a perfect solution for hoteliers
    with a single hotel or chain of hotels, tour
    operators and for agents who want to have their
    own booking system and build their own hotel
    network using our customizable booking solutions.
  • With our booking solution, you can also establish
    your own hotel network by adding any number of
    hotels countries and agents. Developing your own
    hotel network can help you to create your own
    base in the hotel industry.
  • If you have a unique hotel or group of hotels
    then our booking solution is the easiest way to
    attract visitors to your website by allowing them
    to book hotel rooms from your website. Customers
    can view your hotels, rooms detail, Room gallery,
    terms conditions and price to book online.

  • It helps you to create fresh sales channels and
    maximize your occupancy rate. It will improve
    your online visibility and thereby help in
    boosting the revenues. We use modern technology
    flexible plans to create the best hotel booking
    software for you.
  • Our Hotel Booking System is a complete worldwide
    based solution for hotel booking, car booking,
    flight ticket booking easy to access for user and
    travel agency and you can book easily through to
    the software, the user can book any place any
    need for services.
  • Our Hotel Booking System incorporates all the
    required tools such as accommodation booking
    Travel Agency inspections in one 'Real Time'
    software solution plus being multi-lingual and
    multi-currency. Hotel Booking System eliminates
    the need to purchase multiple software packages
    that combined do not reach the overall
    functionality and productivity of the Hotel
    Booking System.
  • Our hotel booking engine is a powerful system
    with more features, greater flexibility and
    greater ease of use than anything else on the

  • More and more users are booking reservations
    directly with hotels due to phenomena such as the
    billboard effect. It is, therefore, becoming
    essential for hotels to have their own online
    booking engine integrated with their website,
    instead of relying solely on third-party booking
  • We provide an API integrated solution which is
    the way to provide error-free bookings for the
    hotel room for tourists. This technical solution
    is able to provide online reservations to the
    users so that by making it possible for them to
    not to go to the agents physically for the
    process of reservation.
  • With our hotel booking engine, simplify your
    guest booking processes and create a strong
    positive impression that lasts for long.
  • As a leading Hotel Booking Engine provider, we
    understand the importance of getting direct
    online bookings to your business. Our foremost
    aim is to provide the most cost-effective and
    user-friendly hotel booking system loaded with
    features that will certainly boost your business

  • With our hotel booking engine software, you get
    valuable insight into your business with the help
    of a dashboard of analytics that will help you
    plan offers for your guests.
  • Our latest technology helps you to get faster
    results. Our hotel booking is suited for those
    who want faster results and affordable prices.
    Our flexible hotel booking system allows you to
    arrange your properties either as one or as
    separate locations, which means you can manage
    reservations and online information for multiple
    hotel locations from one easy to use the system.
  • Our hotel booking engine is designed to automate
    processes and reduce the time and effort required
    to research and complete a hotel booking. It
    includes links to media files rich content to
    help with selecting the right hotel property
    during the shopping process.
  • Our hotel booking engine provides a seamless
    online experience by customizing the headers,
    footers and style sheets based on a client's
    specific branding. Our Hotel Booking Engine uses
    innovative technology that enhances user
    experience by optimizing the display and layout
    for the user device and screen size.

  • Features of Our Hotel Booking System
  • Search adding markup
  • Option to search by different room types and
    number of passengers
  • Modify search from the hotel list page
  • Display contracted hotels of the system
  • Driving direction facility showing the location
    of the hotel on voucher
  • Create sub-agents sub-users
  • Auto cancellation of confirmed bookings once it
    reaches the deadline
  • Facility for agents to directly voucher the
    booking using a payment gateway
  • Option to send a request to cancel bookings
    coming under the cancellation period

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