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Interesting Facts to Know About Maldives Before Making a Visit


Interesting Facts to Know About Maldives Before Making a Visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interesting Facts to Know About Maldives Before Making a Visit

Interesting Facts to Know About Maldives Before
Making a Visit
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Maldives has become one of the most visited
countries for visitors from all over the world.
It is the paradise on earth for everyone-
couples, families, and friends. Being a tropical
vacation location for tourists, this place is
known for its beauty and exoticness. You might
be looking for cheap deals to Maldives, but
before that, you need to know some uncommon and
interesting facts about the place. The facts are
given below
Sandbanks and Mother Nature
Whether you are booking cheap holidays to Sharm
El Sheikh or Maldives, you need to see the
potential of nature in your trip. You can see the
ocean move and recreate the white sandbanks.
Even some shapes of the islands in Maldives can
be modified. Not everyone knows about the
Maldives, seeing sandbanks shifting by mother
nature and also being brought back during the
wet season by the seasonal currents.
Shark tourism
Some of the biggest whale sharks in the world
reside in Maldives, and sharks are found
abundantly over here. The tourists can see the
whale sharks throughout the year on scuba
diving, snorkeling, and glass boat rides under
the supervision of the experts. Even if you are
looking for cheap holidays to Thailand instead of
Maldives, then scuba diving must be on your
bucket list.
Maldivian Boat (Dhoni)
According to the records, the famous traditional
boat of Maldives, Dhoni, is extremely
magnificent. The Arabian Sailing Show has
inspired the design of the boat. Those were the
same ships that were used in the Indian Ocean for
trading during the 11th century.
The non-inhabited islands
About 1,200 islands are there in Maldives. Some
of these islands are private island resorts, and
the remaining ones are locally inhabited. Apart
from these islands, there are several
non-inhabited islands where the tourists are not
The artificial islands
Not every island in the Maldives is formed
naturally. For example, the Hulhumale island is
an artificial island made by people. This
artificial island was formed by the dumping of
loads of sand in 2004. However, now the place is
open for tourists, and the government has also
made a beautiful coastline and paved roads for
tourists. Look for the best deals to see unique
places, whether you are looking for deals in
Maldives or cheap holidays to Antalya.
Bioluminescence in Maldives
Maldives is considered to be one of the best
places on earth to witness bioluminescence. It
does not matter if you are a beach lover or not
the glowing beach view in Maldives will blow
your mind. It will inject a shot of wanderlust in
your veins. Maldives' bioluminescence is one of
the rarest threats that takes place because of
the chemical reaction in the marine living
beings. Consider cheap Maldives packages and
witness the magic of nature.
2 monsoons in Maldives
An astonishing fact about Maldives is that it has
2 monsoon seasons- the northeast and southwest
monsoon. The first one takes place from May to
October. September is the wettest month of the
year in Maldives. The 2nd monsoon is
comparatively mild and begins from mid-November
to December.
If you are planning for budget-friendly Maldives
tourism, you need to do things correctly. Before
you visit Maldives, gather as much information as
you can so that you can get to see the most
unique places at your destination. You can also
get in touch with HolidayKite to get the best
Maldives holiday package according to your budget.
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