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Travel Management System


Groupy provides Travel Management System, Itinerary Creation Software, Tour Management Software, Online Travel Management Software to the global travel industry. If you want know more, please visit our websites – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Travel Management System

Travel Management System
 What is a Travel Management System?
  • Travel Management System (TMS) is a complete
    software solution that assists end-users or
    travel agents in managing service providers,
    bookings, pricing, tracking, analyzing inventory,
    and so on.
  • This travel management solution may include all
    travel branches such as hotel, car, bus, rail,
    air, individual, or group tourist packages.
  • Travel Management Software is aimed to aid travel
    agents, tour operators, destination management
    companies, and travel agencies in quickly
    responding to their customers requisites.
  • Integration with online booking technology,
    Online Travel Management Software is the best
    travel software solution that provides end-to-end
    solutions for Travel reservations, Hotel
    reservation, Operations, Back-Office, contracts,
    and distribution systems.
  • Incorporating highly advanced intelligence tools
    means Travel Management Software (TMS) will allow
    you to gain a better understanding of your
    customers' needs, allowing you to design and
    comprehend promotional campaigns based on their
  • That is why Groupy provides the best Online
    Travel Management System with a comprehensive
    Travel Management System that is user-friendly,
    feature-rich, and flexible.
  • The ERP system aids the company in lowering
    operational costs while increasing efficiency.
    Our Travel ERP will assist you in managing all of
    your business rules, such as markups and margins,
    based on predefined criteria for effective
    revenue management for a diverse client base.

How Travel Management Software Can Boost Your
Travel Business?
  • The travel management system provides numerous
    benefits to the travel industry. If you want to
    make your tours travel operations manageable
    and more convenient? Groupy provides the best
    Travel Management System for your business.
  • We have developed our travel agency management
    system solely for travel companies creating
    professional travel invoices in a minute
    specifying pricing, tour itinerary,
    inclusion/exclusion, and terms and conditions.
  • Groupy offers AI-based travel automation software
    for managing your entire sales and operational
    tasks, allowing you to perform your travel
    business efficiently and in a user-friendly
    manner. You may be managing everything manually
    now, but with the increasingly fierce
    competition, you must conquer your technology
  • Groupy's travel management system (TMS) is built
    on cutting-edge technology and is designed with
    hands-on experience of several years in the
    travel industry. The system is compatible with a
    wide range of travel products, including hotel
    accommodations, flights, car rentals, tours, and
    travel insurance.
  • As the reservation process is fully streamlined
    with a vast range of suppliers and sales channels
    supported, Groupy customers can have a state of
    art, feature-rich online portal set up quickly.
    Groupy's TMS solution provides a comprehensive
    and scalable solution that addresses a wide range
    of travel industry standards to drive new
    business, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Advantages of Travel Agency Management System to
travel companies are listed below
  • Provide real-time data access
  • 247 interactions with customers
  • Saves both time and money
  • Reduced order processing costs
  • Immediate booking of hotels, cruises, flights,
    trains, and so on
  • Helpful in the growth of your business
  • It also helps in growing travel business and
    turns a profit
  • It is simple to manage payment policies,
    discounts, promotions, and supplements, and so on

Get the best Travel Management System by the
expert of Groupy
  • Groupy designed and developed a tool to allow
    TMCs to book travel products for their corporate
    clients or to give them direct access to search
    and book the necessary travel products and manage
    their travel expenses in the Online Self Booking
  • Our system will allow companies of any size to
    seamlessly manage the entire process in one
    single place, with the aid of our easy-to-use
    online booking system.
  • In the booking engine, the TMC can host a mixed
    inventory of contracted and dynamic rates
    associated with corporate negotiated rates and
    XML suppliers fares, for the corporate customers
    to enjoy diversity and flexibility in prices and
  • Groupy is a leading software development company
    that specializes in developing travel agency
    software. The travel agent software developed by
    our team remarkably helps travel companies in
    reaching their goals. It guarantees price
    effectiveness, faster transaction, and accuracy
    in the transaction, etc.
  • We assist startup travel entrepreneurs in
    entering the ever-growing and highly competitive
    travel industry by developing a modern
    technology-enabled wonderful website that
    provides a seamless user experience.
  • Our innovative website designers are always
    passionate to splash their creativity in building
    travel-related websites. Our developers use the
    right web development platform as per your size
    of business, current, and future needs. Every
    piece of advice and feature we offer will
    undoubtedly add value to your travel business
    website and elevate your business to new levels.

Why choose Groupys Travel Management System?
  • An all-in-one travel management application based
    on cutting-edge, scalable technology
  • Adaptable and simple to use
  • Intuitive user interface as per clients unique
  • Efficient client management featuring the
    complete details of clients queries
  • An advanced documentation system that includes
    automated billing, receipts, and vouchers
  • Management of highly complex mark-up modules
    across a variety of channels
  • Highly secured back-office system
  • Helps to establish brand loyalty
  • Dedicated customer support from experts

Key Benefits of Travel Management System
  • Below is the list of benefits served by Travel
    Agency Management Software to travel businesses
  • It is simple to manage discounts, promotional
    offers, and various payment policies with Travel
    Management Software.
  • This software assists in obtaining a detailed
    report of business insights and gathering the
    information needed to develop future business
  • Travel Management Software aids in the
    elimination of manual errors.
  • Travel agencies can reduce their day-to-day
    operations and distribution costs by using travel
    management software.
  • The execution of Travel Management software to
    the travel business offers a better scope of
    growth, expansion, and collaboration with other
    travel giants.
  • With a detailed market research report, the
    Travel Agency Management Software assists the
    traveling corporation in launching and running
    various advertising campaigns.
  • It inspires or assists travel companies in
    obtaining detailed reporting levels that are
    fundamental for growing travel management clients
    to the bill, report, and settlement.

Important Features to look for in Travel Agency
Management Software
  • Flexibility
  • The modern, tech-savvy traveler wants
    flexibility. To engage and retain customers, your
    website should be able to display different
    variants of the same travel product.
  • Scalability
  • When you want to grow and expand your business,
    your software system must be scalable.
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • If you want to target multiple countries, the
    system that supports multiple currencies is
  • Multilingual
  • The travel management software solution must
    support the multilingual feature to target
    multiple countries with different languages.
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • The integrated payment gateways must be fully
    secure and offer ease to receive and send
    payments online.

  • Responsive Web Design 
  • The use of Travel Management Software should
    provide a responsive and engaging user interface
    that allows customers to easily navigate and book
    desired travel products.
  • Mobile-Responsive 
  • Your travel portal should also be
  • Customizable Tour Packaging
  • Modern travelers select their destination,
    lodging, and tour itinerary based on their
    preferences and convenience. As a result, it is
    critical to tailor the entire package to the
    customer's budget and needs.
  • Quotation Management System 
  • It is essential to have a quick and efficient
    Quotation Management System in your travel
    management solution to engage your customers and
    provide immediate quotations.
  • Content Management System 
  • This is another crucial feature that should be
    included in the Travel Management Software
    Solution. In terms of adding, modifying and
    updating different images, offers, and banners
    during Black Friday and sale season, an effective
    CMS allows updating the content with ease.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Travel
Technology Solutions
  • Airlines, OTAs, TMCs, and destination management
    companies face significant challenges due to high
    market competition. Due to the ever-changing
    market demands, they go through various
    workflows. To better control ongoing processes,
    they need to utilize the latest travel technology
    solutions. This can assist them in optimizing
    profit margins by utilizing the most effective
    business solutions.
  • Groupy is a leading travel technology company
    that provides a wide range of software solutions
    to travel companies. Our technology solutions
    have exceptional features that help businesses
    outperform their competitors.
  • Groupy, as a travel technology specialist, offers
    industry-leading solutions for the travel
    industry. Our diverse industry experience helps
    travel companies make use of the latest
    technology products so that they can serve their
    customers in the best way.
  • We have proven methodologies as we have
    considerable experience in working with various
    industry verticals, which give us possibilities
    to effectively address your business challenges
    and offer various web application solutions for
    your business.
  • Groupy provides web portal and application
    development services, as well as CRM Services,
    hotel management software, travel management
    software, ERP Services, and many other aspects of

  • Our software is a cloud-based SaaS application
    that can be completely customized to your
    client's needs, organizational structure, and
    process flow.
  • Our travel management software supports whether
    it is B2B and B2C and caters to all online travel
    management solutions to diverse clients.
  • Online travel business solutions enable you to
    offer online booking services including flight
    booking, hotel booking, car booking, transfer
    booking, sightseeing booking and for several
    other hospitality-related initiatives.
  • With ERP automate travel management system and
    make you hassle-free from daily routine tasks,
    analyze your sell, customers, employees
    activities, identify your valuable customer base
    and increase more sell, generate more leads,
    enhance the operational efficiency of an
    organization, better control and quick access to
    a wide variety of data sources, improve data
    accuracy, streamlined overall organization
    processes and let's travel agent, tour operators
    to access their resources from one place.

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