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Title: Best of the Skytale Insights Podcast

Best of the Skytale Insights Podcast
Grow Your DSO or Aesthetic Practice with Insight
from Industry Experts Did you know we launched a
podcast? Now, busy practice owners can stay on
top of aesthetic and dental industry trends,
growth strategies, and insight on the go. Whether
youre on a walk or on your commute, join our
consultants and industry experts in conversation
on the Skytale Insights podcast. (Subscribe on
Apple podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite
podcast app.) Grow your DSO or medical aesthetic
practice with insight from experts in every
facet of the dental and medical aesthetics
industries. Our podcast library is growing, and
we dont want you to miss out on the helpfuland
freeeducation. Check out a recap of our podcast
episodes below!
Got something youd like us to talk about or
someone you think we should talk to? Get in
touch with us.
How to Build a Successful Team with Steve
Markowitz, MD
Industry Dental Episode Takeaways
  • Key principles for establishing a successful team
    and company culture
  • The importance of trust in team dynamics and
    strategies for cultivating it
  • Effective conflict resolution techniques for
    managing workplace disputes
  • Best practices for integrating new acquisitions
    into your business operations
  • Exploring MFD Dental Management an insiders
    perspective on operations and growth strategies
  • Eric and Steve discuss MFD, a dentist-owned and
    led dental organization whose mission is to
    change how people feel about going to the dentist
    through creating amazing experiences.

Dr. Markowitz shares what makes his business
successful and offers insight into how owners
can build a resilient team. Plus, heres his take
on what a clinical director does. Listen to this
Whats Happening in the Aesthetics Job Market
with Bree Black
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • Skills and qualities practices look for when they
    hire new employees
  • Compensation and benefits packages top candidates
    are looking for
  • Why talented injectors and providers leave their
    positions, and strategies to retain talent
  • What its like to work with a recruiting company
    to fill a position
  • Job Snobs recent partnership with AmSpa
  • Job Snobs data on compensation benchmarks for
    providers and aesthetics employees in various

  • The industrys provider (specifically injector)
    shortage, and what practices can do to retain
  • providers in a competitive market
  • What is an acquisition matchmaker? A new way
    Job Snob is making connections in the industry
  • Bree and Eric discuss Job Snob, a talent and
    recruiting platform for medical
  • aesthetics businesses. Bree shares how her
    company has evolved with the industry, hiring
    trends in the aesthetics job market, and tips for
    both business owners and candidates.
  • Listen to this episode

Advanced MedAesthetic Partners Consolidation in
the Aesthetics Space with Nicole Chiaramonte and
Drew Fine
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • Behind the scenes of Advanced MedAesthetic
    Partners (AMP)

  • Insights on building your business and preparing
    to sell
  • Determining what you want out of selling your
  • Future trends of the aesthetic space for sellers
  • Finding the right fit when selling your business
  • Nicole Chiaramonte, CEO, and Drew Fine, CCO,
    discuss the platform they are building, Advanced
    MedAesthetic Partners, and how it is transforming
    the medical aesthetics industry through
    consolidation and innovation. They share their
    insights on how the med spa industry is
    evolving, the importance of building a great
    business, creating a strong team, and staying
    ahead of the curve in the highly competitive
    world of medical aesthetics.
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Navigating the Complexities of Mergers and
Acquisitions with Mike White
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare
  • Effects of inflation, recession, and layoffs on
    mergers and acquisitions in healthcare
  • How businesses are usually valued and how to
    increase it
  • The different components of a deal, such as cash
    at close, rollover equity, and earnouts
  • The long and complicated process of selling a
  • Significance of having the right partner
  • Importance of understanding the tax implications
    and legal considerations when selling a business
  • Mergers and acquisitions exist in the healthcare
    industry too, and just like in any other
    industry, there are a lot of concepts to
    consider. One of them is business valuation. Mike
    White gives fresh insights about the questions
    we pondered and sheds light on concepts that
    could help sellers appeal to their potential
    buyers while understanding these buyers
  • Listen to this episode

Unlocking New Opportunities to Propel Your
Business Forward with Neekan Rivera
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • Neekans journey of how she became a leader in
    the aesthetic industry
  • Motivation to propel your business
  • Why transparency is key to driving your business
  • The importance of knowing when to ask for help in
    making decisions
  • With the right guidance, entrepreneurs can turn
    their vision into a profitable
  • and sustainable business. Neekan Rivera shares
    her journey with listeners about how she grew
    her company, Aére Aesthetics, from a
    single-location practice to successful multi-
  • location practices. As a long-time client of
    Skytale Group, we have had the privilege to see
    Neekan unlock the new opportunities of her
    business and achieve her dream of opening a
    Beverly Hills location.
  • Listen to this episode

Tips Best Practices for Med Spa Membership
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • What a membership program is in the medical
    aesthetics space
  • The reason to start a membership program from the
    perspective of a business owner
  • Tips and advice to implement a membership program
  • Pitfalls to avoid when setting up a membership
  • How to measure the success of a membership
  • Setting up a membership program is a proven way
    to keep our clients loyal. But creating one
    could be tricky. There should be a delicate
    balance where both the clients and the
    businesss objectives are satisfied. Judy
    Kozlicki and Ashley Carter give their tips about
    structuring the membership program that fits you
    and your clients.
  • Listen to this episode

Daxxify What You Should Know About the New
Neuromodulator with Judy Kozlicki and Ashley
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • What Daxxify is
  • What Daxxifys edge is in comparison to other
    neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau,
  • How medical aesthetics businesses should approach
    the implementation of Daxxify
  • Why Daxxify is a great investment for clinics and
    medical aesthetics businesses
  • Early concerns for medical aesthetics business
    owners and how to tackle these
  • The communitys response to Daxxify
  • Addressing the fear of consumers

Is Botox really out now that a new and better
promising competition has arrived? How will
Daxxify change the medical aesthetic market and
how should we approach this lead? Judy Kozlicki
and Ashley Carter share their thoughts and
assessment about Daxxify and how it will
revolutionize the world of medical
aesthetics. Listen to this episode
Using Data to Drive and Scale a DSO with Eric
Pastan, David Wilson and Greg Mahoney
Industry Aesthetics, Dental Episode Takeaways
  • How the quality of data input into the system
  • The practice management system as a crucial tool
    to drive data
  • Data tracking in different fields of the medical
    and dental industries
  • How leadership and a culture of excellence ties
    into being data-driven
  • Analyzing performance and success indicators
  • Setting up data collection infrastructure to back
    up data

Data allows DSOs to provide the appropriate
response, services, and patient care, which
allows for better operations management and
growth projection. Hoping to grow your DSO?
James Turcott talks with Eric Pastan, David
Wilson, and Greg Mahoney about the success
stories on how the power of data and how using
analytics and key performance indicators drive
and scale DSOs, and what it really means to be a
data-driven DSO. Listen to this episode
MA in the Med Spa Industry with Tedd Van Gorden
Industry Aesthetics Episode Takeaways
  • The state of the medical spa and aesthetic
  • What buyers and private equity groups are looking
    for in the aesthetic space
  • Cash flow
  • Service Mix
  • Pricing
  • Scalability

  • o Owners story/reason for selling
  • How med spa owners can add value to their
  • New technology in the form of digital platforms
    and physical equipment has brought new
    excitement to this space, and many private equity
    firms have shown a huge interest in acquiring
    businesses that have the right mix of assets and
    opportunities. Ben and Tedd Van Gorden, VP of
    MA at Skytale Group talk about the growing
    demand and attraction in the med spa industry
    and how business owners looking to sell can
    strategically add value to their businesses.
  • Listen to this episode

What Makes Skytale Group Stand Out?
Industry Aesthetics, Dental Episode Takeaways
  • The people behind Skytale Group and what inspires
    them to be a part of the team
  • How Skytale helps dental and aesthetics clients
  • What sets Skytale apart from other advisory firms

  • How competitive Skytale is in the market
  • Why Skytale focuses on healthcare
  • We dont offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Our
    experienced team customizes our strategies for
    every client, ensuring that we deliver deep
    industry insight with a plan for execution.
  • We work to understand exactly what your
    organization looks like, listen to your vision
    for growth, and create a roadmap to help you
    reach your goals.
  • Listen to this episode
  • Looking for consulting services? Grow your DSO or
    medical aesthetic practice with Skytale Group.
  • The podcast offers just a fraction of the wisdom
    our DSO and medical aesthetic consultants have
    to offer. Contact us for information to grow,
    scale, or sell your healthcare organization with
    Skytale Group.
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