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A Complete Analysis of the Home Automation Market


Home automation devices are gaining popularity with development of technology which can provide better connectivity, security, and services. Home automation industry has grown substantially in recent period. Previously developed countries are considered the only market for the home automation devices but recent development and market expansion by some companies have shown prospective interest in many developing nations which has widen its market which is still unexplored. In this document, we have discussed the factors and market prospect about home automation industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Complete Analysis of the Home Automation Market

Smart Home Automation Market Trend
Report and Industry Analysis on Smart Home
Automation Market
Business Strategies and Consultant
Table Of Contents
Business Introduction
Report Segmentation
Market Introduction
Research Methodology
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Smart Home Automation
An Introduction to the Smart Home Automation
  • Home automation is a network of hardware,
    communication, and electrical interfaces that
    work together to connect ordinary things to the
    Internet. Each gadget contains sensors and is
    WiFi-connected, allowing you to operate them from
    your smartphone or tablet whether you're at home
    or thousands of miles away. This enables you to
    turn on the lights, lock the front door, or even
    dial down the heat from anywhere. Home automation
    allows gadgets to trigger one another,
    eliminating the need to operate them manually via
    an app or voice assistant. With Internet of
    Things devices such as security cameras and
    systems, home automation may also contribute to
    increased safety.
  • In this article we are going to gain a wider
    perspective on Home Automation Market.

Market Prospect
  • According to the market research report published
    by Delvens, global home automation market size
    has reached a value of USD 52.9 billion in 2021
    and is expected to reach USD 78.4 billion in 2028
    growing at a CAGR of 16.39. Security and
    facilities they offered is the main features
    which have attracted customers towards it.
    Developed nations have already adopted this
    technology and offers a good market for it and
    with increasing income and drop of price of the
    technology have bought the attention of
    developing nations.

Regional Analysis
  • If we talk about home automation market regional
    analysis, North America is the biggest market of
    home automation systems. Technological
    development and awareness among customers about
    the value these systems bought has helped to make
    it the biggest market and as per Delvens market
    research report, North America will continue to
    be the biggest market till 2028. Home automation
    industry in US has reached USD 12.35 billion in

  • Home automation market for Europe has also grown
    significantly. United Kingdom as one of the
    largest markets in Europe followed by Germany and
    Netherland. Smart TVs, smart thermostat, and
    smart camera are the most preferred devices in
  • With increasing income and increase in population
    of tech savvy people in Asia-Pacific, home
    automation systems are gaining popularity in this
    region also. Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest
    growing markets for home automation system.

Market Drivers
  • Internet of Things - Internet of Things
    technology is likely to increase the size of the
    smart home automation market. With new
    development and ease of connectivity will drive
    the growth of home automation industry.
  • Energy-Efficient Solution - An increase in demand
    for energy-efficient solutions is driving the
    home automation industry. Home automation devices
    are designed to save electricity also. With
    rising in power shortage, these devices have
    become people's choice.

  • Increase in Smartphone Users - With increase in
    smartphone users, it has become easy to use smart
    devices. As more and more people are using
    smartphones, home automation devices will find
    their way in the houses.
  • Affluent and Elegant Lifestyle - Smart devices
    not only offer ease of life but also provides a
    sense of elegant lifestyle. Many people buy these
    devices to experience the futuristic technology.

Market Retainers
  • Covid 19 - Pandemic has disrupted many industries
    and it holds true for home automation industry
    also. Lack of manpower, decreased demand in
    market, and disruption of supply chain has
    affected the growth of the market.
  • High Cost - Although technological advancement
    has helped in lowering the price of these devices
    but still these devices cost high. This can
    affect growth of the market but with development
    of technology, it will become affordable for
    low-income group also.

  • Lack of Awareness - In many developing nations,
    people are unaware of the benefits of smart
    devices which hinders its growth. As companies
    started exploring new market and increase
    awareness among people, those without knowledge
    of these devices may start preferring these

  • In January 2018, Interlogix, a United
    Technologies company, revealed new features and
    components for its UltraSync Smart Home system,
    which offers customers greater home security and
    automation options.
  • ADT Inc. established a long-term cooperation with
    Google LLC in August 2020 to provide smart home
    security systems across the United States.
    Furthermore, Google has invested USD 450 million
    in ADT Inc. to strengthen its home security
  • The UEI and Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3
    Gateway and Remote Control is now available. The
    new approach has been completely revamped to make
    automated shading more convenient, reliable, and

  • Frenchcalifornia has collaborated with Google to
    display its Nest smart-home devices in a set of
    showcase apartment interiors at Selene, Foster
    Partners' 63-story luxury tower in New York.
  • Vivint Has Emerge As The Leading Smart Home
    Provider. Vivint was valued at over 2 billion in
    late 2012, and it exceeded 650 million in
    revenue in 2015.

  • Today, we have an abundance of IoT devices such
    as smart lights, smart appliances and smart
    locks. Home automation allows such devices to be
    controlled using your smartphone, tablet or
    computer. No longer will you waste valuable time
    looking for your keys, or turning up the heat
    from your bed. As more devices are connected to
    the Internet, the home becomes increasingly more
    automated. In the future, we will control
    everything from one central system, gaining
    immense amounts of convenience.

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