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5 Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom


Before approaching a modular furniture manufacturer to have your wardrobe designs, browse through these 5 wardrobe designs for your bedroom, ranging from simple basic designs to intelligent and useful ones. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

5 Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom
Wardrobes play an important role in storing all
the essentials of ones clothing, accessories,
shoes, bags, belts, and every other element,
keeping them neatly organized in place. They
also provide more area for storing other huge
items like bedsheets, curtains, blankets,
towels, and more. But, these wardrobes are not
limited to only providing usage they also add an
essence of beauty, if built well. The beauty of a
bedroom is not limited to only its walls,
ceilings, and colours wardrobes give the room
an aesthetic appeal too. A beautiful wardrobe
design can in fact transform the overall look of
the room. There are a number of designs that can
help you choose a modern look for your wardrobe,
and have an elegant wardrobe design with ample
amount of space. There are a variety of wardrobes
you can choose from, based on the materials,
design, number of doors, etc. Lets help you
explore some latest wardrobe designs you can have
in your bedroom. Sliding door wardrobe Sliding
doors are the very basic design of a wardrobe,
but something thats never going to go out of
style. You can choose to have 2, 3, 4, or even
more doors, depending upon the space you have.
Add on cabinets, drawers, hangers, shelves, and
any other element youd like, and it can be
easily done within a sliding wardrobe. Moreover,
you can also add glass doors to double the space
of your room visually. You may also install
mirrors on one or two of your doors. This will
serve two purposes first, it will create an
optical illusion of increased space and make
your room bigger second, it will serve the
purpose of a dressing room with a full-length
Around-the-window wardrobe You can use your
window wall as a great option for building your
wardrobe. Use the full height of the wall and
build a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, which can help
you stock up everything from the largest to the
smallest element youre looking to store,
leaving the window space alone. You can create a
small sitting area near the window, whether it
is a small sofa-and-cushion style to help you sit
and enjoy the view outside, or a small study
where you can sit and study well in the warmth
and freshness of the sunlight. Rustic wooden
wardrobe Planning to give your room a rustic
vibe? Opt for a wooden wardrobe with a simple
traditional design in your own choicest wood
texture and colour. Having long wooden doors
that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, with
vents on the front, can enable air circulation,
ensuring that your clothes and other stocked
items never damp, and always stay clean. This
type of wardrobe is best when the entire room is
of a wooden feel, with the flooring being wooden
too. And, to add to the effect, you can also
install warm yellow lights into your room, and
also inside your wardrobe, which light up when
you open your doors and drawers. Wardrobe with a
hidden bed This is one space-saving design, which
is perfect for a small room. If you have a small
room that cant accommodate much of a bed and a
wardrobe together, this intelligent idea is
going to lend you a hand! This design has a
folding bed built into the wardrobe, so that it
can be opened up as a bed when one wants to
sleep, and can be folded away into the cupboard
when not in use, looking like part of the
wardrobe itself! Such a strategy affords
functionality, as well as is a great
design. Corner space utilization We always see
corners going waste. Avoid such waste and put
your corners to good use. Make use of all the
available space you have. Empty corners can make
for great storage spaces for undergarments,
jewellery, winter wear, and other such small
items or those that arent frequently required.
L-shaped shelves will work well, reflecting lots
of storage and an intelligent design. Whatever
your wardrobe choice basic or intelligent VK
Designs is your one- stop solution for whatever
stunning design choice you make. Well-known as
a modular furniture manufacturer, were known to
provide beautiful, eye- catchy designs in
wardrobes, to suit a variety of spaces and
purposes. The wardrobes can be tailored around
your specific requirements and preferences, so
as to perfectly match them to the rest of your
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