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Travel Website Builder


Travelopro provides Travel Website Builder, Best Website Builder Software to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies globally. For more details, please visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Travel Website Builder

Travel Website Builder
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  • Starting the travel business is always a
    challenge, especially for those entrepreneurs,
    who have never done that before and do not have a
    single idea of the steps and skills this process
    involves. Whether you already run a travel agency
    or just plan to launch the one, you wont go
    without setting up a website to represent your
    business online.
  • A travel website is the top destination for your
    current and potential customers. This is also the
    best source of information about your company,
    services and updates you provides, pricing policy
    and other notable issues. A full-featured travel
    agency website can provide your customers with
    much industry-related information, which cannot
    be found in other advertising materials or other
    offline sources of information.
  • The urge to travel can never extinguish.
    Searching a human being who is averse to travel
    is a task next to impossible in the civilized
    parts of the globe. Whereas travel has always
    been considered as a fulfilling and refreshing
    experience from centuries, the growing hold of
    Internet over our lives has certainly been the
    single most important catalyst that has made
    travel like a loved niche these days.
  • Before spilling the beans on best website
    builders for creating contemporary travel
    websites, lets answer as to why youd want to
    have such a website.
  • Be where your target audiences want you 
  • Offer your travel market service portfolio
    through the most profitable channel 
  • Build a valuable population of traffic 

  • Why you need to make a Travel Website?
  • The tourism industry continues to experience
    outstanding growing over the last decade. One of
    the reasons why tourism has seen outstanding
    growing is the prevalence of online travel
    websites. A good travel website will assist your
    tourism business get the necessary exposure it
    needs to be successful.
  • A travel agencys success is determined by how
    many customers it can attract to its deals and
    packages. A dedicated travel agency website
    permits travel businesses to showcase their
    offerings efficiently.
  • A travel website has a lot more information
    related to ongoing events, updated travel
    packages and travel resources. One should always
    understand their visitors and customers in order
    to increase the sales. It doesnt make a
    difference whether you are new to the industry or
    you have been in for a long time, if you have a
    good website then you are far ahead of your

  • How to create a travel website
  • The various elements necessary for a travel
    company website will change depending on the
    company and the business model. For instance, a
    small travel blogger may focus on the online
    content and visual elements of their own
    traveling, whereas a massive tourism conglomerate
    may put more emphasis on the online store and
    booking aspects of the site, related to a travel
  • Because of this, its important to ask yourself
    the following questions before you begin
  • Who is my audience?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • What sections, features, and functionalities do
    you require? 
  • What are you trying to say or sell?  
  • By taking stock of your goals and requirements,
    you will be able to save time and ensure that
    your site is geared towards your target audience.
    Once this brainstorming is done, you are ready to
    get to work.
  • Select the right platform
  • Pick a domain name 
  • Create your website
  • Tailor the site to your audience 
  • Add the right features

  • Features
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly and browser-optimized
  • Online search and book of tours from Travelopro
  • Advanced search, tour overview by destination or
  • Great selection of design templates
  • User friendly structure HP page views,
    drop-down menus, unlimited pages
  • News features, blog posts, multiple sliders
  • Hosting, system maintenance, implementation and
    updates included
  • Benefits
  • Pull tours from Travelopro and offer them within
    your marketing plan
  • No need for updating tour itineraries and general
  • Revenue is based on bookings made through your
  • Automated calculation of commissions
  • No customer payments nor administration processes
  • Clear overview of booking status and customer
    contact details

  • Why choose Travelopro Website Builder for a
    Travel Agency Website?
  • Building a travel agency website from scratch can
    be a little intimidating, particularly if you are
    unfamiliar with technology. Travelopro website
    builder, however, removes all these barriers and
    provides no-code development to everyone. The
    platform is automatic and user-friendly, apart
    from being affordable and fast.
  • No-code Development- Code is no need for the
    website, when created with Travelopro website
    builder. Pages can be added to the website by
    just dragging and dropping.
  • SEO Friendly- Travelopro Website builder creates
    SEO friendly Websites that make ranking in Google
    a piece of cake.
  • Time Friendly- The company offers the dedicated
    team of developers that develop websites in the
    least available time. With Travelopro, a new
    website can be created within hours.
  • Feather-light Websites- Travelopro website
    builder creates light and fast opening websites
    and ensures an outstanding user experience.
  • Buy your own domain- Travelopro Smart Assistant
    helps the customers in buying their own domain.
    You can have the domain with Travelopro you
  • Customer Help Support- The team offers
    immediate customer help support, if required.
    FAQs and guides are also available online.

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