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Is A Full Renovation Right for Your Home?


Is A Full Renovation Right for Your Home? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Is A Full Renovation Right for Your Home?

Is A Full Renovation Right for Your Home?
  • While the terms remodel and renovation are
    often used interchangeably, they do have some
    differences, and its important to understand
    these before you decide upon the best course of
    action for your home.
  • Lets say you have your kitchen or bathroom
    renovated once the work has been finished, both
    rooms will still function in the same way,
    theyll just be newer and with more modern
    appliances fitted and updated décor, for example.
    When a room is remodeled, on the other hand, its
    structure, shape, and entire appearance may be

  • While remodeling an entire home is a big job and
    may involve the entire building being changed, a
    full, or gut renovation, can have just as
    effective results, but with a lot less time and
    money. That said, its important to recognize
    that renovation can still be costly, but a lot
    will depend on its scale and what type of
    improvements you wish to make.
  • If youre wondering whether a full renovation is
    right for your home, here are some factors to
    consider that just might give you the answers
    youre looking for

  • Your kitchen or bathroom is ugly and outdated
  • These are two of the most important rooms in any
    home, and if theyre old, dingy, unfunctional or
    outdated, it could be time to bring them into the
    21st century with a renovation. Not only could
    renovating these rooms be better for you, but if
    you sell your home in the future, it will help
    you get a better price for it.

  • Your home doesnt function how you want it to
  • Some homes have been poorly designed, but by
    making a few non-structural changes, you can make
    it fully functional and comfortable to use. You
    may also be thinking ahead, to when the time
    might come for senior relatives to move in, or
    for more guests to come and stay. In this case, a
    few changes such as a converted guest room or
    walk-in shower, might be a worthy investment.

  • Youre financially well placed
  • If you dont have the budget for full home
    renovation in one go, why not tackle one room at
    a time? Whichever way you look at it, if your
    home needs renovating and you can afford to do
    it, why wouldnt you?
  • You fancy a change
  • Sometimes, homeowners carry out renovations
    simply because they want to change things up and
    turn their home into something that suits their
    lifestyle better. From revamped décor, to kids
    bedrooms converted into gyms, a change is as good
    as a rest, they say!

  • Should you carry out any of the renovation work
  • While there are some instances in which a spot of
    DIY isnt harmful (provided you know what youre
    doing), for most renovation work, especially full
    or gut renovations, youre always going to
    benefit from professional help, whether that be
    from a renovation company, construction firm, or
    general contractor.
  • Going with professional help gives you the peace
    of mind that everything is going to be compliant
    with local and federal building regulations, for
    example, and that plumbing and electrical work
    has been carried out by certified and skilled
    contractors. Not only that, but with contractors,
    come warranties something that doesnt exist
    when you carry the work out yourself.

  • Whether youve grown bored of your home, its no
    longer fashionable, or it doesnt function how
    you want it to, gut renovations can be incredibly
    satisfying, and when done well, can bring great
    reward and an even greater return on your
  • Fully renovating your home gives you the chance
    to start again, and ensure that your home
    delivers everything you want it to, for many more
    years to come. To start your renovation journey,
    reach out to a local and trusted company
    specializing in home renovations.

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