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What Is The Difference Between Horticulture & Agriculture?


Agriculture is a science involving farming practices such as the cultivation of crops, animal rearing, etc. It is also what has led to the development of human society as a whole. On the other hand, horticulture is a similar science that focuses on cultivating food crops and plants using specialized techniques. To know more visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Is The Difference Between Horticulture & Agriculture?

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  • Horticulture and agriculture are two distinct
    fields that are often lumped together due to
    their similarities. However, they differ
    significantly in terms of scope, practices, and
    objectives. While both involve cultivating
    plants, horticulture focuses on the science and
    art of growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental
    plants, and flowers, whereas agriculture
    encompasses the cultivation of crops for food,
    fiber, and other agricultural products.
    Additionally, horticulture is typically practiced
    in smaller scales, such as home gardens or
    specialized nurseries, while agriculture involves
    large-scale farming and production.

Factors that distinguish Agriculture
  • Agriculture and horticulture are two distinct yet
    interconnected fields that play a vital role in
    our society. Agriculture primarily focuses on the
    cultivation of crops for the purpose of food
    production, while horticulture involves the
    cultivation of plants for aesthetics, recreation,
    and environmental purposes. Both fields require a
    deep understanding of plant biology, soil
    science, pest management, and sustainable
    practices. Additionally, agriculture often
    involves large-scale farming operations, while
    horticulture is more commonly associated with
    smaller-scale gardens and landscaping.

Factors that distinguish Agriculture
  • Scale
  • Output
  • Budget Resources
  • Occupation Vs. Hobby
  • Crop Categories

Similarities Between Horticulture And Agriculture
  • Horticulture and agriculture are two closely
    related fields that share many similarities. Both
    involve the cultivation and management of plants,
    but they differ in their focus and techniques.
    While agriculture primarily focuses on
    large-scale crop production for food and fiber,
    horticulture encompasses a broader range of
    plant-related activities, including ornamental
    plant cultivation, landscaping, and plant
    propagation. Despite these differences, both
    horticulture and agriculture contribute
    significantly to global food security and the
    overall sustainability of our environment.

How Is Horticulture Important?
  • Horticulture is an important field of study that
    encompasses the cultivation and management of
    plants. It plays a crucial role in various
    aspects of human life, from food production to
    environmental conservation. In recent years,
    there has been a growing recognition of the
    significance of horticulture in ensuring global
    food security and reducing the impact of climate
    change. Additionally, horticulture contributes to
    the development of aesthetically pleasing
    landscapes and gardens, which have been shown to
    have a positive impact on mental health and

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