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Depression and Anxiety Counseling


Get depression anxiety counseling online if you are tired of feeling sad anxious Let a licensed therapist help you with the therapy you need! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Depression and Anxiety Counseling

White Pine Therapy
Anxiety Depression Services in USA
About Us
As a native species to Georgia, the Eastern White
Pine with its medicinal, ecological and symbolic
value, serves as the noble namesake of this
Georgia-based therapy practice.  The White Pine
is a symbol of growth, resilience and strength,
healing and connectivity.  The Eastern White
Pine is the largest conifer in the eastern North
America that can grow up to 100 feet tall and its
trunk can grow as large as 4 feet. 
Counseling Georgia Holistic Counseling For
Anxiety And Depression
Find Convenient affordable Counseling in Georgia
at White Pine Therapy Get help with Anxiety
Depression If you feel sad, depressed or anxious,
visit now!
Counseling and Wellness Services
Counseling and Wellness Services Mental Health
Services Georgia
We offer holistic counseling and wellness
services at affordable prices 30 mins free zoom
consultation Contact us today for the best mental
health services in Georgia
Counseling and Wellness Services
Do you have a problem that wont seem to go away?
Get help with anxiety, depression, chronic
illness, stress, life transitions, relationship
problems, grief, phobias, and more. If you are
looking for proven strategies to help efficiently
resolve persistent issues in your life,
individual therapy can help.
Depression and Anxiety Counseling
Get depression anxiety counseling online if you
are tired of feeling sad anxious Let a licensed
therapist help you with the therapy you need!
Life feels gray.  The things you used to enjoy
dont make you happy anymore and you find
yourself with less and less energy.  You
alternate been sadness and anxiousness, never
feeling fully relaxed or alert.  You wish you
could just snap out of it, but there seem to be
too many problems to be in a good mood.
Cancer Counseling
Cancer Counseling Counseling For Healing From
We at White Pine Therapy offer cancer counseling
in Georgia Having difficulty sleeping,
remembering things getting along with others If
so, contact us now for a free consultation!
Doctors appointments, finances, insurance,
difficulty with your loved ones, more doctors
appointments, and fear - ever present fear.   You
dont feel like your own body anymore, let alone
your thoughts and emotions.  You find yourself
having difficulty sleeping, remembering things
and getting along with others.  You may find
yourself asking Whats the point? as you go to
another round of chemotherapy or radiation.  Or
maybe you have finished treatment but feel like
your old life is gone and you dont know which
direction to go. 
Therapy for Chronic Pain and Stress
Are you struggling managing the stress of chronic
pain Dont worry! We are here to help! Contact us
now for effective therapy to reduce chronic pain
and stress that comes with it! You have been in
pain a long time and feel like you have tried
everything.  Pain medication helps to a
degree.  But most days, you just feel tired. 
Either you take pain medication and lose all
drive and energy or suffer just to maintain life
responsibilities.   Generally, you resign
yourself to a constant hum of nerve discomfort. 
You feel both activated and paralyzed.
Contact Us
White Pine Mental Health And Wellness
I want to talk to you. The fact that you made it
to this page means that you want to improve your
life in some way. Even if I cant assist you
directly, I want to connect you with resources
that can help move you in the right direction.
Helping people feel better is my passion. Lets
see if I can help you. Contact me now for a free
30 minute virtual consultation.  (470)659-6276
Depression Therapist Atlanta
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