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Hotel Booking Engine API


FlightsLogic provides Hotel Booking Engine API, Hotel Search API, Hotel Booking App, Hotel Aggregator API to global travel agencies and tour operators. For more details, Pls visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Booking Engine API

Hotel Booking Engine API
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  • Accelerate Your Hotel Booking Engine API
  • FlightsLogic is the leading travel portal
    development company providing hassle-free Hotel
    Booking Engine API to the travel agents and tour
  • We aim to increase profit margins and
    user-friendly software systems for the suppliers,
    travel agents find it quite beneficial to launch
    consumer sales on their website using web-based
    booking engine coordinated with their CRS booking
  • Our Hotel Booking Engine API aggregates all the
    hotel contents into one single API system from
    the international hotel suppliers, hotel chains,
    hotel consolidators, Online Travel Agents (OTAs),
    and the rest independent hotels.

  • Our Hotel Booking Engine and technical API
    documentation have been built for the easiness of
    use and access for our clients.
  • FlightsLogic Hotel Booking Engine API provides a
    complete structure of the hotel by highlighting
    the images of room types, descriptions of
    facilities and ancillaries of over 500,000
    properties from the international market.
  • Our Booking Engine provides the ease of search
    from the lower and affordable prices for the
    clients that help to maintain comfort and avoid
    complications in Hotel booking.

  • We Create Customized B2B And B2C Hotel Booking
  • We are providing a full facilitated Hotel Booking
    Engine API with Automated Booking, Commission and
    reporting, which controls every booking,
    payments, and commissions.
  • Our latest technology helps in time-saving by
    defining the search parameters by matching with
    thousands of hotel properties all over the
  • Also, our search engine filters the search by
    location, region, country, and cities with the
    location sketch and important brief information
    about the property.
  • The data support of our API for the client
    requirements for mobile and web applications
    integrates with fast in response through
    Application Programming Interface.

  • What is Hotel Booking Engine API?
  • Our Hotel Booking Engine APIs are web services
    XMLs that encourage travel organizations to
    accumulate information, for example, data,
    accessibility, and evaluating from different
    hotels XML providers and integrate them into a
    general UI.
  • This permits end-clients to search and book
    hotels globally using a solitary hotel booking
  • Our web services XMLs are used to impart between
    the booking system and hotel aggregators on the
    web, in this manner empowering purchasers to get
    consistent outcomes from all the hotel API
  • It is quite immediate and proficient to search,
    book and cancel rooms online with Hotel
    APIs associated with a hotel booking system.

  • Through Our powerful and convenient platform, end
    clients have the advantage of finding the best
    rates for hotels around the world.
  • There are various hotel consolidators around the
    globe, by using the information from these
    providers, hotel booking system can give data,
    for example, hotel details, room accessibility,
    room costs, pictures, map area, facilities, and
    other important features.
  • Purchasers can search and channel dependent on
    star rating, cost and hotel name. Likewise, the
    booking system supports multiple currencies and
    has the facility to pay online through credit or
    debit cards.
  • On the market, FlightsLogic internet booking
    engine gives a robust deals platform by helping
    to produce sales around the clock.

  • The Use of API in Hotel Booking
  • In general, the equivalent word to this
    developing network is API. The application
    programming interface allows for connecting data
    streams and functionalities between different
    software products.
  • APIs acts as control panels for designers to
    interface diverse software parts without managing
    source code. What does this' meaning for the
    travel business?
  • If you maintain a hotel business, you can let
    your clients lease a car directly from your site
    by coordinating your room reservation engine with
    accessible local car rental suppliers.

  • Hotel Booking Engine API Integrated Solutions For
    Tour Operators
  • This may put a car rental commission in your
    pocket or simply make your client's life simpler
    by taking out time perusing the web to rent a
  • The primary information source and reservation
    purpose of contact for online travel
    organizations are global distribution systems
  • The GDS gathers and consolidates travel
    information from a wide range of service
    providers and permits operators to reserve
    airplane seats, rent cars, book hotels, and so
  • Along these lines travel agencies don't need to
    directly associate with several carriers, hotels,
    and other end suppliers.
  • They additionally give APIs to coordinate
    reservation support into OTA booking engines to
    let travellers book online.

  • FlightsLogic Travel API Integration
  • We provide Flight API, Hotel API services with
    API integration. Our company integrated GDS API
    like Amadeus API, Galileo API, Sabre API, as well
    as third party API integration.
  • API Integration is the end-to-end procedure of
    bringing information from the best travel API
    suppliers and presents it to the other sites.
  • In Hotel API Integration, the designer will
    associate the API with the supplier and show the
    necessary information into the other website.
  • The third-party API integration opens up the
    course to the main part of significant data.
  • The Hotel API supplier permits access to various
    hotels deals though flight API supplier enables
    access to end number of flights.

  • Features of FlightsLogic Hotel Booking Engine API
  • Flight booking Portal API for hotels is a
    feature-packed tool that allows you to take
    direct bookings through your own booking Portal
  • Hotel website will take a shot at your own with
    online hotel reservation system with API
    Integration the visits into appointments and
    producing higher revenues per booking.
  • It helps the hotel to save time by reducing the
    emails calls for the management and the
    confirmation of their reservations.

  • FlightsLogic offers Hotel Booking Portal with API
    products and services by creating different sorts
    of portals which these days are ascending as the
    hotel portal application.
  • We are providing all the bookings through a
    single API. So that it reveals the complexity in
    booking and quick access to the systems
  • Easy set-up of the system and hassle-free
  • Manage agent lists and control bookings,
    payments, and commissions
  • Easy and flexible integration
  • Easy cancellation of bookings through online
  • Quick response from the supplier by sending the
    response by mail regarding booking, confirmation,
    and cancellations

  • FlightsLogic API integration provides full
    control over the booking processes and
    transactions. API plays an important role between
    the travel suppliers and the clients through
  • Thus it acts as an online travel agency and you
    can provide travel services to the customers with
    your own agency by implementing newer
    technologies with FlightsLogic travel software
    solutions and travel Application Programming
  • Our API allows you to customize the solutions for
    a comfortable and attractive Hotel Booking Engine.

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