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How to Find the Best Business Accountant for Your Small Business


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Title: How to Find the Best Business Accountant for Your Small Business

How To Find The
Best Business Accountant for Your Small Business
A business accountants main job is to plan to
strategist the taxation of a business. Financial
records must be well maintained in a business
system to avoid significant confusion. A business
accountant is well aware of the amount payable,
the amount receivable, the profit and loss, the
cash flow, assets, and liabilities of a business.
A business accountant is responsible for
maintaining the financial statements of a
company. Other roles of a business accountant
include handling the payroll of other employees,
management consulting services, assurance
services, etc. For a small business, it is best
to micromanage and take care of weekly expenses
rather than working on the whole monthly or
yearly financial records. The following are some
of the best ways to find the best Business
Accountant for your small business.
Business Accountants for Small Businesses
Small businesses generally dont require a lot of
tasks when it comes to accounting and auditing.
The following are some areas to look into if you
are a start-up owner. If your business is a
product-based business with customers, keep a
clear record of all the orders, money
transactions, and the supply of your product.
There are many online record-keeping services
like https//,
which are specifically designed for small
businesses and start-ups. If you prefer manual
recording or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for
recording transactions, it is acceptable as
well. Proper naming of all the documents is
necessary while doing it manually. It is
essential to keep track of all the amounts to be
paid to the suppliers before the due date. Also,
creating a projected cash flow for the business
is also vital to manage the supplies. These
simple tasks generally dont require expert help
from big accounting firms. Nowadays, there are a
lot of financial freelancers with the knowledge
to carry on the accounting tasks of a small
business firm or a start-up. If the job
requirement is for a short period of time, then
you can look for freelancers with specializations
in business accounting. Nowadays, there are
multiple online platforms for accounting. If the
job is a full-time job, look for professionals
with work experience and professional
certificates. Follow the steps given below and
visit here to hire manager accounts recruitment.
Inquire Your Business Circle
This is a very reliable way to hire a business
accountant. Generally, business accountants
manage multiple businesses and work in different
companies simultaneously. It is advised to get
the help of your business peers and friends to
find a good business accountant. Find referrals
from your business circle and list down all the
potential candidates. It is also advised to get
the information personally rather than from an
unknown business firm. This method is a
traditional and conventional method to hire and
recruit employees. One advantage of this method
is the high credibility and assurance.
Accounting firms
There are many accounting firms that provide
business accounting services with their wide
range of business accountants suitable for
different domains and fields. Accounting firms
are a better option if you feel like you need a
customized business accountant specifically for
your small business. Accounting firms also help
in the process of reaching out to potential
clients. One major disadvantage is the fact that
accounting firms tend to have multiple clients.
So your small business will be one of their
clients and not an exclusive client. Another
major disadvantage is accounting firms, and other
corporates are a bit pricey with regard to a
small business or a start-up. Some top players in
accounting include Deloitte, Price water Cooper,
Ernst Young, KPMG, etc. Apart from these global
players, there are a number of local audit and
accounting firms. They are much more reliable and
supportive as compared with the other big
accounting firms.
Online Recruitment
Also, you can post a job opening with all the
credentials on job-finding websites for better
outreach. This method is a bit of an
unconventional approach rather than asking around
for referrals. The key points to note while
posting a job opening on online job-finding
websites are to clearly mention the fundamental
requirements of the job and to provide a brief
job description with all the roles and
responsibilities. Also, the eligibility criteria,
degree certifications, required skill sets,
previous experiences must be clearly mentioned.
Always tell the applicants to send their
Curriculum Vitae via e-mail. The resume and
Curriculum Vitae will significantly help to
shortlist a candidate based on their profile.
Once the applications are received, create a
listing with all the desirable candidates.
Schedule a Personal Interview
Once you have a list of shortlisted candidates
contact them directly via their e-mail or mobile
phone and schedule an interview. Before the
Personal Interview, you can create a
questionnaire with all the necessary inquiries.
The questions can be a combination of
professional questions and situation-based
questions. These situation-based questions will
help to estimate the soft skills of the
candidate. Never forget to discuss the salary
aspects and the expectations of the candidate.
Discuss with your prospective business accountant
regarding their views as well. Before
recruitment, clearly explain all the prospects of
your small business, your businesss current
financial records, etc. Once your PI is done, you
are good to go and recruit your business
Shortlisting Candidates
Shortlisting candidates is generally quite
difficult. Look for profiles that match your
business profile. There are various accounting
designations like Chartered Accountant, Certified
General Accountant, Certified Management
Accountant, Bookkeeper, Chartered Professional
Accountant. The critical difference between a
bookkeeper and an accountant is their primary
function. The primary job of an accountant is to
plan and strategize the business. On the other
hand, Bookkeepers maintain all the financial
records of the business. Set a clear goal while
recruiting a business accountant. You can also
do a little bit of background check by looking
into their LinkedIn profiles and other social
media profiles to check the authenticity of the
person. Nowadays, online frauds are increasing
due to misleading content posted on profiles.
Once a considerable number of candidates are
shortlisted, try to contact the individuals via
LinkedIn. Try to be clear on the duties and
expectations from your side while delivering the
information. The interviews can be in online mode
via a video conference due to the current
situation. Many interviews are nowadays conducted
in an online mode rather than direct physical
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