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Mini Projects for Computer Science Engineering


This PowerPoint presentation showcases a variety of mini projects suitable for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) students. It covers projects in web development, mobile app development, data analysis, machine learning, IoT, network security, game development, natural language processing, cloud computing, and robotics. The presentation aims to inspire CSE students to explore different project ideas and technologies within their field. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mini Projects for Computer Science Engineering

Mini Projects for Computer Science Engineering
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  • - Welcome and Introduction- Purpose of the
    presentation- Overview of mini projects for
    Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Project 1 - Web Development
  • - Brief description of web development project-
    Technologies involved (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)-
    Example project ideas (e-commerce website,
    portfolio website)

Project 2 - Mobile Application Development
  • - Brief description of a mobile app development
    project- Technologies involved (Android Studio,
    iOS, React Native)- Example project ideas (task
    manager app, weather forecast app)

Project 3 - Data Analysis and Visualization
  • - Brief description of data analysis and
    visualization project- Technologies involved
    (Python, R, Tableau)- Example project ideas
    (analyzing social media data, visualizing stock
    market trends)

Project 4 - Machine Learning
  • - Brief description of the machine learning
    project- Technologies involved (Python,
    TensorFlow, sci-kit-learn)- Example project
    ideas (spam email classifier, image recognition)

Project 5 - Internet of Things (IoT)
  • - Brief description of the IoT project-
    Technologies involved (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)-
    Example project ideas (smart home automation,
    environmental monitoring system)

Project 6 - Network Security
  • - Brief description of the network security
    project- Technologies involved (Wireshark, Kali
    Linux, cryptography)- Example project ideas
    (packet sniffing, encryption algorithms)

Project 7 - Game Development
  • - Brief description of a game development
    project- Technologies involved (Unity, Unreal
    Engine, C)- Example project ideas (2D
    platformer game, first-person shooter game)

Project 8 - Natural Language Processing
  • - Brief description of the natural language
    processing project- Technologies involved
    (Python, NLTK, spaCy)- Example project ideas
    (sentiment analysis, chatbot development)

Project 9 - Cloud Computing
  • - Brief description of cloud computing project-
    Technologies involved (AWS, Azure, Google
    Cloud)- Example project ideas (deploying a web
    application on the cloud, cloud storage system)

Project 10 - Robotics
  • - Brief description of the robotics project-
    Technologies involved (Arduino, Raspberry Pi,
    ROS)- Example project ideas (autonomous
    line-following robot, robotic arm control)

  • - Recap of the presented mini projects-
    Importance of mini projects in CSE curriculum-
    Encouragement for students to explore and
    experiment with different projects

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