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Speciality Panel offer the best quality products with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We are a team committed to providing a quality and smooth shopping experience to our customers. Speciality Panels distinguished for our wide range of products which includes, Pre Laminated Wood Based Particle & MDF Boards, Pre Laminated Bagasse Based Particle Board, and Pre Laminated Plywood. We are manufacturing Digital and High Gloss with melamine lamination boards for furniture decoration like Homes, Offices, Schools, Collages, Hotels etc. For More Information visit : and contact - 9962677721 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Speciality Panels Modern Furniture

Speciality Panels Modern Furniture Speciality
Panel Products furniture represents the pinnacle
of customizable luxury furniture. With a wide
range of design options, including patterns,
textures, and finishes, we transform your vision
into a reality. Our commitment to quality
craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not only
visually stunning but also built to last. Whether
you seek distinctive furniture for your home or
require bespoke pieces for a commercial space,
Specialty Panel products combines artistry and
functionality to elevate your environment to new
heights.speciality panel products functionality
and aesthetics of interior spaces, making it an
essential element of interior design and everyday
  • Sofas in your home can completely transform the
    look of it while adding a comfortable seating
    space. Additionally, your home is where you spend
    most of your time, whether it's bonding with your
    family over a cup of hot tea, or making memories
    with your guests and loved ones. This makes it
    vital to have a sofa thats comfortable, stylish
    and inviting. While purchasing a sofa can be a
    little hard on the pocket, its an investment
    that's worth it. Investing in a quality sofa is
    an investment in both comfort and style for your
    home. Sofas are not just functional pieces of
    furniture they are often the focal point of a
    living room or common area, setting the tone for
    the entire space. Here are a few more reasons why
    choosing the right sofa is essential. Allowing
    you to choose the one that best suits your
    personal taste and needs for your home or office.
    As there is many types of sofas

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Types of sofas
  • Sectional Sofa A sectional sofa consists of
    multiple sections or pieces that can be arranged
    in different configurations. It's versatile and
    great for large living rooms.
  • Sofa Bed This type of sofa can be converted into
    a bed when needed, making it ideal for guest
    rooms or small apartments.
  • Loveseat A loveseat is a smaller sofa designed
    for two people. It's perfect for cozy spaces or
    as a complementary piece in a larger room.
  • Chaise Lounge A chaise lounge is a long chair
    with a backrest on one end and an extended seat
    on the other. It's perfect for lounging and
  • Settee Similar to a loveseat, a settee is a
    small, upholstered sofa that typically seats two
    people. It's often used in entryways, dining
    rooms, or as a decorative piece.
  • Curved Sofa These sofas feature curved or
    rounded designs, adding a unique and stylish
    touch to living spaces.

  • Convertible Sofa These sofas can transform into
    different configurations or pieces, such as a
    sectional with a chaise or a sofa with a built-in
  • Reclining Sofa Reclining sofas have seats that
    can be extended to a reclined position, providing
    maximum comfort for relaxation.
  • Outdoor Sofa Designed for outdoor use, these
    sofas are made from weather-resistant materials
    and are perfect for patios, decks, and gardens.
  • Leather Sofa Leather sofas add a touch of luxury
    to any room. They are durable and come in various
    styles, from classic to modern.
  • Wooden Sofa Wooden sofas often have exposed
    wooden frames, providing a rustic or classic
    look. They are sturdy and timeless.

Modular kitchen
  • A modular kitchen can evoke a range of feelings
    and experiences for a home maker, depending on
    their preferences, needs, and the kitchen's
    design. Here are some common emotions and
    sentiments that home makers might feel when it
    comes to their modular kitchen. When homemakers
    first planning and designing a modular kitchen,
    there's often a sense of excitement. The prospect
    of having a well-organized, efficient, and
    stylish kitchen can be invigorating. A modular
    kitchen can provide comfort through its
    user-friendly features. The convenience of having
    everything in its place and easily accessible can
    make daily tasks more enjoyable.

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Types Of Modular Kitchen
  • Straight Modular Kitchen In a straight modular
    kitchen, all the cabinets and appliances are
    arranged along a single wall. It's ideal for
    narrow or small kitchens and provides a simple
    and efficient layout.
  • L-Shaped Modular Kitchen This layout features
    cabinets and appliances along two adjoining
    walls, forming an L shape. It offers ample
    counter space and storage, making it popular for
    both small and medium-sized kitchens.
  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen U-shaped kitchens
    maximize storage and counter space by utilizing
    three walls. They are suitable for larger
    kitchens and provide efficient work zones.
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen In a parallel or galley
    kitchen, cabinets and countertops run parallel to
    each other on two opposing walls. It's a
    functional layout that works well for narrow
  • Island Modular Kitchen An island kitchen
    includes a freestanding counter or island in the
    center of the kitchen space. It provides
    additional workspace, storage, and can serve as a
    dining area.
  • Peninsula Modular Kitchen Similar to an island
    kitchen, a peninsula kitchen has a connected
    countertop or cabinet extending from one wall. It
    offers a semi-open layout and additional

  • L-Shaped with Island Kitchen This layout
    combines the L-shaped configuration with an
    island, providing the benefits of both
    layoutsample storage, workspace, and seating
  • G-Shaped Modular Kitchen A G-shaped kitchen
    features cabinetry and appliances along three
    walls, forming a U shape with an additional
    peninsula or island. It offers an abundance of
    storage and counter space.
  • Open Modular Kitchen Open kitchens are connected
    to the living or dining areas without walls,
    creating a sense of spaciousness and facilitating
    interaction with guests or family while cooking.
  • Closed Modular Kitchen Closed kitchens are
    separate, enclosed spaces with walls and doors.
    They offer privacy and can help contain cooking
    odors and mess.
  • Classic Modular Kitchen Classic modular kitchens
    often feature ornate cabinet designs, traditional
    materials, and decorative elements. They evoke a
    timeless and elegant ambiance.
  • Modern Modular Kitchen Modern modular kitchens
    prioritize sleek and minimalist designs, clean
    lines, and the use of materials like stainless
    steel, glass, and high-gloss finishes.

  • Contemporary Modular Kitchen Contemporary
    kitchens blend elements of both classic and
    modern styles, incorporating innovative materials
    and technology for a fresh and versatile look.
  • Rustic Modular Kitchen Rustic kitchens embrace a
    cozy and natural feel with features like wooden
    cabinets, stone countertops, and earthy colour
  • Industrial Modular Kitchen Industrial-style
    kitchens often showcase exposed brick walls,
    metal finishes, d open shelving, creating an
    urban and edgy aesthetic.
  • High-Tech Modular Kitchen High-tech kitchens
    incorporate advanced appliances, smart storage
    solutions, and integrated technology for a
    futuristic and efficient cooking experience.
  • Eco-Friendly Modular Kitchen These kitchens
    focus on sustainability, using eco-friendly
    materials, energy-efficient appliances, and
    recycling options.

  • Beds are not just functional they are a
    reflection of your personal style and contribute
    to the overall ambiance of your bedroom. Choosing
    the right bed and mattress ensures a good night's
    sleep and a cozy retreat within your home. Queen
    size and King-size beds are mostly used in ours
    home. Beds are one of the most spacious and
    luxurious options for bedroom furniture. They
    offer ample space for couples to spread out
    comfortably, making them a popular choice for
    master bedrooms.

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Types of Bed
  • Queen Size Beds Queen size beds are one of the
    most popular choices for bedrooms due to their
    versatility, comfort, and space-saving
  • King Size Beds King size beds are known for
    their spaciousness and comfort, making them a
    popular choice for couples or individuals who
    prefer ample sleeping space.
  • Single Beds Single beds, also known as twin
    beds, are a common and versatile option for
    bedrooms, especially in situations where space is
    limited or for individual sleepers.
  • Poster Beds Poster beds, also known as
    four-poster beds, are a classic and elegant style
    of bed characterized by four vertical columns, or
    posters, that extend from the bed's corners.
    These posts can be decorative or functional,
    supporting a frame that often holds curtains,
    drapes, or a canopy.
  • Folding Beds Folding beds, also known as
    rollaway beds or fold-up beds, are versatile and
    space-saving sleeping solutions that can be
    easily folded and stored when not in use.

Office Furniture
  • Office furniture plays a crucial role in creating
    a productive and comfortable workspace. Whether
    you're setting up a home office or furnishing a
    corporate workplace, the choice of office
    furniture can impact productivity, organization,
    and overall aesthetics. When we selecting office
    furniture, consider factors such as ergonomic
    design, comfort, durability, and the specific
    needs of your workspace. Well-chosen office
    furniture contributes to a productive and
    organized work environment while reflecting your
    company's style and professionalism. Office
    furniture specially designed for teamwork and
    group discussions, these seating arrangements
    often include sofas, lounge chairs, and
    collaborative tables.

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Types Of Office Furniture
  • Desks Desks are essential office furniture
    items. They come in various styles, including
    executive desks, computer desks, writing desks,
    and standing desks, to accommodate different work
    needs and preferences.
  • Office Chairs Ergonomic office chairs are
    designed to provide comfort and support during
    long work hours. They often feature adjustable
    height, lumbar support, swivel mechanisms, and
    various upholstery options.
  • File Cabinets File cabinets are used for storing
    and organizing documents. They come in different
    sizes, including vertical and lateral designs,
    and can have two to five drawers or more.
  • Bookcases and Shelving Units These are used for
    storing books, binders, office supplies, and
    decorative items. They come in various sizes and
    styles, including open shelves and closed
  • Conference Tables Conference tables are designed
    for meetings and discussions. They come in
    different shapes, such as rectangular, oval, and
    round, to accommodate various meeting sizes and

  • Conference Room Chairs These chairs are designed
    for use around conference tables. They are
    typically comfortable and often stackable for
    easy storage.
  • Cubicles and Workstations Cubicles and
    workstations provide individual workspaces within
    an open office layout. They can include desks,
    partitions, storage options, and seating.
  • Reception Desks and Furniture These items create
    a welcoming and organized reception area. They
    often include a reception desk, seating for
    visitors, and storage solutions.
  • Filing and Storage Cabinets These cabinets are
    used for storing office supplies, stationery, and
    personal belongings. They can be standalone or
    integrated into desks and workstations.
  • Executive Furniture Executive office furniture
    includes high-quality desks, chairs, and storage
    solutions designed for executives and upper
    management. They often feature premium materials
    and finishes.
  • Lounge and Breakroom Furniture Lounge areas and
    breakrooms are furnished with comfortable
    seating, tables, and amenities for relaxation and
    informal meetings.
  • Modular and Collaborative Furniture Modular
    furniture can be rearranged to create various
    seating and workspace configurations.
    Collaborative furniture is designed for teamwork
    and group discussions.

  • Standing Desks and Accessories Standing desks
    allow users to work while standing, promoting
    better posture and health. Accessories include
    monitor stands and keyboard trays designed for
    standing workstations.
  • Home Office Furniture With the rise of remote
    work, home office furniture, including compact
    desks, ergonomic chairs, and storage solutions,
    has become increasingly popular.
  • Office Decor and Accessories Decorative items,
    such as artwork, lighting, plants, and desk
    accessories, enhance the aesthetics and
    functionality of the workspace.

Shoe Rack
  • Transform your home into a haven of style and
    sophistication with our Shoe Rack. This shoe
    rack offers an abundance of space to organize
    your footwear collection, making it a must-have
    addition to any home. A shoe rack is a functional
    piece of furniture designed to organize and store
    footwear efficiently. Shoe racks come in various
    styles, sizes, and materials to suit different
    spaces and preferences. Shoe racks come in
    various designs, including open shelves, closed
    cabinets, and stackable units. Consider how easy
    it is to access your shoes. If you want to
    protect your shoes from dust and dirt, choose a
    shoe rack with doors or a closed design. Shoe
    racks with adjustable shelves or dividers can
    prevent shoes from touching and scuffing each
    other. Investing in our shoe rack means not only
    solving your shoe storage woes but also enhancing
    the overall ambiance of your entryway. Whether
    your home has a modern, traditional, or eclectic
    style, this shoe rack will effortlessly
    complement the existing design, creating a
    cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere.

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Types Of Shoe Rack
  • Shoe Shelf This is a basic and versatile type of
    shoe rack consisting of multiple shelves or
    tiers. It can be freestanding or wall-mounted,
    providing ample storage for various shoe styles.
  • Shoe Cabinet A shoe cabinet is a closed storage
    solution with doors or drawers to keep shoes
    hidden from view. It often doubles as a piece of
    furniture, such as an entryway bench or console
  • Shoe Bench Shoe benches combine seating with
    shoe storage. They typically have a seating area
    on top and an open or closed storage compartment
    underneath for shoes.
  • Under-Bed Shoe Organizer These organizers slide
    under the bed and have compartments or slots for
    shoe storage. They are a space-saving solution
    for seasonal or less frequently worn shoes.
  • Shoe Cubbies Shoe cubbies are open compartments
    or cubicles designed to hold individual pairs of
    shoes. They are often used in entryways or

  • Shoe Carousel A shoe carousel is a rotating rack
    with multiple tiers that allows you to access
    your shoes easily without bending down. It's
    suitable for small spaces.
  • Shoe Rack with Bench These racks combine a shoe
    storage area with a bench or seating surface.
    They are ideal for entryways where you can sit
    while putting on or taking off shoes.
  • Floating Shoe Shelves Floating shelves mounted
    on the wall provide a minimalist and space-saving
    way to display and store shoes. They can be
    customized in terms of size and layout.
  • Shoe Organizing Cubes These cubes are stackable
    and modular, allowing you to create a customized
    shoe storage system. They come in various sizes
    and can be placed in closets or on shelves.
  • Shoe Display Racks Display racks are designed to
    showcase your shoe collection. They often have
    open shelves and can be freestanding or
  • Rotating Shoe Rack A rotating shoe rack is a
    circular rack with multiple tiers that can rotate
    for easy access to all your shoes. It's a
    space-efficient solution.

Dining Table
  • A dining table is a central piece of furniture in
    a dining room or kitchen, where people gather to
    share meals, conversations, and special moments.
    Choosing the right dining table involves
    considering factors like size, shape, material,
    style, and functionality. Consider the level of
    maintenance required for the material you choose.
    Wooden tables may need periodic polishing, while
    glass tables may need frequent cleaning. A
    well-chosen dining table can enhance your dining
    experience and the overall aesthetics of your
    home. It's a versatile piece of furniture that
    can serve as a focal point in your dining area
    and bring family and friends together for
    memorable meals and gatherings.

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Types Of Dining Table
  • Rectangular Dining Table Rectangular tables are
    the most common and versatile type. They come in
    various sizes to accommodate different numbers of
    diners and can fit well in both formal and casual
    dining rooms.
  • Round Dining Table Round tables promote
    conversation and are great for smaller dining
    areas. They often have a pedestal base,
    eliminating the need for table legs, which can
    provide more seating flexibility.
  • Square Dining Table Square tables are ideal for
    small dining rooms or square-shaped spaces. They
    work well for intimate gatherings and can be
    easily pushed against a wall when not in use.
  • Oval Dining Table Oval tables combine the
    characteristics of rectangular and round tables.
    They offer more seating than round tables and
    maintain a sense of intimacy.

  • Drop-Leaf Dining Table Drop-leaf tables have
    hinged sides that can be folded down to save
    space when not in use. They are versatile and
    suitable for small dining areas or as an extra
    table in kitchens.
  • Extendable Dining Table Extendable tables have
    one or more leaves that can be added to the
    table's length to accommodate additional guests.
    They are a practical choice for occasional large
  • Pedestal Dining Table Pedestal tables have a
    single central support or pedestal instead of
    four legs. This design allows for more legroom
    and can make it easier to seat a large number of
  • Glass Dining Table Glass tables feature a glass
    tabletop, which creates a sense of openness and
    can make a room feel more spacious. They are
    often paired with metal or wooden bases.
  • Wooden Dining Table Wooden tables are classic
    and come in various wood types, including oak,
    walnut, cherry, and maple. They can have
    different finishes and styles, from traditional
    to modern.

  • Marble Dining Table Marble tables feature a
    luxurious and elegant surface. They are often
    heavy and require proper maintenance but can make
    a stunning centrepiece.
  • Counter-Height Dining Table Counter-height
    tables are taller than standard dining tables,
    providing a more casual dining experience. They
    are often paired with stools or counter-height
  • Outdoor Dining Table Outdoor dining tables are
    designed to withstand the elements and are
    suitable for patio or garden dining. They come in
    various materials, including wood, metal, and
  • Folding Dining Table Folding tables can be
    easily stored when not in use and are convenient
    for occasional dining needs or small spaces.
  • Rustic Dining Table Rustic tables often have a
    distressed or reclaimed wood finish and may
    feature natural imperfections. They create a cozy
    and inviting atmosphere.

TV Media Cabinet
  • A TV media cabinet, often referred to simply as a
    media cabinet or TV stand, is a piece of
    furniture designed to support and organize your
    television and related media equipment. These
    cabinets come in various styles, sizes, and
    configurations to accommodate different types of
    TVs and audio-visual components. Common materials
    for TV cabinets include wood (e.g., oak, walnut,
    pine), metal, glass, and engineered wood. The
    choice of material impacts the cabinet's
    appearance and durability. When selecting a TV
    media cabinet, take into account your TV and
    audio-visual equipment, your room's layout and
    decor, and your storage requirements. A
    well-chosen cabinet not only supports your TV but
    also enhances the overall functionality and
    aesthetics of your entertainment area.

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Types Of TV Cabinets
  • TV Console TV consoles are a standard type of
    media cabinet designed to hold a television on
    top and provide storage space below. They often
    have shelves, cabinets, or drawers for media
    components, gaming consoles, and other items.
  • TV Wall Unit TV wall units are larger and more
    comprehensive pieces of furniture that extend
    across the wall. They include multiple shelves,
    cabinets, and open compartments for organizing
    electronics, books, and decor.
  • Floating TV Stand Floating TV stands are
    wall-mounted units that create a sleek and modern
    look. They often feature a minimalist design with
    concealed cable management systems.
  • Corner TV Stand Corner TV stands are designed to
    fit snugly into the corner of a room, optimizing
    space and allowing you to place the TV in an
    otherwise underutilized area.

  • Media Credenza Media credenzas are long,
    low-profile cabinets with ample storage space.
    They often have decorative details and can serve
    as a statement piece in a room.
  • Barn Door TV Stand These stands feature sliding
    barn-style doors that cover the TV when not in
    use. They often have a rustic or farmhouse
  • TV Lift Cabinet TV lift cabinets have a built-in
    mechanism that allows the TV to be concealed when
    not in use and raised to viewing height when
    needed. They are often used in bedrooms or living
    rooms with a focus on aesthetics.
  • Modular Media Center Modular media centers allow
    you to customize the configuration of shelves,
    cabinets, and drawers to suit your storage needs.
    They can be expanded or reconfigured as needed.
  • Mid-Century Modern TV Stand These stands
    showcase a retro design with clean lines, tapered
    legs, and simple storage solutions, often made
    from wood with a natural finish.
  • Traditional TV Cabinet Traditional TV cabinets
    are characterized by ornate details, such as
    molding, carving, and decorative hardware. They
    often have a timeless and classic design.

  • Almirahs are versatile pieces of furniture that
    provide valuable storage space while contributing
    to the overall aesthetics of your living spaces.
    Apart from meeting the storage needs of family,
    Whether you need a compact storage solution for a
    guest room or a spacious wardrobe for your
    bedroom, there's an almirah to suit your
    preferences and storage needs. a versatile piece
    of furniture used primarily for storage,
    particularly in bedrooms and living spaces. It
    typically features doors, shelves, drawers, or a
    combination of these components to organize and
    store various items. Almirahs come in various
    sizes, styles, and materials to suit different
    storage needs and interior design preferences.

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Types Of Almirah
  • Single-Door Almirah Single-door almirahs are
    compact and suitable for small bedrooms or for
    storing specific items like linens or outerwear.
    They often have shelves and a hanging rod.
  • Double-Door Almirah Double-door almirahs are
    larger and provide more storage space. They
    typically include hanging space, shelves, and
  • Sliding Door Almirah Sliding door almirahs have
    doors that slide horizontally rather than
    swinging open. They are space-saving and have a
    modern look.
  • Mirrored Almirah Mirrored almirahs have one or
    more mirrored doors, which can make a room appear
    larger and serve as a full-length mirror.
  • Built-In Almirah Built-in almirahs are
    custom-designed to fit the specific dimensions
    and layout of a room. They are often integrated
    into the wall, maximizing space.
  • Corner Almirah Corner almirahs are designed to
    fit into corners, optimizing space usage and
    making the most of room corners.

  • L-Shaped Almirah L-shaped almirahs are typically
    built into the corner of a room, combining two
    sections for increased storage space.
  • Modular Almirah Modular almirahs consist of
    separate modules that can be customized and
    combined to create the desired storage
  • Children's Almirah Children's almirahs are
    designed with a child's needs in mind. They often
    have colourful designs, lower hanging rods, and
    smaller shelves.
  • Contemporary Almirah Contemporary almirahs have
    a modern and minimalist design, often featuring
    clean lines and sleek finishes.
  • Wardrobe with Drawers These almirahs have
    integrated drawers for additional storage and

Bedroom Dressing Table
  • A bedroom dressing table serves as a dedicated
    space for personal grooming and helps you stay
    organized. It can be a functional and stylish
    addition to your bedroom, providing a convenient
    spot to prepare for the day or evening, apply
    makeup, and store your beauty and grooming
    essentials. A bedroom dressing table, often
    referred to as a vanity or makeup table, is a
    specialized piece of furniture designed for
    personal grooming and dressing. It typically
    includes a mirror, a surface for arranging
    makeup, accessories, and a seat or stool for
    comfortable use.

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Types Of Bedroom Dressing Table
  • Traditional Vanity Table Traditional vanity
    tables often have an elegant and ornate design.
    They typically feature a mirror, a spacious
    tabletop, and one or more drawers for storing
    makeup and grooming essentials. Some may include
    a matching stool or chair.
  • Modern Makeup Table Modern makeup tables have a
    sleek and minimalist design. They prioritize
    simplicity and functionality, often with clean
    lines and a neutral color palette. These tables
    may have a built-in mirror or a separate
    wall-mounted mirror.
  • Floating Vanity Floating vanities are
    wall-mounted dressing tables that create a
    contemporary and space-saving look. They can have
    a fold-down tabletop or drawers for storage.
  • Makeup Desk with Lights Makeup tables with
    built-in or attachable lighting are popular for
    ensuring proper illumination during grooming and
    makeup application. Some have adjustable
    brightness levels.

  • Dressing Table with Drawers Dressing tables with
    drawers provide ample storage space for makeup,
    skincare products, jewellery, and other personal
    items. They help keep the tabletop clutter-free.
  • Vanity Table with Storage Cabinet Some dressing
    tables come with a storage cabinet or a set of
    shelves, offering additional storage space for
    larger items or accessories.
  • Custom-Built Vanity Custom-made dressing tables
    can be designed to fit the specific dimensions of
    your bedroom and can include features like hidden
    storage, built-in outlets, or special
  • Dual-Purpose Vanity Some dressing tables double
    as a desk or a nightstand, offering versatility
    and functionality in a smaller space.

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