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Title: World’s Most Promising Branding Agencies in Middle East, 2024

Vol. 01 Issue 03 January 2024
World's Most
Dina Abdel Fattah CEO
BRANDING Agencies in Middle East, 2024
Nermine Abdel Fattah Managing Director
Elevating Brand Messages in the MENA Region
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World's Most Promising Branding Agencies in
Middle East, 2024
Creating a Global Identity
Top-notch branding, marketing, and graphic design
services are always provided by a competent
design agency to assist your company stand out
from the competitors. A design agency may assist
you in developing a recognizable and memorable
brand by o?ering a single vision and message.
degree communication services, fostering enduring
partnerships that deliver signi?cant value to
their clients. The inspiration behind Exlnt
Communications emerged from Dina's admiration
for the incredible talents she observed in her
homeland. Witnessing remarkable achievements
despite modest PR strategies to build public
image, Dina felt compelled to contribute. She
aimed to establish a PR agency that o?ered
strategic communication counsel, elevated brand
awareness, and managed public images to
spotlight the journeys and accomplishments of
these inspiring brands. This vision propelled
Exlnt Communications to become a leading PR
company, dedicated to crafting brand messages
that e?ectively reach their intended
audience. Also, while you ?ip through the pages,
don't forget to read the articles created by our
in-house editorial sta? and industry experts.
Working with leading branding ?rms can provide
you the advantage you need to stand out from the
competition in the ever-changing business
environment. In addition to helping to set your
company apart from the competition, a strong
brand identity also fosters credibility and trust
within your target market.
Strong and successful marketing materials,
including brochures, social media accounts,
websites, and packaging designs, can be made
with the aid of a ?rst- rate branding ?rm.
In this edition World's Most Promising Branding
Agencies in Middle East, 2024, World's Leaders
features leading branding agencies which help
businesses to develop and execute successful
marketing campaigns to attract new customers and
drive revenue growth. The cover has Exlnt
Communications, formerly known as Excellent
Communications DN, was founded in 2003 by the
dynamic duo, Dina and Nermine Abdel Fattah. The
two sisters, leveraging their combined
resources, networks, and expertise acquired over
two decades, embarked on a mission to provide
comprehensive communication services. Their
vision was clear to merge exceptional expertise
with 360-
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Elevating Brand Messages in the MENA Region
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PR Doctor
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Z7 Communications
Elevating Brand Messages in the MENA Region
08 January 2024
Cover Story 09
Exlnt Communications, formerly Excellent
Communications DN, was founded in 2003 by the
dynamic duo Dina Abdel Fattah and Nermine Abdel
Fattah. The two sisters, leveraging their
combined resources, networks, and expertise
acquired over two decades, embarked on a mission
to provide comprehensive communication services.
Their vision was clear To merge exceptional
expertise with 360-degree communication
services, fostering enduring partnerships that
deliver signi?cant value to their clients.
A Comprehensive Suite of Services
Exlnt Communications stands as the communication
partner of choice for numerous brands covering a
wide array of industries. With a rich portfolio
that includes banking, real estate, FMCGs,
information technology, telecommunications,
retail, e-commerce, consumer electronics,
industrial processes and manufacturing, energy,
medical technology, automotive, tourism, and
travel, Exlnt has become a pivotal force in
orchestrating PR strategies for over 20 years.
Dina and Nermine emphasise that Exlnt
Communication's 360-degree product o?erings
cater to diverse business models and sectors. The
agency provides a comprehensive suite of
services, including Public and Government
Relations, Advertising and BTL (Below the Line),
Branding, Reporting, Digital Marketing, and Media
Buying. This holistic approach forms a
360-degree marketing strategy for each campaign,
ensuring that clients' brands stand out and leave
a lasting impact on their target audience.
The inspiration behind Exlnt Communications
emerged from Nermine and Dina's admiration for
the incredible talents she observed in her
homeland. After witnessing remarkable
achievements despite modest PR strategies to
build a public image, they felt compelled to
contribute. They aimed to establish a PR agency
that o?ered strategic communication counsel,
elevated brand awareness and managed public
photos to spotlight the journeys and
accomplishments of these inspiring brands. This
vision propelled Exlnt Communications to become
a leading PR company dedicated to crafting brand
messages that e?ectively reach their intended
The agency's esteemed partners include notable
entities such as Amwal Al Ghad Magazine (a
leading economic magazine), Top 50 Women Forum
(a platform for showcasing women's achievements
Over the past decade, Exlnt has been a catalyst
for transforming corporate communications and
successfully handling over 100 projects spanning
diverse business sectors. In 2020, Exlnt
Communications achieved a signi?cant milestone
by becoming part of United Media Services (UMS),
the largest media conglomerate in the MENA
region. This strategic move further solidi?ed
its position in the industry, opening new
avenues for growth and collaboration. 10
January 2024
11 11
12 January 2024
empowering them), Banque Misr, Housing and
Developing Bank, Cityscape Egypt, Egypt Energy
Show (EGYPES) formerly known as Egypt
Petroleum Show (EGYPS), Telecom Egypt, Banque du
Caire, Africa Health ExCon, Egyptian Red
Crescent, and many more. This impressive roster
re?ects Exlnt Communications' expertise in
serving diverse clients and industries.
commitment to supporting clients necessitated the
establishment of an agency grounded in passion
and steadfast determination. Financial obstacles
became a formidable barrier, especially for two
women unwilling to compromise on certain
principles. However, the journey is incredibly
ful?lling, marked by hard-earned rewards
attained through their unwavering dedication.
Passion and Determination
Despite the di?culties, they see their journey as
an opportunity to establish a PR empire. The
signi?cant business ?gures introduced, the
networks built, and the impactful success
stories of esteemed clients contribute to a
profoundly rewarding professional odyssey.
Through their unique perspective and steadfast
commitment, they have not only faced challenges
head-on but also carved out a distinctive path
for themselves in the competitive landscape of
the media industry.
Dina and Nermine's journey in the media industry
spans three decades and is characterised by
signi?cant challenges, invaluable lessons, and
remarkable achievements. Starting a PR agency
from scratch and sustaining it in a ?ercely
competitive market demanded a relentless spirit,
unwavering passion, and resilience.
In an industry where measurable success is
crucial, devising PR strategies and promoting
brands across diverse platforms posed signi?cant
challenges. Their
Driving Change
Dina and Nermine initiated the launch of the
Forum in 2015 with the target of connecting
women leaders across diverse professional
sectors. The primary goal was to foster support
among women and collectively advance women's
leadership while advocating for equality on a
national scale. They envisioned the Forum as a
community for female mentorship and inspiration,
emphasising the importance of women supporting
each other in overcoming challenges and
promoting gender equality. They believe
achieving a gender-equal environment requires
women to be more aware, supportive, and
empowered. The Forum serves as a platform to
empower, support, and highlight the contributions
of women professionals in various sectors within
Egyptian society and the economy. The ultimate
objective is to leverage the power of
professional women's voices and perspectives to
drive forward-thinking economic and 13
policy initiatives, ultimately contributing to
more impactful societal change.
shown great success with over 50 clients. In
addition, his qualities have impacted her,
shaping her values and guiding her in various
aspects of life, which led her to become
ambitious towards communication tools, creating
an honest and valued word of mouth within the
Marketing and PR ?eld.
A Personal Snippet About the CEO and MD Dina's
passion is towards writing and analytical
skills, with over thirty years of experience in
the media industry. Dina has used all her
creativity and passion towards public relations
Closing the Gap
marketing of several Egyptian and international
Dina and Nermine's vision of women's
organisations and companies over the last twenty
empowerment centres around ensuring that years.
She contributed signi?cantly to women and men
enjoy equal rights and developing strategies and
crisis management, as opportunities to contribute
signi?cantly to well as the training and
positioning of executives people, communities,
and the economy. They to understand and
e?ectively utilise the power of address the
global issue of women under- the media
industry. represented in leadership positions
across various sectors, including the corporate
Nermine's ambition came from following her world,
academia, law, ?nance, science, father's
footsteps, as he taught and guided
her technology, media, health, and the creative
with his kindness, determination, trading, arts.
On top of that, women often receive a
communication with clients and patience.
This fraction of venture capital compared to
male- resulted in letting Nermine focus on
hitting the led enterprises. Egyptian market with
the ?rst PR agency in 2003 with the support of
her sister Dina, she has 14 January 2024
highlights the importance of collective e?orts
and the collaboration between private and
public entities to drive positive change for
women's empowerment.
deeply embedded in the local and regional media
landscapes. They anticipate signi?cant growth in
the agency's team, visualising it as a
powerhouse of creative minds challenging the
status quo with innovative ideas and creative
In their quest to address these disparities and
make a meaningful change, they plan to
collaborate with the Egyptian state. With
governmental support, they aim to implement
initiatives and policies that foster gender
equality, create opportunities for women to
excel in their respective ?elds, and contribute
to closing the gender gap in various sectors of
society. Their approach
Shaping Perspectives
In the next decade, Nermine and Dina envision
Exlnt Communications evolving beyond being a PR
agency, aspiring to become a PR empire
Their vision includes expanding the agency's
capacity to become the go- to destination for
creative media excellence. The agency will
provide sound communications advice, enhance
brand awareness, and manage public images to
spotlight brands' journeys and foster brand
In November 2022, Exlnt Communications took a
signi?cant step by joining the Race to Zero
Campaign, making it the ?rst PR agency in Egypt
and the Middle East to participate in the
UN-backed global initiative. The agency plans to
continue developing decarbonisation strategies
to reduce emissions, making it a primary
operational goal and a key element in mitigating
climate change challenges. Additionally, Exlnt
Communications intends to launch media campaigns
to raise public awareness, thus understanding
the e?ects of climate change and encouraging
behavioural change and societal support for
actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 15
16 January 2024
17 17
Presently, Bermuda-born and London-raised
Atteline, a PR ?rm with o?ces in Dubai and
Manila, is owned and managed by Sophie Simpson.
Simpson received his education at Central Saint
Martins College of Art and Design in the UK.
Ever since entering the job as a recent
graduate, he has been intensely immersed in the
fashion industry. Simpson began her
professional career in London as a Junior
Fashion Editor for Vogue. She then joined Style
Magazine (The Times Newspaper) and switched from
journalism to public relations. Simpson's career
in public relations began with Lee Publicity in
the UK, and she then worked thrilling "in-house"
hours for prestigious international lingerie
brand La Perla while commuting back and forth
between London and Milan, Italy. In 2013,
Simpson followed the appeal of the Middle East
and relocated to Dubai to serve as an Account
Director in the region's burgeoning agency
scene. After serving an exceptional clientele
for several years in the UAE, Simpson moved on
to start Atteline in 2016 with the goal of
revolutionizing the market by creating a new
standard for quality and specialization. Those
included, in Simpson's words, "developing
long-term relationships, focusing on fruitful
partnerships, ensuring each client has a
dedicated and focused team, driving
collaboration between clients and strategic
partners, and ensuring that what we do means
something to the consumer. Simpson has learned
that leadership consists of two components as a
result of her extensive experience working with
and leading busy yet highly productive teams.
"Local leadership is about inspiring,
encouraging, and pushing others around you to be
better," she adds. "At a high level, leading is
taking a thought and accelerating it
forward. Partners have praised Simpson for being
"empathetic, thoughtful, ?exible, and driven,"
so it should come as no surprise that she has
cultivated a devoted team that aspires to share
her vision for lifelong learning, growth, and
work of unrivaled quality.
18 January 2024
Sophie Simpson Managing Director Founder of
About the Company
Award-winning consumer and business PR ?rm
Atteline has been dedicated to quality since
2016. The challenge of launching exciting new
possibilities for its clients and the sectors
they represent excites the business. The team
works together with people who share its goal to
push today's boundaries toward tomorrow's
unrestricted frontiers. The group is of the
opinion that in order to produce outstanding
outcomes, one must ?rst create the groundwork
for success by maintaining a ?rm commitment to
our fundamental principles of respect, diversity,
integrity, and innovation. 19
Corey duBrowa CEO
About the Company
A unique form of communications ?rm is BCW.
Globally, the effort inspires change, shapes
culture, and creates professions in addition to
producing outcomes. The staff at BCW has one very
straightforward objective to advance humanity.
The team takes great delight in developing the
concepts that inspire people all across the
world, even though they are aware that they are
only one business. BCW is aware that a single
concept has the power to change the course of
history. Because of this, it has made it a point
to create ones that are both strong and
surprising. Each and every day. In a world that
is evolving, BCW is rede?ning what earned media
means. Since the business delivers a widening
range of skills via an Earned-Plus lens, it
grows along with the demands of its clients.
20 January 2024
Corey duBrowa is the CEO of BCW, one of the
biggest communications ?rms in the world with
over 4,000 employees worldwide. Corey is also in
charge of AxiCom, a technology-focused PR ?rm,
Direct Impact, a grassroots and advocacy
organization, GCI Health, a global healthcare
integrated communications ?rm, HZ, an integrated
creative ?rm, and Prime Policy Group, a public
a?airs and policy consultancy. He participates in
the WPP Executive Committee as well. Corey
spent ?ve years as the Vice President of Global
Communications and Public A?airs at Google and
Alphabet before to joining BCW in August 2023.
Prior to that, he served as Salesforce's
Executive Vice President and Chief
Communications O?cer for seven years, and before
that, he was Senior Vice President of Global
Communications at Starbucks. He started his
career in employee communications at Nike and
has substantial agency expertise from his time
at Waggener Edstrom and Ketchum Public Relations.
Six SABREs, four PRWeek Global Awards, three
PRSA Silver Anvils, and other industry honors
have been given to him over the past 25 years.
He has also been inducted into the PR News Hall
of Fame. He presently holds trusteeships on the
boards of the PR Museum and the University of
Oregon Foundation. He served as a trustee for
the Arthur W. Page Society for ?ve years and was
a founding member of the Board of Advisors of
the USC Annenberg School. Over the course of two
decades, Corey covered music for many
publications, including Rolling Stone and GQ,
earning more than a thousand bylines. 21
22 January 2024
23 23
24 January 2024
25 25
Take note, cause
clogs are everywhere
visit us for more information
305-455-2600 Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm EST.
She is the MOMENT
305-455-2600 Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm EST. visit
us for more information
About tHE ComPAny
Strategic advice and original thought are
provided by MSL, a leading worldwide partner in
integrated communications and public relations.
Through courageous and perceptive campaigns that
incorporate many viewpoints and holistic thinking
to foster in?uence and produce e?ect, the
organization advocates the interests of its
clients. The MSL is a multi-part network. It
unites as a formidable force in its sector, for
its customers, and in its contributions to the
globe. MSL is an organization that was developed
via mergers and acquisitions our business is
dynamic yet constantly connected. It is
unafraid, perceptive, enthusiastic, inventive,
dynamic, and responsible. The brand stands out
from the competition due to its capacity to
generate e?ect and establish in?uence via the
accomplishment of desired results for customers.
28 January 2024
MSL (GlobAl)
The strategic communications ?rm MSL Middle East
has appointed MacLean Brodie as its chief
executive o?cer. In his position, MacLean is in
charge of managing client business and fostering
expansion for MSL Middle East. He works on
developing talent, fostering innovation, and
enhancing MSL's presence and earned media
capabilities in regional key growth areas,
drawing on the Groupe's "Power of One" strength.
Previously, he oversaw clients like the Qatar
Tourism Authority, beIN Media Group, the
Ministry of Transport and Communication (TASMU
Qatar), Hamad International Airport, Sasol, and
Doha Forum while leading the Corporate and
Public A?airs work for Ogilvy across the MENA
issues. He also played a key role in the
establishment of Dubai Week in China. Additional
client engagements include expertise in mining
with Teck Resources and Rio Tinto, health
innovation with JJ and Janssen Pharmaceuticals,
destination branding with the city of Chengdu,
and development work with the World Bank in
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Prior to that, MacLean spent more than 10 years
living in China, where he led the Public and
Government A?airs department at Ogilvy China and
established a solid reputation in the ?elds of
communications strategy, campaign planning,
crisis management, state/location branding, and
market entrance initiatives. While in China, he
collaborated closely with Emirates Airlines to
advance their goals in aviation and aeropolitical
Over the course of her more than 15-year career
in communications, MacLean has held prominent
positions across Asia and the Middle East. He
joins MSL from his present position as Head of
Public A?airs at the Qatar Foundation, where he
has worked for many years as a strategic
communications adviser. 29
Founder Managing Director Orient Planet
Group The Orient Planet Group's founder and
managing director is Nidal Abou Zaki. He founded
the business in 2000, not long after leaving his
position as Corporate Communications Manager of
the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), one of the
busiest trade hubs in the world. He is a
journalist, published author, columnist, and
widely renowned thought leader in management
consulting. Nidal holds a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration with a concentration in
Marketing from Lebanese American University
(LAU), where he graduated on the Dean's list. He
has also undergone many Total Quality Management
(TQM) training courses. He still contributes
editorials to the prestigious Arab newspapers Al
Bayan and others in the area. 30 January 2024
Planet Group
About the Company
An award-winning ?rm with its main o?ce in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Orient Planet PR
and Marketing Communications works with some of
the most illustrious companies in the Arabian
Gulf, the Levant, and North Africa. Conglomerates,
family enterprises, international corporations,
governmental agencies, SMEs, and non-pro?t
organizations are just a few of its
clientele. The business has a multiracial sta?
that can manage communications campaigns for
national, regional, and worldwide customers
looking to engage the public and the media in
Arabic, English, and French. In order to secure
coverage and a wider audience, it upholds a
distinctive type of PR practice where quality
and value of the communications are prioritized.
The group also has a well- established client
and media relations sta? that continuously
supports ?rms with their communication
requirements during events, product launches,
branding, reputation management, and crisis
communications, to mention a few. The global
marketing and communications ?rm
AllisonPartners, which operates in 34 markets
globally, has an a?liate in the Middle East
called Orient Planet Group.
More than 60 specialists from di?erent cultures
and countries work at the Orient Planet Group's
main o?ce in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The
company is made up of a group of business
strategists and communicators, public relations
consultants and account managers, editors and
writers ?uent in Arabic and English, artists and
multimedia producers, social media
professionals, media researchers, and media
relations specialists. In-depth and thorough
coverage of key markets and industry
developments that have an in?uence on the Arab
Gulf and Middle Eastern nations is necessary.
Orient Planet Research o?ers current macro-level
research and insightful analysis of industry
trends in particular nations. To deliver
high-quality research and analysis in industries
serving the Arabian Gulf, Levant, and North
Africa, it draws on a vast network of
professionals and specialists in important
domains. The information economy in the Arab
world, renewable energy, the rise of startups,
social media, road infrastructure, social
housing, private equity, family companies, and
tourist attractions are just a few of the major
topics covered by OPR. 31
PR Doctor
Valeria Mingova CEO
32 January 2024
CEO of the PR ?rm PR Doctor, Valeria Mingova.
Professional with more than 16 years of
experience managing reputations in the greatest
banks, including Rigensis Bank in Latvia, Nomos
Bank in Russia and England, and Openbank in
Russia, as well as in ?nancial companies
and governmental authorities in Russia and
Argentina. Over the course of ?ve years,
Valeria's agency has secured more than 50
million in investments for clients while
producing more than 100,000 articles about its
clients in 11 di?erent languages.
  • Arabia,
  • Marketing Agencies in UAE,
  • Financial Services Marketing Agencies in Saudi
  • PR and marketing Agencies in Singapore
  • IT Marketing Agencies in Estonia
  • Marketing Agencies in Bulgaria

Valeria is always willing to work with the media,
give speeches, and serve as a mentor. She also
oversees masterminds for building personal
brands. She says, "I'm always pleased to hear
from professionals, and you can reach me on
Telegram at _at_valeriamingova. Additionally, you
may reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn.
According to Agency Vista, Valeria's company
ranks 15 in the following categories
  • Marketing Agencies in Saudi Arabia,
  • Events Services Marketing Agencies in UAE,
  • Events Services Marketing Agencies in Saudi

About the Company
The top-tier rankings PR Doctor received in
Agency Vista's assessments serve as a testament
to Valeria's profound in?uence. Her agency is a
shining example of excellence and innovation in
the ?eld of public relations and marketing,
holding enviable positions across a broad
spectrum of categories, including Marketing
Agencies in Saudi Arabia, Events Services
Marketing Agencies in both the UAE and Saudi
Arabia, Marketing Agencies in the UAE, Financial
Services Marketing Agencies in Saudi Arabia, PR
and Marketing Agencies in Singapore, IT Marketing
Agencies in Estonia, and Marketing Agencies in
Bulgaria. Valeria has been running her own
company for ?ve years, during which time her
visionary leadership has guided her team to
outstanding successes. Her talented team's
coordinated efforts resulted in more than 100,000
publications featuring the clients of her
agency. The signi?cant ?nancial development under
her management is even more impressive thanks
to the efforts of her agency, her renowned
customers have been able to secure assets
totalling more than 50 million. 33
The Channel
A Female Entrepreneur Rede?ning Boundaries in
the Advertising Industry
34 January 2024
Hala Tfayli Founder CEO The Channel MENA 35
From Research to Retail Hala embarked on her
professional journey as a research analyst at
Zawya Reuters, a role that provided her with
invaluable exposure to the research sector.
Recognizing the signi?cance of research in
shaping e?ective strategies and business plans,
she developed a strong foundation in this
?eld. Seeking to broaden her horizons, Hala
transitioned to Alshaya, the leading retailer in
the Middle East. This opportunity allowed her to
acquire fundamental knowledge and insights into
the retail industry. Immersed in this dynamic
environment, she gained a comprehensive
understanding of the essentials of retail
operations. Driven by her passion for exploring
new avenues, Hala then ventured into the
professional services realm, joining SSH, a
prominent architecture and engineering
consultancy. In this role, she took on the
challenge of establishing and nurturing the
marketing department to support the regional
expansion initiatives of a newly appointed
international team. These experiences proved to
be transformative for her, shaping her into the
capable individual she is today. Throughout her
career, Hala consistently demonstrated a keen
interest in sales and business development. She
relished the art of negotiation and took
pleasure in fostering connections and bridging
gaps between di?erent stakeholders. These skills
and interests have been an integral part of her
professional growth. 36 January 2024
Driving Growth and Innovation The Channel MENA,
a boutique advertising and marketing agency,
?rst originated in Beirut back in 2018 and has
since expanded its operations to Kuwait and more
recently, KSA. Despite being a relatively young
agency, it adopted a ?exible and remote business
model ahead of its time, recognizing the
e?ectiveness of such an approach. This foresight
proven immensely bene?cial for the agency. With
a strong creative foundation, The Channel MENA
consistently provides strategic insights and
input for every creative brief, demonstrating a
deep understanding of our clients' commercial
needs. As a result, the agency has garnered a
reputation for being one of the fastest-growing
agencies in Kuwait today.
Empowering Excellence Hala emphasizes to her
team that her primary responsibility is to
ensure they have the necessary tools and support
to excel in their roles. She believes that
enabling individuals to perform at their best
involves two key elements building e?ective
teams and establishing e?cient
processes. Building teams involves assembling a
group of talented individuals with the right
skills and expertise. It is crucial to create a
cohesive and collaborative environment where
team members can contribute their unique
strengths and work together towards common
goals. By nurturing a strong team dynamic, Hala
ensures that each member can perform optimally
and complement each other's abilities.
Establishing e?cient processes is equally
important. By implementing streamlined work?ows
and standardized procedures, Hala ensures that
tasks are executed smoothly and consistently.
This allows for greater productivity and
e?ectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.
However, Hala recognizes that these processes
are not static. With each new wave of growth or
opportunity, there is a need to attract more
talent and revise existing processes to
accommodate the evolving needs of the
agency. Hala remains vigilant in keeping up with
new technologies and solutions that can enhance
the agency's capabilities. This requires
regularly reassessing the team and the processes
in place to ensure they are aligned with the
latest advancements. Adapting to change and
embracing innovation is essential for sustained
growth and success. 37
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40 January 2024
41 41
42 January 2024
43 43
Zeina El-Dana Founder CEO Z7 Communications
44 January 2024
Leading premium brand, communications, digital,
and events agency in the Middle East, Z7
Communications provides specialized,
cutting-edge, and integrated solutions for
cutting-edge companies in fashion, beauty, ?ne
jewelry, lifestyle, and hospitality. The
business has a highly skilled, competent,
enthusiastic, and globally aware crew that is
entirely devoted to providing top-notch services
to the agency's exclusive clientele. Z7
Communications, which has over 10 years of
expertise, works with businesses as an extension
of their internal team and delivers a customized
and personalized 360-degrees strategy. Strategic
consulting, communications strategy, press o?ce
operations, market insights, in?uencer
management, social media and digital strategy,
events and experiences, guest list management,
and showroom management are among the wide
variety of services o?ered.
Z7 Communications gives premium companies'
unique experience ideas life. Through amazing
events, we foster deep alliances, build digital
platforms, and produce outstanding content for
businesses. With comprehensive end-to-end
production, concept design, and event
management, the organization maintains brand
connections with audiences through distinctive
experiences thanks to its natural understanding
of the premium market, local press, and
consumers. Aside from venue selection,
invitation design, food, entertainment, and
integrated branding, Z7 Communications' expert
event producers, designers, and project managers
have extensive worldwide experience in creative
innovation and bespoke production.
In 2007, Zeina El-Dana started Z7 Communications
after gaining years of priceless expertise in
the Middle Eastern PR and events industries. In
less than ten years, she and her team, led by her
entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the
business, transformed the boutique agency into
one of the top luxury PR firms in the area by
securing notable clients from the luxury fashion,
beauty, lifestyle, and hospitality industries.
Z7's extensive network of media and in?uencer
relationships, together with its creative and
strategic consulting services, have helped the
ever- expanding portfolio of companies build a
strong name and presence in the area. Zeina is
leading Z7 as it approaches its second decade,
expanding the company's worldwide talent pool
and bringing a new group of international
partners to the Middle East from custom
headquarters in Dubai's Design District. 45
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