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8 Facts About Drain Cleaning Everyone Should Know


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Title: 8 Facts About Drain Cleaning Everyone Should Know

8 Facts About Drain Cleaning Everyone Should Know
  • By - https//allutahplumbing.com/

  • Are you looking for a quick fix to your clog
    drain problem? Yes? Well, before you go poking
    around in there without the help of a
    professional, be sure you aren't using a fake DIY
    recommendation. Some solutions can cause more
    damage than good. If any of this frightens you,
    we highly encourage you to schedule a cleaning
    service from All Utah Plumbing, Heating Air.
    They service the Salt Lake City area and are
    available 24 hours a day.
  • These eight myths are common about drain
    cleaning. Here's how to disprove them.

1. Every drain is the same as the others
  • Yes! As you can imagine, your home contains
    various kinds of pipes, and each one comes with
    its properties and functions. Therefore, the
    cleaning methods required for each one will
  • Although all drains within your home connect
    to the sewer, it's not correct to think each
    function is the same. Plumbers use different
    pipes to connect in and near the house plumbing,
    including pipes for showers and sinks. You must
    understand how the pipes work before attempting
    to service any plumbing. Call All Utah Plumbing,
    Heating Air to schedule a cleaning service.

2. Drain cleaning is easier with store-bought
  • Myth. Chemicals are harmful to the environment
    and individuals and cause a worse clog.
  • They can clear minor clogs but won't work for
    severe cases. In addition, chemical cleaners are
    a temporary fix. If it's not managed properly, it
    can lead to a much more serious and expensive

3. Drain cleaning is the only specialty of all
  • Cleaning is a common service for any plumbing
    contractor. Some specialize in cleaning or
    blocking drains and can provide advanced tools to
    handle serious problems.
  • For blocked drains that are extremely severe
    and to ensure the best results, it is important
    to contact your local clog experts at All Utah
    Plumbing, Heating Air. Type in your browser
    "drain cleaning near me," and they can help!

4. If my sink is blocked, it means that there
must be a more serious problem
  • While many people assume that a blocked drain
    means a costly and serious problem, it can be
    quite simple to fix.
  • It's difficult to see inside the drainpipe
    and predict the severity of your problem. For a
    thorough inspection, contact All Utah Plumbing,
    Heating Air. The professionals will help you
    accurately diagnose the problem and offer a
    solution experienced plumbers will use tools
    like drain cameras.

5. A blockage can be solved by snaking the drain
  • Although drain snakes can be very effective in
    finding the clog, it is not the best tool for
    clearing them. They often only remove a small
    portion of the clog and will likely cause another
    clog to form soon after being "fixed."
  • It is more difficult to clear a blockage than
    reduce the problem. Ask your plumber to perform
    the most thorough cleaning service.

6. Anyone can do drain cleaning.
  • False. If you don't have the necessary
    experience, familiarity, or tools for cleaning,
    it is best to leave the job to professionals. You
    could make the problem worse and cost more to
  • While you may be a skilled Dyer who has fixed
    problems around the house, plumbing is not
    something that anyone can do. It is best to
    contact your local Salt Lake City plumber to
    request an inspection and a quote. All Utah
    Plumbing, Heating Air can answer any questions
    about drain cleaning.

7. My sink drains slowly, but it will eventually
  • Slow-flowing drains are not normal. They
    require professional attention before they become
    a bigger problem.
  • It's time to address the root cause of your
    sink problems. This problem cannot be ignored and
    should be handled by an experienced plumber.

8. Drain cleaning professionals are too costly
  • "Too costly" is in the eye of the beholder.
    Clogs can cause more damage to the entire sewer
    system. Although some say it's too expensive,
    replacing the entire system is much more
    expensive because you may have missed something
    an experienced plumber would not have.
  • Professionals can clean out your drains and
    clear any obstructions. This will guarantee that
    it is done the first time correctly and reduce
    the likelihood of future blockages. However, you
    could make matters worse by not entrusting an All
    Utah Plumbing, Heating Air professional. This
    could lead to a more serious problem that will
    likely cost you more.
  • Call (801) 877-6365 if you have a blocked
    drain at your house or office.
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