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Trip Builder


Global GDS Trip Builder allows travel companies to create customized travel itineraries for their customers. The customer can use this tool to select their desired destinations, dates, and activities, and the system will then generate an itinerary that meets their specific requirements. For more details, Pls visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Trip Builder

Trip Builder
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What is trip builder for the travel business?
  • A trip builder is a tool that allows travel
    companies to create customized travel itineraries
    for their customers. The customer can use this
    tool to select their desired destinations, dates,
    and activities, and the system will then generate
    an itinerary that meets their specific
  • Travel agencies, tour operators, and online
    travel companies can use trip builder software to
    provide personalized travel experiences to their
    customers. It can also be used to streamline the
    booking process, saving time and effort for both
    the travel company and the customer.
  • A trip builder is a software application that
    travel companies use to create personalized
    travel itineraries for their customers. Customers
    can access their preferred destinations, travel
    dates, and activities, and the system will
    generate a custom itinerary that meets their
  • The trip builder can be used by distinct types of
    travel businesses, such as travel agencies, tour
    operators, and online travel companies. It
    enables them to provide more personalized travel
    experiences to their customers, increasing
    customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The trip builder generally includes features such
    as customizable templates, real-time
    accessibility, pricing information, and the
    ability to book and manage reservations. Some
    trip builders could include additional features,
    such as suggestions for activities and
    accommodations based on the customer's
    preferences and budget.
  • If you are on the lookout for a reliable yet
    hassle-free tour itinerary planner, you can opt
    for Global GDS. With years of experience in
    developing travel tech products, you can rely on
    us. Our top-notch tour planner is one-of-a-kind.
    Rest assured you will grow your business
    enormously with our tour itinerary planner.

Why having the Trip Plans Mobile App is important
for Travel Business?
  • Trip Builder is a complete travel software
    solution for Travel, Tour, Activity, and Car
    Rental Operators that allows them to create
    customized trip itineraries based on customer
    preferences and make trip booking simple to
    enhance the client experience.
  • Trip Builder is a complete Trip Itinerary Planner
    that comes with the key role of Itinerary
    Creation, Itinerary Customization to build trip
    quotations and keep track of activities such as
    scheduling, itinerary, meals, booking, and
    inventory to automate the travel process and
    increase bookings.
  • Trip Builder Software streamlines the booking
    process by providing customers with an online
    booking engine that includes a trip quotation
    builder to provide a rich customer experience
    while increasing online bookings and revenues. It
    enables travel agents to create customized
    itineraries based on their needs, making trip
    booking easier and improving customer experience.
  • It is specifically designed for tours, travel,
    packages, activities, and car rentals, and it
    automates the sales process for the best results.
    It is a travel software that assists tour
    operators or travel agents in keeping track of
    activities such as scheduling, itinerary, meals,
    booking, and inventory automation. It simplifies
    the booking process by offering worldwide
    customers a comprehensive booking engine that
    comes with a trip builder booking system to
    increase bookings and revenue.

What are the best Trip Plans Mobile App that
helps organize plan trips with ease?
  • Global GDS, one of the industry's most prominent
    travel technology solutions service providers,
    introduces Trip Builder, a one-stop solution for
    travel agents and tour operators.
  • Global GDS provides one of the best online tour
    itinerary planners. It simplifies the work of
    travel agents and businesses by allowing for easy
    integration with travel booking software.
  • Global GDS assists tour operators and travel
    agents in saving time, reducing workload, and
    providing the best services to their customers.
    With this software, you can design and build
    attractive and attention-worthy travel
    itineraries. This way, you'll have all of your
    travel information in one place. It makes the
    travel planning process easier.
  • Speed up sales and booking and automate the
    entire workflow with Global GDS, the best travel
    software  Trip Builder for Tour Operators,
    Travel Agencies, and DMCs.
  • Moreover, with our trip itinerary planner, you
    can create, edit, and share travel plans and
    details with your clients. Choose Global GDS as
    your travel planner and let us assist you to
    reach new heights of success.

Make Your Custom Travel Itinerary Online with
Trip Builder
  • Global GDS 's online itinerary builder makes it
    easy for travel companies to create a
    personalized tour plan with all the required
    details. Our goal at Global GDS is to help your
    customers find the best deals on the travel of
    their dreams. We offer the utmost itinerary
    creation that meets every need of a travel
  • The software is designed to help with a smooth
    workflow by providing simple itinerary creation
    options. It has several automation features that
    help you save time and effort when creating a
    detailed and impressive travel itinerary.
  • When you create an itinerary with the Trip
    Builder, you can provide your clients with
    detailed information about each activity on each
    day of the tour. You can also inform them about
    any additional activities that will be taking
    place on the day.
  • With the travel planner app, customers can check
    all the data they need to be associated with
    their booking. This includes their daily
    itinerary as well as valuable info and documents
    such as e-tickets, booking vouchers, and terms
    and conditions.
  • Being able to provide all necessary information
    to clients in a timely and efficient manner will
    have a positive impact on travellers, whether
    during the trip or before it begins. With our
    effective itinerary planner, you can quickly
    create and deliver the best itineraries and
    travel deals to your clients.

Key Features of Tour Itinerary Planner
  • Integration of different payment gateways One of
    the key features of a trip itinerary planner is
    access to multiple payment gateways. These
    gateways must be integrated into the software
    seamlessly. Customers can then immediately
    proceed with bookings after evaluating the plan.
    These include debit cards, credit cards, net
    banking, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
  • Offers and discounts Another important feature
    to consider for the tour itinerary planner is the
    integration of offers and discounts. These are
    excellent methods for attracting customers and
    increasing profits. Introducing many discounts on
    a popular destination can significantly increase
    traffic to your business.
  • Cancellation policy It is vital to implement a
    well-detailed cancellation policy. That way,
    travellers will know when they can cancel and
    still expect a refund, as well as whether a
    refund is possible after booking. These queries
    must be made clear so that there is no scope for
    the smallest bit of confusion.
  • Customization Customization is the key to
    keeping your travel business alive. You need to
    make changes as per the purchasing pattern of the
    customers on your site. You must also be aware of
    current trends and incorporate them
    appropriately. In case, customers seek specially
    customized planning for their tour, you must
    deliver that.

Key Benefits of Trip Builder Quotation
  • Tracking sales One of the most significant
    benefits of using a Trip Builder Quotation is the
    ability to keep track of total sales generated.
    That way, you can keep the business organized and
    work diligently. It also helps in building
    itineraries as you can see which spot gets the
    maximum sales.
  • Excellent inventory management Another advantage
    of Trip Builder Quotation is the ability to
    manage inventory flawlessly. It is vital to be
    aware of the travel services you have available
    so that you can create travel itineraries
    accordingly. That way, you can restock or make
    changes to your upcoming travel plans.
  • Saves time The most important benefit of a
    reliable Trip Builder Quotation is the ability to
    save time. If one must start from scratch, it
    will undoubtedly take a long time. To prevent
    such a scenario and improve efficiency, the
    assistance of a reliable tour itinerary planner
    is a must.
  • Efficiency Trip builders can streamline the
    booking process by automating many of the manual
    tasks involved in creating and managing travel
    itineraries. This can save time and effort for
    both the travel business and the customer.
  • Data analysis Trip builders can gather data
    about customer preferences and behaviour, that
    can be used to enhance the travel business's
    marketing and operations strategies.

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