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8 Major Technology Trends That Will Shape Retail in 2022 and Beyond


This article will introduce some of the top retail technology trends that will impact the retail sector at large, though most other industries will have their impacts. A skilled custom app development company can address most of these trends to help you have the edge over your competitors. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 Major Technology Trends That Will Shape Retail in 2022 and Beyond

8 Major Technology Trends That Will Shape
Retail in 2022 and Beyond
February 1, 2022 Dash Technologies Inc Retail,
Quick Takeaways
  • lhe pandemic completely changed the way Ameíicans
    shop, and many of

those changes aíe expected to continue in 2022.
  • lhe íetail industíy will continue to be
    influenced by automation technology and

social media tíends.
  • Moíe stoíes will offeí peísonal shopping
    seívices, and social media influenceís

will continue to be píominent.
As the demand foí fasteí, convenient, and
peísonalized shopping has incíeased, smaít
technologies, such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Iol aíe
significantly gaining momentum
in the íetail sectoí. lechnology tíends aíe not
limited to just íetail, but acíoss all the majoí
industíies, like manufactuíing, education,
enteítainment, and healthcaíe (). lhis aíticle
will intíoduce some of the top íetail technology
tíends that will impact the íetail sectoí at
laíge, though most otheí industíies will have
theií impacts. A skilled custom app development
company can addíess most of these tíends to help
you have the edge oveí youí competitoís. Trend
1 PoS Systems Whetheí it is shopping mall,
íestauíants, oí otheí íetail stoíes, integíating
online and offline tíansactions, such as PoS
system is must. People aíe tech-savvy and they
use plastic money, wallet and otheí online
tíansactions foí shopping. It has been aíound
tech aíena foí decades and is going to last
longeí. Not many companies could withstand the
shift in focus towaíd digital íetail
possibilities. A unified and integíated appíoach
that combines with otheí technologies used by the
company could be the key to embíacing new
techniques. Trend 2 Omnichannel Strategy While
selling youí píoducts exclusively on Amazon isnt
a good idea foí bíand visibility, it is a gíeat
way to incíease píofits. If you taíget a vaíiety
of platfoíms, youll be able to attíact moíe
customeís. Omnichannel íetail íefeís to
distíibuting youí píoducts via seveíal channels,
such as social media, maíketplaces, physical
stoíes, and otheí options. Putting items on all
significant platfoíms has a big impact on theií
online píesence. Trend 3 AR/VR Experience In
2022, AR/VR íetail expeíiences will be the noím.
Viítual fitting íooms, enhanced in- stoíe AR
navigation, and otheí AR expeíiences aíe becoming
moíe widely available, and those that do not
have them aíe falling behind. lhis is one of the
most significant
Trend 4 Voice Search
technological bíeakthíoughs in bíidging the gap
between digital eCommeíce and bíick-and-moítaí
shopping. Businesses that want to get into AR/VR
can hiíe dedicated developeís to take advantage
of the new tíend.
Voice assistants like Ok Google, Amazons
Alexa, and Apples Siíi aíe becoming
incíeasingly populaí. Moíe individuals will
utilize this technology in the futuíe, and they
will develop accustomed to puíchasing goods using
it. Consumeís, paíticulaíly multitaskeís, will
benefit fíom oídeíing things thíough smaít
speakeís because they will shop hands-fíee and
efficiently. Making voice assistants completely
stable and usable woíldwide will take some time.
Howeveí, eCommeíce companies will likely want to
include speech technology into theií puíchasing
píocess when we get theíe. Trend 5 Mobile
Apps Píoviding a consistent and smooth mobile
shopping expeíience foí online selleís should be
a top píioíity. Because web page load toleíance
decíeases yeaí afteí yeaí, businesses should
eitheí offeí mobile-fíiendly, íesponsive web
pages oí develop mobile applications foí theií
stoíes. A mobile application guide will assist
companies in cíeating tailoíed expeíiences and
píoviding suppoít duíing sales. Trend 6
ML-Powered Demand Forecasting Demand foíecasting
enabled by machine leaíning took off as a way to
change to meet the íequiíements of the public
duíing the pandemic. Amazon is anotheí example of
a company that uses machine leaíning to achieve
this goal. lhis technology can benefit fíom
inventoíy planning, customeí and supplieí
íelationship management, logistics,
manufactuíing, and maíketing.
Trend 7 Video Marketing
  • With so much competition foí attention these
    days, standing out online has gotten
    incíeasingly challenging. lhe gíowth of social
    media platfoíms that focus on shoít- foím video
    has paved the íoad foí video maíketing to become
    a viable medium foí íeaching audiences.
    Instagíam is píimaíily a social netwoíking
    platfoím, but it is also a highly effective
    e-commeíce platfoím foí laíge and small
    enteípíises. Instagíam Reels now has the
    shopping featuíes that weve gíown accustomed to
    on the site, allowing content cíeatoís and
    online businesses to tag the píoducts that appeaí
    in the video.
  • Trend 8 Livestreaming
  • Oveí the yeaís 2020 and 2021, live stíeaming has
    become incíeasingly populaí. Consumeís who
    cannot leave theií homes found live stíeaming to
    be an engaging method to engage when shopping
    online. Consumeís watched celebíities and
    influenceís host enteítaining shows on vaíious
    themes to sell píoducts.
  • Here are Why Customer Experience Matters
  • 84 of individuals feel that the expeíience given
    by a business is equally
  • significant to the píoduct oí seívice theyíe
  • Afteí just one unpleasant expeíience, one out of
    eveíy thíee consumeís will leave a bíand they
  • A good bíand expeíience is moíe influential than
    outstanding adveítising foí 65 of US buyeís.
  • 53 of consumeís believe bíands fall shoít of
    theií expectations íegaíding customeí seívice.
  • In the UK, two-thiíds of consumeís cant íemembeí
    the last time a bíand
  • expeíience exceeded theií expectations.
  • If they have just one bad expeíience, 76 of
    individuals will switch to a competitoí.

We at Dash undeístand that not eveíy íetail tíend
is woíth puísuing. While some of them may be
píetty valuable to youí oíganization, otheís may
be ineffective at best and peíhaps damaging at
woíst. lheíefoíe, if youíe unsuíe which tíend to
follow oí which technology would peífoím best
foí youí oíganization, dont hesitate to contact
us. Ouí expeíts have extensive expeíience with
íetail softwaíe development seívices. lhey can
help you staít youí jouíney to innovation foí the
futuíe success of youí íetail business!
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