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Drupal Web Development: Meaning + Stats + Benefits + Best Agencies to Seek


Read this PDF to learn more about Drupal, its market statistics, benefits, and some of the best agencies offering Drupal web development services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Drupal Web Development: Meaning + Stats + Benefits + Best Agencies to Seek

Drupal Web Development Introduction One of the
most technologically sophisticated content
management system (CMS) alternatives available
is Drupal, so if you're looking for one for your
website there's a high chance you've heard of
it. With its most recent version maintaining its
open source foundations and basic functionality
as well as various updates and features that help
modernise your digital ?rm, Drupal offers a
number of commercial advantages.
What is Drupal Web Development
Even those without technical knowledge can construct and administer a variety of Even those without technical knowledge can construct and administer a variety of Even those without technical knowledge can construct and administer a variety of
websites with the help of Drupal, which is a free and open source piece of software. A websites with the help of Drupal, which is a free and open source piece of software. A websites with the help of Drupal, which is a free and open source piece of software. A websites with the help of Drupal, which is a free and open source piece of software. A
content management platform and a development framework are included in the content management platform and a development framework are included in the
PHP is the programming language used in Drupal.
The programme comes with a web-based installer
and add-on modules and is available for use right
away after being downloaded. The programme
allows ?le uploads and downloads, peer-to-peer
networking, newsletters, podcasts, image
galleries, collaborative authoring, and more.
Dries Buytaert created a Dutch bulletin board
system called Drupal, which was later made open
source in 2001. When he ?rst created the Drop.org
website, Buytaert intended to call it "dorp,"
which is "village" in Dutch, but when he checked
the domain name, he made a typo and believed the
new name sounded better (Drupal is a
transliteration of the Dutch " druppel " which
means droplet). Over a million people have
downloaded Drupal, and a sizable development
community is focused on it. Market Stats of
Drupal Get access to data on 1,748,020 websites
that are Drupal Customers. We know of 564,268
live websites using Drupal and an additional
1,183,752 sites that used Drupal historically
and 5,062 websites in India.
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  • Bene?ts of Using Drupal For Web Development
  • - Open Source The fact that Drupal is
    open-sourcethat is, that you may download, use,
    and modify it for freemight be what initially
    draws you to it. The key selling point here is
    that because Drupal is open-source, it has
    developed a sizable community of more than 1
    million Drupal users and developers who can
    swiftly answer inquiries about setting up,
    utilising, or customising Drupal. If your
    inquiries are common, it's likely that someone
    has previously addressed them, making it simple
    to check them up on a discussion forum, make any
    necessary corrections, and get your website
    functioning exactly as you like. Because Drupal
    employs open-source code rather than proprietary
    code, you only need to ?nd a PHP expert to help
    you out.
  • - Its an Enterprise CMS There is no need for
    businesses to create something entirely new. You
    have access to the Drupal core on which you have
    grown to rely thanks to the Drupal Enterprise
    CMS (ECM) Platform Distribution. However, you
    also have access to pre-made business solutions
    and the greatest business models to imitate. The
    Enterprise CMS's built-in country and domain
    con?gurators will be very helpful to
    international organisations. Theme, SEO,
    integration, content moderation, teasers,
    workbenches, paragraphs, and multisite
    con?gurators are all included in enterprise CMS.
  • - Flexibility With Drupal, you may create a
    blog, wiki, eCommerce website, or anything else
    you can think of because the CMS was made to be a
    cost-effective starting point that can be
    customised to meet your unique requirements. Due
    to its ?exibility

  • and scalability, Drupal websiteseven those that
    are substantially customizedcan ultimately save
    businesses money over WordPress setups. Remember
    that while Drupal's core modules will give you a
    solid base from which to build, you can also take
    advantage of the over 36,000 community-created
    modules. You can dive into the code to tailor
    your site to your business or use modules to
    handle the labor-intensive tasks. Think of the
  • - Security Other content management systems are
    notoriously vulnerable, but because Drupal is
    open-source and has a big user base, the code is
    thoroughly scrutinised. This reveals security
    holes that Drupal's committed security team can
    patch or address immediately. You never have to
    wait long for the most recent security patch or
    functional update because updates arrive rapidly.
    Additionally, everyone gains from a more stable
    platform because there are so many community
    members testing every area of Drupal. To improve
    the security of your Drupal website, there are
  • third-party modules available. You can add
    CAPTCHAs to your website to thwart bots, spam,
    and hackers, as well as honeypots. You can reduce
    the risk to people by using modules that require
    users to sign out after a certain amount of time.
  • - Scalability Although it is a CMS, Drupal is
    much more than that. The multisite feature of
    Drupal allows you to share resources across
    different websites, which is perfect for
    businesses, Managed Service Providers, or
    designers that manage numerous resources for
    clients. The user-friendly automation tools that
    make building or managing websites or apps using
    Drupal easier also contribute to Drupal's
  • Additionally, Drupal's con?guration management
    system enables updates to be deployed between
    environments in a repeatable manner, ensuring
    consistency and quality and ultimately resulting
    in a lower cost of ownership than other
    platforms. This is great news for teams that
    deploy Drupal to multi-tiered environments.
  • Top 5 Drupal Web Development Companies to Seek in
  • Are you looking for the Best Drupal development
    companies for your project in 2022? Your search
    has ended here.
  • In the modern day, Drupal serves as the marketing
    and sales systems rather than just being a tool
    for creating websites. It effectively completes
    the fundamental duties of eCommerce platforms.
    Additionally, it functions as the system that
    distributes content to numerous users and
    outside systems. Dedicated internal systems like
    document circulation, CRM, and intranet
    platforms are also excellent candidates for
    Drupal development.

  • You would seek out a specialist in this ?eld if
    you wanted to build a secure, scalable, and
    functional website on top of these open-sourced
    software underpinnings. Today, the market is
    competitive with hundreds of top Drupal
    development companies.
  • - ValueCoders Services LLP
  • One of the Top Drupal Development Companies in
    India, ValueCoders provides
  • top-notch websites. Their Drupal development team
    provides full-cycle custom Drupal site
    development services, including bespoke web
    development from scratch, migration, upgrade,
    continuous maintenance.
  • It has worked with a range of industry verticals,
    including healthcare, adtech, eLearning, data
    analysis, ?ntech, eCommerce, etc. It has years of
    experience delivering
  • technology-driven Drupal development services.
  • So, get in touch with them right away if you're
    prepared to collaborate on your next project
    with the Best Drupal Development Company in
  • - Srijan Technologies
  • Leading digital business Srijan Technologies
    specialises in creating websites and apps in
  • They have more than 12 years of experience in the
    online service and give end-to-end Drupal
    development solutions by combining cutting-edge
    project development processes with strong
    project management tools. To determine their
    demands and meet their expectations, they always
    immerse their team in the perspective of the
  • - SpecBee

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4 - Xenixsoft IT Services Website development
?rm Xenisoft is committed to reaching the highest
milestone in the IT industry. They work to
streamline the client's corporate process and
provide more value for them by combining the
ideal combination of experience and Drupal
development professionals. Their group can
strengthen the Drupal CMS to support companies.
Their professionals can assist you with
maintaining your company's core values and
achieving your objectives through
attention-grabbing, interactive websites.
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5 - KnackForge Soft KnackForge Soft Solutions
offers collaboration for the creation of
customer-focused web and mobile applications
thanks to a special combination of top
talents. This top Drupal development business is
dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for all
custom site design, internet marketing, and
Drupal CMS modi?cation needs. They assist their
clients in developing digital solutions with
Drupal, streamlining their marketing procedure,
resolving operational issues, and improving user
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