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Best Dental Implant Clinic in Gurgaon- Firsttoothclinic


Dr. can help guide them through the process and make sure they are getting everything they need done properly with regular checkups throughout the year. Visit for the best dental implant clinic in Gurgaon. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Dental Implant Clinic in Gurgaon- Firsttoothclinic

First Tooth Clinic
Dental Implants
In dental implant surgery, the roots of the teeth
are replaced with metal pins that look like
screws and are damaged or missing teeth are
replaced with prosthetic teeth that closely
resemble genuine teeth in appearance and
function. When the roots of the natural teeth are
insufficient to allow the construction of dental
prostheses or bridgework tooth replacements,
dental implant surgery can provide a welcome
What are dental implants? To replace lost teeth,
small metal pins are surgically inserted into the
jawbone. The posts often hold a dental crown and
are intended to serve as artificial tooth roots.
When used in tandem, they completely replace a
lost tooth. Dental implants are a possible
solution for those who are missing one or more
teeth. Dental implants may be the best option
for you over alternatives like bridges and full
or partial dentures, depending on where your
lost tooth or teeth are, how healthy you are, and
your financial situation. Dentures dont keep
your facial features as dental implants do, and
they dont seem as natural. And if you are
looking for the best dental implant clinic in
Gurgaon then look no further than First tooth
clinic who provides very professional dental
care for kids.
What happens during an implant procedure?
At First tooth clinic, we place the utmost
importance on your childs security and comfort.
To make sure youre a good candidate for the
surgery, careful planning is necessary. We take
the following actions Advisory Planning Your
dentist will assess your health to see whether
youre fit enough for oral surgery, monitor your
recovery, and make sure your jawbone is strong
enough to support dental implants. In our
Calgary dental office, we can handle the
majority of dental implant procedures.
Dental Surgery
We offer sedation for anxious patients, and
youll often receive local anesthesia (freezing)
to numb the surgical region which makes the First
tooth clinic the best dental implant clinic in
Gurgaon. In order to prepare the area for a
dental implant, it is occasionally necessary to
remove damaged teeth. This is followed by the
placement of an alveolar bone graft, or
artificial bone, to give the implant a strong
foundation. Only bone transplant is positioned
over the pre-existing jawbone if you dont have
any tooth or bone loss.
Dentistry Implant
An only bone graft will take at least six months
to heal, whereas an alveolar bone graft should
take two to six months. If you have a healthy
amount and quality of jawbone, we may be able to
pull any teeth that are broken and then put the
implants in the same session. This is known as
instantaneous implant placement and all this
implant comes with professional dental care for
kids. In the course of the dental implant
process, we To embed the titanium post in the
bone, use a drill and other instruments. After
sewing the gums, cover the implant with a healing
cap. The replacement tooth will be secured by
the post and implant. For a more aesthetically
attractive appearance, temporary dentures can be
used to replace missing teeth.
The time it takes for the implant to integrate
with the bone to heal might range from two to
six months. In order to help the region heal,
dont put any strain on it. Well evaluate the
surgery site during follow-up visits to be sure
it hasnt grown infected and that healing is
proceeding as planned. Following this, we test
the dental implant to ensure its success before
screwing a custom-made crown to the implant
post. You shouldnt experience any pain during
the treatment because we utilize local
anesthesia, but you might experience
postoperative discomfort with tooth extraction.
In most cases, pain can be controlled by applying
an ice pack to the area and taking
over-the-counter painkillers.
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