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Travel Portal Development Cost | Travel APP Cost


FlightsLogic provides Galileo API Integration, Galileo GDS, Travel API Integration to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies globally. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Travel Portal Development Cost | Travel APP Cost

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What is Galileo API Integration?
  • Galileo is a technological leader that serves
    travel companies all over the globe as one of the
    world's largest distributors of travel content.
    Travel software using the Galileo Distribution
    System is becoming more popular in countries like
    Mexico, Malaysia, India, Europe, the United
    States, and South Africa.
  • Galileo API Integration will give a full-featured
    travel booking system. Galileo API facilitates
    the integration of GDS airline, hotel, and
    vacation booking systems with B2C and B2B travel
  • It is owned by Travelport and is one component of
    their overall offering, which includes the Apollo
    and Worldspan systems. Galileo API helps travel
    portals to attract the top service providers to
    promote their efficient portal services,
    resulting in significant traffic to the website.

With Galileo API Integration, We Also Offer
  • Online Travel Agent Software (including B2B, B2C,
    B2B2C, Corporate module)
  • Single or Multiple PCC interface
  • Airline Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Car Rental Booking System
  • Bus Booking System
  • Cruise Reservation System

Galileo Airline API Integration
  • Galileo is the market leader in airline
    reservation software, with connections to all
    major airlines. It also offers desktop services
    (search and booking) and XML web services to
    travel companies to access the primary database.
  • Our Galileo GDS-based flight booking and
    reservation engines provide low-risk deployment
    and support for flight search, booking, and
    ticketing across all major GDS, particularly
  • Galileo is fully integrated with the NDC
    application programming interface, allowing
    airlines to distribute fares and products using
    NDC-XML communications. Low-cost airlines may use
    the Galileo Travel Commerce Platform, which may
    be integrated using API technology. Low-cost
    carriers may promote their content to travel
    agencies, corporate passengers, and leisure
    travelers who are looking to develop for low-cost

Galileo Hotel GDS System
  • Galileo Hotel API is a well-known hotel
    reservation system that may be utilized
    efficiently by independent hoteliers,
    multinational hotel chains, and boutique
    properties. It is a platform that connects
    independent and chain hotels with global travel
    agents, business travelers, and global travel
    buyers. Galileo hotel's web service is linked to
    650,000 hotels and travel companies in over 180
    countries via Travelport.
  • Independent and boutique hotels may connect with
    Travelport's travel commerce platform, which is
    the most efficient and easy method for hoteliers
    to integrate their properties and connect
    directly with 2,34,000 travel agents worldwide.
    We create Property Management Systems (PMS) and
    Central Reservation Systems (CRS) that interact
    with open distribution channels, GDSs, extranets,
    and Online Booking Tools (OBT).

Galileo Car Rental GDS
The Galileo Car Rental platform can help travel
companies and business travelers book a wide
range of cars of various types and
categories. Our car rental platform is a perfect
approach for car rental companies to offer their
fleets to international travel agencies and
business travelers. Galileo assists car rental
companies in making their fleets and services
worldwide accessible via Travelport developers
for integration into their travel API,
applications, and websites.
How does Galileo Global Distribution System Work?
  • The Galileo travel software connects travel
    agents with the airline, hotels, car rental,
    rail, and other service providers via a single
    platform. The software is linked to the databases
    of various agencies, allowing agents to get
    information about seats, pricing, availability,
    and discounts. The Galileo GDS software connects
    all of these organizations and provides access to
    them from a single dashboard.
  • Travel management companies and tour operators
    may effortlessly aggregate their business with
    this platform's expanded capabilities and a broad
    range of content choices. Galileo software
    improves the efficiency and value of travel
    business operations for suppliers and customers,
    providing them with a significant competitive
  • Integrating the Galileo GDS system can elevate
    your travel agency to the next level, as it will
    get access to the vast collection of travel
    inventory managed by Galileo GDS. A global
    distribution system (GDS) is a computerized
    network where travel service providers such as
    airlines, hotels, car rentals, rails, and cruise
    ships may display inventory, pricing, and

  • FlightsLogic travel booking solutions include
    travel API integration, Flight API Integration,
    Hotel Booking API Integration, Activity Booking
    System, Package Booking System, B2C Travel
    Portal, and much more which will the travel
    agents boost their business and improvised
    business revenues.
  • Our solutions are very functional, with features
    such as complete reservation administration,
    centralized back-office, the ability to choose
    cross-platform, various third-party API,
    commissions and markup management, automated
    booking confirmation to the email address, and
  • Galileo GDS gives you access to global low-cost
    airlines, high-speed rail providers, and
    multi-source content through a single API. The
    Galileo GDS integration solution connects
    businesses across multiple travel channels. It
    helps in dealing with airline data management
    solutions data intelligence products for
    international airline services.

  • Most travel businesses, tour operators, and
    agencies utilize the Galileo web service to book
    flights, hotels, rental cars, vacations, and
    cruises. Integrating Galileo web services Galileo
    offers several advantages it means ensuring your
    perfect travel business with a gradual increase
    in profits and improved efficiency.
  • Maximum buyer outreach
  • Increase in the revenue and efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Lowering operating cost
  • Maximized point of sale
  • Real-time access to inventory and contents
  • Sales enhancement
  • Customized solution
  • Real-time access to inventory and contents
  • Can be integrated into any central reservation
    system or travel CMS
  • Can provide individual identity to travel agents.

Are you looking for a fully-featured travel
booking system?
  • A travel booking portal is a system that helps
    organizations manage a wide range of
    travel-related activities, including flights,
    lodging, booking, offer packages, itineraries,
    and much more. A travel portal software connects
    customers to payment channels and allows them to
    make tickets fast.
  • FlightsLogic can help you transform your
    independent business into a global travel brand
    by designing and developing a flexible travel
    booking system. We have several years of
    experience in the sector and have developed
    numerous travel portals and online hotel booking
    systems for well-known DMC clients.
  • When it comes to Galileo XML API Integration, we
    ensure that you receive one of the most trusted
    and effective online booking systems to automate
    airline, hotel, and vacation booking for your
    users. Furthermore, while integrating Galileo, an
    automated central reservation system, into a
    travel portal, our developer guarantees that all
    of our clients benefit from the worldwide reach
    and an easy-to-use booking system.

  • Our travel portals are a full-fledged web-based
    booking system designed for travel management
    organizations, destination management companies,
    travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies, and
    tour operators. We are the one-stop solution for
    travel website development and APIs for travel
    booking software.
  • We have a track record of effectively integrating
    GDS systems for airline, hotel, car rental, and
    holiday reservations with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    options and an admin module. Our GDS Integration
    Service will help your travel agency book
    thousands of flights, hotel rooms, and holidays
    online. Our Travel Portal Development solutions
    will help you boost your online reputation and
    increase revenue.
  • If you want to create a booking engine where you
    can issue tickets to numerous suppliers, you can
    use Galileo API Integration.

  • For more information visit our website
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