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How data helps create a successful Digital Transformation roadmap (1)


Is your company planning for digital transformation? The first step in it is planning and strategy. The right digital transformation strategy is a crucial step. You must consider all the business aspects before making any final conclusion. JK Tech is the top digital transformation company in USA. We can count on us for all digital transformation solutions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How data helps create a successful Digital Transformation roadmap (1)


  • When we talk about digital transformation, data
    plays an evident role. Digital transformation is
    incomplete without data, data processes, and
    organizational changes.
  • No matter where you're working or what it means
    for your organization, one thing is certain it
    will be founded on data. Digital transformation
    is impossible without data. Therefore, before we
    can even discuss digital transformation, which to
    me is just a symbiotic relationship between
    people, processes, and technology, one of the
    major things that we brought was the EIM strategy
    and execution plan.

1. ELT Testing has replaced ETL Testing.
The ETL process involves removing data from the
source, converting it to the necessary format,
and then loading it into a single repository.
Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) testing avoids
data loss and duplication by validating,
verifying, and qualifying data during these three
processes. ETL testing needs to be brought up as
we discuss the importance of high-quality data
for a successful digital transformation. You'll
see that there is a change in the dynamic of ETL
to ELT right now. In order to alter the data, you
must first extract it, load it, and then
transform it. As a result, that is one of the
small ways we are altering and attempting to be a
little more aggressive.
2. Digital Technology and Digital Transformation
Strategy in Balance
  • Nothing has ever been able to speed up the
    digital transformation services and processes as
    much as this current pandemic. To keep the
    business running smoothly, strategies were
    abruptly changed, and transformation projects
    were launched very q The need for digital
    transformation solutions is unavoidable in the
    middle of this turmoil, but for a targeted
    approach, it's also crucial to strike the proper
    balance between strategy and technology.
  • There are many companies who are interested in
    learning how to offer digital access to the
    system for both internal and external users. The
    main transformation occurring is that. Today,
    many businesses are investing in digital tools
    for efficient work, their own salesforce
    implementation, cloud plans, and the migration of
    their current legacy transformation into the
    realm of digital transformation, among other
    uses. They want to gather all the data and are
    automating many processes related to it.

3.  Bridging the Gap between Digital Strategies
and Impact on Customer Service
  • Any firm undergoing digital transformation should
    look at it for more than just the sake of
    transformation. The efforts ought to be more
    concerned with the effects they would have on the
    company's customer service and client

It's crucial to have data that is both useful and
plentiful. And testing with big data and
analytics can assist to ensure that. For this,
you can rely on some best digital transformation
companies. In order to provide a variety of Big
Data testing services and solutions, including BI
application Usability Testing, JK Tech draws on
its experience testing large-scale data
warehousing and business intelligence
applications. We are one of the top digital
transformation companies in USA. Talk to our
specialists by setting up a meeting with us.
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