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Angular vs. React


Angular vs. React: Get detailed information about the required difference between Angular and React. Both are used for front-end development services by Albiorix Technology. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Angular vs. React

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Angular vs React Which JS Framework Should You
  • Are there more than 100 frameworks and languages
    on the market that may be used to develop web
    apps that are reliable and secure? The
    developers' most significant challenge is keeping
    up with the most recent changes and trends the
    sector is seeing.
  • The main responsibility becomes choosing the one
    that makes your job easier. The two most
    prominent and well-liked front-end development
    frameworks for creating mobile and web
    applications are Angular and React.
  • The real battle begins when deciding between
    Angular and React as the framework for your
    upcoming project. When selecting the ideal one
    for your project demands, you must take into
    account several crucial variables.

What is Angular?
  • Under the name of AngularJS, which often adheres
    to the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture,
    Angular was launched in 2010. It is a web
    development framework that Google usually creates
    and maintains.
  • Angular is a JavaScript framework built on
    TypeScript that comes with a set of developer
    tools to build and scale projects from small,
    one-developer applications to enterprise-grade
  • In addition to being funded by a major tech
    company, Angular is well renowned for its
    features like two-way data binding and dependency

  • The most recent version (as of today) that offers
    more significant advancements in creating SPAs
    for your business needs since 2010 is Angular 15.
    When comparing Angular 15 to its predecessor,
    several new features are increasingly exclusive
    to Angular and have resulted in significant
  • What are the essential factors that make Angular
    deal with web app development?
  • You can quickly build scalable and complex
    applications as it contains a component-based
  • The angular framework includes a list of
    fully-functional programming and requires
    additional libraries, covering a wide variety of
    features of Angular, including routing, forms
    management, client-server communication, and
  • A suite of software development tools to help you
    develop, build, test, and update your code.

What is Angular Good For?
  • After looking at the basic concept of what is
    Angular, its time to explore the potential
    benefits of the Angular framework.
  • Angular is a one-such framework developed
    especially for designing and building dynamic
    modern websites for your business needs.
  • The Angular framework helps you build interactive
    and dynamic SPAs with robust features like
    templating, two-way data binding, bidirectional
    data binding process, modularization, RESTful API
    handling, dependency injection, and AJAX
  • Angular is the best for web designers too.
    Designers can use HTML as a template language and
    even extend HTML syntax to convey the
    applications components easily. You also dont
    need to rely on third-party libraries to build
    dynamic applications with Angular.

What are the Benefits of Angular?
What is React?
  • React frontend development framework managed
    explicitly by Facebook and a community of
    individual developers and communities. The first
    React version was initially released in 2013.
  • Its a JavaScript library that lets you build a
    secure user interface (UI) for your website.
    React is one of the well-known Javascript
    frameworks used explicitly for front-end
  • The UI development is made easy by its
    component-based and declarative structure. React
    is the front-end development framework managed
    explicitly by Facebook and a community of
    individual developers and communities. The first
    React version was initially released in 2013.

  • What are the essential factors that make React
    deal with web development?
  • React makes it easy for any React developer to
    create interactive UIs. They can smoothly design
    simple views for every state in the web
    application. The excellent part of React is that
    it allows you to update efficiently and renders
    just the right components when your data changes.
  • You can build encapsulated components, allowing
    developers to manage their states. Moreover, the
    entire component logic is written in JavaScript
    rather than on templates passing rich data
    through the web app becomes relatively smooth for
    the whole React application development.
  • With its prime principle, Learn Once, Write
    Anywhere, React developers can quickly develop
    fast, scalable, and complex apps for all business

What is ReactJS Good For?
  • The potential benefits of the ReactJS framework
  • ReactJS is a multi-purpose, open-source library
    that is mainly used in front-end development,
    focusing on building user interfaces.
  • React is a JavaScript framework that is
    specifically designed to help you deal with an
    innovative way of rendering websites, evolving
    the responsive nature of web pages.
  • React framework is the perfect choice when you
    want to develop Single Page Applications (SPAs)
    as it can rewrite and update content on a web
    page without requiring to reload or refresh the
  • React Native, the best React framework for
    creating native mobile apps and Native
  • Large social media sites, such as Instagram,
    Facebook, and Reddit use ReactJS for front-end
    website development needs.
  • Newspaper agency New York Times, streaming
    service Netflix, and Customer relation system
    SalesForce also use ReactJS for the development
    of their mobile app.

What are the Benefits of React?
What are The Differences Between Angular Vs React?
  • Should I pick React or Angular? On the subject of
    Angular vs. React, there have been numerous
    discussions. To assist you to decide which is
    best for your upcoming project, we will clarify
    the differences between Angular JS and React JS
    in this article.
  • AngularJS, developed by Google, is an open-source
    structural framework used to build dynamic web
    apps, while ReactJS, developed by Facebook, is an
    open-source library that allows you to build UI
  • Angular JS is a TypeScript-based web application
    framework, whereas React JS is a JavaScript-based
  • While talking about React JS vs Angular, Angular
    is a JS framework built using TypeScript, whereas
    React JS is a JS library built using JSX.

  • React.js is mostly used to build interactive UI
    components with frequently variable data, whereas
    Angular.js is used to build complex enterprise
    apps like progressive web apps and single-page
  • While comparing Angular JS vs React JS, Angular
    JS is used to build single-page applications
    using HTML and TypeScript. React JS is commonly
    used to create user interfaces for single-page
    applications from isolated components.
  • The actual difference between React and Angular
    is their learning curve Angular is steeper,
    while React has a moderate learning curve.
  • Angular is a part of the MEAN stack and is very
    compatible with many code editors. Its also
    considered to develop dynamic websites and web
    apps. On the other hand, React is widely used to
    develop reusable HTML elements for front-end

Angular vs React The Comparison Table
Comparison Angular React
Founder Misko Hevery Jordan Walke
Best For Building highly active and interactive web apps for your business needs Creating large scale apps with subsequent variable data
DOM Angular supports Real DOM React utilizes Virtual DOM
Pricing Model Open-Source Open-Source
Data Binding Supports two-way data binding Supports one-way data binding
Comparison Angular React
Best For Building highly active and interactive web apps for your business needs Developing large web apps with subsequent variable data
App Size React application developed are small in size React application developed are small in size
Performance The performance of Angular apps is high The performance of React apps is high
Learning Curve Angular has steeper learning curve The learning curve is moderate
Scalability Modular development structure Component-based approach
Programming Language TypeScript JavaScript
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Angular or React Which is Better?
  • Hence, Angular or React, whichever you select,
    are both designed for front-end development.
    Whereas Angular is a comprehensive mobile and web
    development framework, React is only a JavaScript
    package used to create powerful user interfaces.
  • Compared to Angular, the React framework is more
    lightweight. Furthermore, starting a React
    project takes less time. However, Angular is
    slightly more difficult for developers to learn
    and takes more time. In a nutshell, React
    performs better than Angular.
  • Even so, if you run into trouble figuring out the
    framework for your project's requirements.
    Albiorix offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for
    front-end development services.
  • Albiorix, a well-known AngularJS development
    company, has a group of talented developers who
    work to deliver the best solutions. We are a
    top-notch ReactJS development firm that also
    specialises in Angular development, and our React
    developers are skilled at taking care of your
    development requirements.

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