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Hotel Management Software


Global GDS is a global leading software in the hotel management software, Designed for both the mid-market and luxury hotel sectors.Global GDS line of products includes front office management systems integrated with other departments such as; Guest Service Center, Point of Sale, Events scheduling as well as on-line real-time booking engine from the hotel's web site and interfaces to external distribution and booking systems. For more details, Pls visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Management Software

B2B Travel Portal
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Hotel Management Software
  • Global GDS is a global leading software in
    the hotel management software, Designed for both
    the mid-market and luxury hotel sectors.
  • Global GDS line of products includes front office
    management systems integrated with other
    departments such as Guest Service Center, Point
    of Sale, Events scheduling as well as on-line
    real-time booking engine from the hotel's web
    site and interfaces to external distribution and
    booking systems.
  • Hotel Management System is web-based hotel
    management software. It's scalable and ready for
    unlimited hotels, users, rooms and guests. The
    software is ready for hosting and is optimized
    for independent hotels, hotels chains and
    hospitality service providers that want a
    complete web-based hotel software system in their
    own servers.
  • The Hotel Management Software features include
    revenue management, yield management, booking
    management, day rate management, booking
    calendar, guest relationship management,
    check-ins checkouts management, POS folio
    management, invoices and receipts and accounting
    document reports.
  • Our Hotel System is not just another PMS system,
    but an automated Hotel E.R.P. solution that will
    guarantee improvements to market, guest service
    and satisfaction, on top of that will increase
    occupancy, average room rates, staff productivity
    and satisfaction, and finally you will have the
    tools of control procedures and real-time
    management decision making.
  • We have integrated 25 (and counting) hotel
    wholesalers to our system, allowing your direct
    customers and agents to perform just one search,
    and instantly access the inventory of multiple
    suppliers. It is quick and efficient because we
    also mapped the information of our suppliers
    leading to no content duplication.

Features of hotel management software
  • Guest-Centric Check-In/Out with Multiple Flexible
  • Comprehensive Rate and Yield Management Tools.
  • Extensive Group Booking Functionality with
    Inventory Allotments via Multiple Methods.
  • Highly Customizable Reporting Available in Excel,
    HTML, PDF or CSV Formats.
  • Customizable Letters Emails for Personalized
    Guest Communication Marketing.
  • Web-Based Hotel Management System Eliminates
    Frustrating Crashes, Downtime and Data Loss.
  • Simultaneous, Multiple System User Sessions.
  • System-Wide Archiving Data is Never Lost or
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support.
  • Free Upgrades with Automatic Access to Newest
    Versions of Software.
  • Onsite Installation and Training Available.
  • Network Security.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing.
  • Interfaces with Property Essential Programs.
  • Efficient Inventory Tracking.
  • Maintenance Tracking.
  • Website Booking Tool.
  • Housekeeping Management.

Enhance User Experience with Our Fully-Functional
Hotel Management Software
  • Global GDS built-in hotel management software
    package deal offers most of the tools you need
    for efficient IT support of your business. Rather
    than operating many applications with limited
    information sharing between them. Global
    GDS's hotel software solution gives you all the
    critical systems in one, integrated package and
    provides broadloom sharing of business-critical
  • Functions for managing reservations, internet
    bookings, housekeeping, agent relations, guest
    information, bars and restaurants and even web TV
    solution come naturally integrated with
    conventional ERP system, CRM and business
    information management functions.
  • The all-in-one hotel management software's
    approach makes sure that you as a customer perks
    from the best of both worlds, providing you the
    freedom and velocity in receiving and making use
    of the information few of your rivals have.

How Hotel Management System Works?
  • In Global GDS's software for hotel management,
    business standard technologies like touch screens
    and magnetic cards for bar and restaurant
    terminals, night audit procedures, PBX
    connections and others come hand in hand with
    leading-edge technologies like mobile device
    clients for your waiters, integrated intranet Web
    sales tools, desktop-like remote control access
    to all of your information through low bandwidth
    web connections and many more.
  • Software applications are the key tools that help
    you to enhance and develop your business in all
    respect. Whether it is an online business or a
    product development facility of any type, you
    will notice software programs of highest
    performance are now used in all areas.
  • They help to get respectable improvements in
    productivity, work efficiency, management at
    different levels, stock monitoring and so on.
    Unlike yesteryears, the use of application has
    become an indispensable thing now.
  • At the growing stage of IT development, a wide
    array of software has also been developed for
    different purposes. Nowadays, in the market,
    there are several software development companies
    which develop various custom based software
    including hotel software, management software for
    hospitals, Restaurant POS, software for
    transport, etc.

Gain Profitable Benefits in Global GDS
  • All these software help in the smooth functioning
    of the respective business and gain profitable
    benefits. Here are some supplier's that are
    available in the market.
  • Kuoni Travel Ltd Our Hotel B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    hotel booking engine includes Kuoni amongst the
    many major hotel wholesale companies we currently
    have integrated in the system. In order to
    provide you with access to Kuoni's inventory and
    allow for live booking of their product on your
    system. Our travel booking software offers Kuoni
    hotel api integration.
  • Go Global Global GDS's Hotel B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    booking engine have integrated GoGlobal along
    with many other hotel wholesale companies into a
    single system.
  • Hotusa Hotusa was founded in 1977 through the
    initiative of hotel managers group from Barcelona
    who decided to join hands in creating an
    organization offering, in order to provide
    business and marketing services for independent
    hotel properties and enhance their distribution
  • Abreu Online Hotel Wholesaler Abreu Online is
    part of the Abreu Travel Group, established in
    Oporto in 1840 and has grown into one of the
    leading, most successful travel companies in the
    travel industry employing over 1120 staff
    worldwide. We have become a powerful force in the
    world of FIT, Tour Operation, DMC etc.

Why Hotel Software is most important software
solutions for hotels?
  • The Hotel Booking Engine is one of the highly
    profitable solutions available to you. The margin
    of profit of B2C is more than B2B. So, the
    opportunity is massive. The most important factor
    is correctly combining the appropriate hotel
    wholesale suppliers with the right distribution
    capabilities to develop your sales significantly.
  • Global GDS software reservations for hotel that
    is designed to optimize conversions and increase
    direct bookings. Increase the productivity of
    your web presence with our easy-to-use booking
  • It has an intuitive user-friendly interface and
    is also extremely powerful it allows you to
    build promotions, manage multiple room bookings,
    upsell services and more. Be instantly bookable
    to your hotel website with our Booking Engine
    solution and meet your guest expectations.
  • Our hotel software reservations provide
    everything for your accommodation to optimize
    occupancy and revenue levels. Effectively yields
    manage and maximize profits.
  • Our fully functional booking engine offers a lot
    more in terms of language support, feedback,
    mapping and routing, social media integration and
    a stand-alone dashboard for online hotel
  • Our hotel booking platform not only powers online
    bookings but also integrates seamlessly with your
    existing hotel technologies enabling you to
    manage reservations efficiently across all of
    your distribution networks. At Global GDS, we
    provide a cost-effective and reliable online
    reservation solution that eliminates
    intermediaries and allows hoteliers to sell their
    inventory directly to the guests.
  • Global GDS online travel booking engine is
    accomplished by increasing the speed of all your
    processes thus growing your ultimate profits and
    revenues. Integrate the website with
    a web-booking engine.

online hotel web booking engine assists you to
customize as per business requirements
  • Personalize the design to match your website, set
    up rates and policies with ease. Attract online
    bookings with added services.
  • Optimize your distribution strategy and maximize
    direct hotel bookings with Global GDSs
    Reservations Booking Engine solutions. Our
    industry-leading, web-based central hotel
    reservation system supports all our booking
  • Our Flexible and Integrated Hotel CRS integrates
    various distribution networks and provides
    distribution modules for your site, smartphone,
    travel agent and online travel agent (OTA)
  • You can track hotel room availability, prices,
    and inventory from a single point of entry, while
    constantly enhancing performance through our
    comprehensive reporting tools and automatic
    alerting system.
  • Global GDS is a technology company that believes
    in nurturing our talent to bring you the most
    innovative ideas, designs, and technologies. We
    enable you to stand out in the market and drive
    the changes in this industry, to be independent
    and to have the power to implement your strategy.
  • We provide a hotel booking engine with a B2B
    B2C booking engine that helps increase your
    profitability and efficiency. Whether you
    distribute B2B, B2C or B2B2C channels, our Hotel
    Booking Engine can dramatically boost your
    increasing online hotel sales.
  • Our B2B / B2C Hotels embodies our concept of not
    only integrating multiple wholesale providers and
    content providers via the XML API but also
    providing sophisticated management tools to allow
    the rapid deployment of multiple sub-agents and
    affiliates, each with access to our B2B Hotels
  • Our hotel software reservations are connected to
    all leading hotel suppliers, converting customer
    requests on your travel portal to bookings and
    generating higher revenue from bookings. Our
    strong and personalized hotel booking software
    system can completely customize it to suit your
  • Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests
    to avail of special offers, promo codes and the
    ability to do group bookings. We believe that in
    order to promote growth in the global travel
    market, sophisticated but simple technology must
    be available to all.
  • Our passion for modernizing the industry by
    incorporating innovative technology solutions
    that address the changing needs of the market has
    led to the development of the next generation
    Travel Technology solutions.

customize Hotel Software and Motel Software
  • Our market-leading platforms and services combine
    industry expertise with a strong foundation of
    shared proven technology for various business
  • By using state-of-the-art technology, we have
    developed a rich experience in delivering
    high-performance travel software and booking
    engine solutions to leading organizations in the
    marketplace and we are proud to make the best use
    of the latest available technology to meet the
    growing demand for fast, efficient, and
  • Our systems and processes are based on the
    industry's best quality practices, helping our
    customers to adapt more quickly to the rapidly
    changing business requirements globally.
  • We specialize in the integration of global
    distribution systems and have worked successfully
    on GDS systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo,
    Worldspan, Travelport, etc.
  • We've proven a record in incorporating the GDS
    system for airline bookings, hotels, car
    rentals and vacations with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    options together with the admin module.
  • We have built our solutions to allow corporate
    travel agencies and travel management companies
    to maximize business travel for the benefit of
    both travelers and businesses.
  • Our GDS software helps travel agents, travel
    companies and their customers access travel data
    by comparing prices, booking choices, access
    schedules, and inventory (car rentals, hotels,
    airlines, holidays, etc.) along with possible
    online ticket booking choices.

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