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Best App Development Services in Australia


Code Heroes provides top-tier app development in Australia. Our experts combine innovation and experience to create user-friendly mobile applications. Our innovative techniques will assist you in enhancing your digital presence and redefining user experiences. Code Heroes is where your app ideas can come to life. To learn more about us, visit or call +61 739111213. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best App Development Services in Australia

Best App Development Services in Australia
App Development Brisbane
Our team of specialists collaborates with you,
our clients, to create user-centric custom-built
apps that increase value for your customers while
enabling digital transformation for your
We Discussed This Topic
  • What we do
  • Services
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Who we are
  • About us
  • Our Team
  • Careers

About Us
We Are Code Heroes
We are a team of motivated and dependable
individuals with a diverse set of skills and
experience who expertly deliver custom software
applications. The Code Heroes team has extensive
experience with design, development, and product
strategy. We are experts in best-practice mobile
technologies, and our passion is working with
clients to deliver high-quality products that
will stand the test of time. Our process is
entirely agile we consistently deliver working
software in short iterations, with a focus on
rapid and frequent end-user testing and
subsequent optimisation based on user feedback.
Brendt Sheen, the CEO and founder of Code Heroes,
started the company in Brisbane. Brendt
recognized the potential of the mobile landscape
after the Apple App Store launched in 2008, which
prompted him to delve deeply into mobile
technology. Intrigued by the rapid advancements,
he quickly advanced from a web development
background to a mobile software expert. Code
Heroes was founded in 2011 to meet the demands of
the growing mobile industry, with a focus on
developing native mobile applications for Android
(Java) and iOS (Objective-C). Brendt's enthusiasm
for pocket-sized computing laid the groundwork
for the company's expertise in the rapidly
changing world of mobile development.
At Code Heroes, our team - our people - are
acknowledged as the key to maximising value for
you, our clients. With a varied and honed set of
skills and decades of experience under our belts,
you can be confident that your product vision and
investment are in the right hands. While we are a
virtual workforce, we are all based on the
Australian east coast, so we regularly enjoy each
others company at face-to-face client meetings
and team-building activities. We are a genuinely
happy and cohesive team, each person valued and a
master of their craft. Collectively, the Code
Heroes team are unbeatable. Find out more about
our expertise and service offerings.
Working at Code Heroes
We're always looking for talented, awesome people
to join our team.
The success of any software development project
comes down to three factors - People,
Technology and Process
At Code Heroes, we believe in the power of
collaboration, technology, and process. Our
meticulous hiring process ensures top talent
while preventing costly mistakes. Contact us to
discuss opportunities.
Our Values
  • Excellence
  • Pioneering
  • Expertise
  • Improvement

What We Do
  • Services
  • Process
  • Technology

We Discuss Our Process
Planning iteration
Feature iterations
Ongoing support
We Make Our Apps Extraordinary
Our software development process is proudly
agile. We continually deliver working software in
tight iterations, requiring feedback from your
team every Iteration. The insights gathered guide
future work, ensuring we are continually meeting
the needs of you, your app, and your users. This
approach has proven to deliver valuable products
within Code Heroes, which means you get your
hands on your app faster and make your users
Planning Iteration
During the first Planning Iteration, we work with
you to reach a deep understanding of your
business and your app's users, to lay a solid
foundation for design and development to build on.
Planning Iterations can include
  • Discovery workshops and strategy sessions
  • Market analysis and background research
  • Design research (user interviews, surveys and
    research into your end-users needs and goals)
  • Process mapping and modelling
  • Goal setting and requirement prioritisation
  • UX/UI design
  • Wireframing

Feature Iterations
During Feature Iterations, we are actively
developing and adding features to your app. While
the core component of this phase is development,
the services provided vary depending on your
project's needs.
Feature Iterations can include
  • Reviewing and implementing user feedback
  • Design (UX design, UI Design, UI wire-framing, UI
    mockups, user journey mapping)
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing

Releasing your product to production often helps
to maximise the realisation of value, as software
products only realise value when in the hands of
You can expect
  • A release of new features and enhancements to
    production every two weeks
  • Change in your processes to approve releases to
    facilitate regular go-live of new versions to

Ongoing Support
Support commences when your app goes live. In
Support, we work to keep your app running
smoothly and performing for your users.
Ongoing Support can include
  • Feature enhancements and bug fixing to existing
  • iOS Android operating system upgrades
  • Hosting monitoring, management and (AWS) fees
  • Live bug and error reporting
  • Monitor user behaviour via analytics
  • Any necessary training

We Discuss Our Technology
Software application
Backend services
Integration with other business systems
Third-party systems
The Technology that Makes Our Hearts Flutter
The Code Heroes team are experts in delivering
bespoke, highly complex, enterprise-grade
software. Typically, product delivery means we
will build a complete, end-to-end solution.
Leveraging best practice mobile technologies -
along with our teams expertise and intelligence
- we make considered and informed choices when it
comes to our technology stack to ensure our
development work is current, best-in-class and
geared towards maximising production value for
Why is Flutter the Best Choice for your App?
Using Flutter means we can build on iOS and
Android simultaneously, without sacrificing
features, quality, or performance. Organisations
all around the world are building their business
tools with Flutter.
Flutter The Best Choice
  • Reduced development time
  • Improved app performance
  • Dynamic app development
  • Beautiful look feel
  • Less testing time
  • Older devices supported

We Discuss Our Services
Software application
Backend services
Integration with other business systems
Third-party systems
App Design and Development Services
Expert-led design and development
The team at Code Heroes are mobile experts, and
our services support all phases of the software
development lifecycle - from discovery and
research, through design and development, and to
release and support. Typically, product delivery
means we will build a complete, end-to-end
While mobile (iOS and Android) apps are our bread
and butter, we can build - and have built - many
types of software applications, including desktop
and web apps, games and even robotics.
How Our Services Support Your Project
Product planning
Product UX
  • Backend development
  • Production support

Software development
UI design
How we work with you
Our Services
App development
Mobile app development
iOS app development
Android app development
AI app development
Digital Identity development
Flutter development
Contact Us
61 739111213
477 Boundary St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia
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