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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification for Your Career?


This ppt contains an ideal approach for early career cloud professionals by propelling their skills and discovering remarkable changes by aspiring AWS Cloud Practitioner certification with their benefits. Read in it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification for Your Career?

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification for Your
  • To assist them in moving their data,
    infrastructure, and processes to cloud computing,
    more information workers and IT specialists will
    be needed as more businesses go through digital
  • Initiatives for digital transformation and remote
    working have been boosted by the worldwide
    COVID-19 epidemic. Global cloud spending
    increased by 37 from the first quarter of 2019
    to 29 billion in the first quarter of 2020.
    According to projections from the Bureau of Labor
    Statistics, demand for computer and information
    technology employees would rise by 13 between
    2020 and 2030, above the median job growth rate.
    Most likely, businesses will require that
    personnel on a long-term basis to manage and
    create continuous processes.
  • Your ability to use cloud computing, DevOps, and
    cloud architecture will help you have a
    successful and fulfilling career. With these
    skill sets, skilled applicants are in high demand
    from businesses.
  • A core certification called AWS Cloud
    Practitioner is a requirement for various career
    and AWS certification routes.

What is AWS Certification?
  • For professionals who desire a comprehensive
    grasp of AWS cloud services and cloud computing,
    there is the AWS Cloud Practitioner credential.
    For those who deal with the AWS Cloud in
    technical, managerial, sales, buying, or
    financial responsibilities, this credential is
  • The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam verifies a
    candidate's understanding of fundamental
    architectural and cloud infrastructure concepts
    as well as key AWS platform services.
    Additionally, you should be able to describe the
    fundamental security and compliance features of
    AWS Cloud Services. The certification provides a
    summary of AWS's major services, as well as
    information on pricing for networks, the cloud,
    and security.
  • A suggested prerequisite for Associate-level,
    Professional-level, or Specialty AWS
    certifications is becoming an AWS Certified Cloud

You must be aware of the following to obtain
  • Recognize and explain the global AWS Cloud
    infrastructure Identify and describe the AWS
    Cloud value proposition
  • Explain the architecture concepts of AWS Cloud.
  • Describe the core AWS platform services and
    typical use cases for them (like computation and
  • Describe the shared security model and the AWS
    platform's fundamental security and compliance
  • Define the pricing, billing, and account
    management systems.
  • Describe the fundamental and essential elements
    of setting up and using the AWS Cloud.

Why AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is So
  • This certification may be necessary for IT
    applicants wishing to begin a career in cloud
    computing or another related IT field. Anyone
    working with AWS Cloud Services, which holds a
    32 market share, has to have the AWS Certified
    Cloud Practitioner certification.
  • Many individuals who obtain this certification go
    on to obtain more AWS or IT certifications in
    order to be eligible for employment requiring
    ever-higher levels of expertise.

Why Get Certified in AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • As various occupations that deal with AWS Cloud
    may require this degree, cloud practitioners can
    occupy a variety of positions within a business.
    Practitioners of the cloud frequently operate as
    a link between a company's technological and
    commercial problems. They could collaborate with
    business teams, IT developers, or both to ensure
    that organizational-wide business objectives are
  • The management of a company's cloud architecture
    is the responsibility of tech experts who pursue
    a career as cloud architects. They will oversee
    their development teams' efforts to lower
    long-term risk and technical debt, assist with
    site and data migrations, construct and manage
    technical infrastructure, and more.

Skill Require to Become an AWS Certified Cloud
  • A cloud practitioner needs a mix of technical,
    business, and people abilities. A cloud
    practitioner in the business sector should
    possess the following abilities
  • knowledge of how hardware and software systems
    address business issues.
  • ability to evaluate user workflows and improve
    workflow efficiency.
  • Communication abilities to engage stakeholders in
    the project and explain technical intricacies.
  • Fix the scalability problems.
  • Manage integration issues with external programs.

  • Technical abilities a cloud specialist should
    have include
  • The capacity to foresee and address scaling
  • Integrate third-party software and technologies
    with current infrastructure and technology.
  • Control over the architecture being developed for
    AWS systems.
  • The capacity to install AWS apps and solutions.
  • Creating cloud-based solutions.
  • Creating strategies for implementing cloud
  • Platform management and cloud monitoring.
  • Knowledge of data security and compliance
  • Cloud application networking and security
  • Working familiarity with the AWS environment's
  • A cloud architect or practitioner will
    additionally gain from having
  • a thirst for knowledge and a natural curiosity.
  • superb time management abilities.
  • ability to make educated judgments and use
    critical thinking.
  • social and communication abilities

How to earn AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • Since the AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate is a
    component of several career pathways, estimating
    the precise pay you may make with this
    certification relies heavily on the next steps
    you take.
  • The AWS Cloud Practitioner credential is a
    requirement for subsequent AWS certifications.
    These comprise the Associate and Professional
    levels of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Does AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification get
  • The duration of any AWS certification is three
    years. Before your certification credentials are
    about to expire, you'll get a notification so you
    can be ready for the recertification procedure.
  • Step 1 to get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate
  • An information technology professional can
    qualify for jobs like these by building on the
    AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate and adding
    other AWS credentials and other IT certificates
    to it
  • Operation Support Engineer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • AWS Networking Specialist
  • AWS System Integrator
  • AWS Big Data Specialist

Employers of AWS Cloud Services
  • Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, BBC, Airbnb, BMW,
    McDonald's, Sony, Lyft, Nokia, ESPN, Comcast,
    Disney, Samsung, Nokia, USDA, Yelp, Nordstrom's,
    Lamborghini, NASA, and GE are just a few of the
    firms that utilize AWS Cloud.
  • AWS Cloud Services are used by almost all
    significant companies.

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