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B2B Portal Development


FlightsLogic develops B2B Portal Development, B2B Travel Portal Software, B2B Travel Booking Engine to the global travel agencies and tour operators. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: B2B Portal Development

B2B Portal Development
Why Should You Choose Us for B2B Portal
Development Services?
  • FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology
    company that provides B2B travel portal
    development, B2C travel portal development to
    travel agents, tour operators, and travel
    industry. It is the combination of 2 or more
    businesses where customers have interaction with
  • B2B Travel Portal is a business model for online
    travel portal agencies. Our B2B travel portal has
    been designed developed as a platform for
    selling travel products online, which supplies
    you the liberty of holding your identity online.
    Our Travel Booking portal commission-based
    airlines to travel and online business.
  • Our customers and partners vary from tour
    operators and online retailers to medium and
    small tour operators and local travel agents.
    Currently, the bulk of the offline travel agents
    and travel agencies are partnered with Online
    Travel Agencies or they're already related to
  • These travel agencies have integrated the B2B
    portal of these OTAs into their travel business.
    As offline travel agencies have modified the
    approach of doing their business, currently
    customers searched and reserved the travel deals
    from massive OTA.
  • Instead of the standard model of searching, the
    deals from the leading companies are giving the
    B2B platform to clients to use it. Our B2B is a
    final product for (B2B) business operators and
    Travel Agents operating during this area.

  • The product is successfully tested for many live
    travel agents and has all standard B2B
    functionalities to scale their operations ranging
    from one agent to over 1000 agents globally.
  • It is essential for travel agents and agencies to
    work bookings from multiple branches and sales
    channels into one single place and for that a
    seamless management of these bookings is needed
    B2C travel portal development is an efficient
    approach of reaching your customers and
    increasing sales and revenue of your company.
  • The travel portal opens your existence to the
    global market and customers. This technique
    responds instantly with dynamic flight knowledge.
    Our software is one of the most effective travel
    portal provider companies worldwide.
  • FlightsLogic is a Travel Portal/Software
    Development Company for B2B and B2C Travel
    Portals which has a reputation and good. We
    provide you a B2B B2C travel portal development
    solution which implies business to business and
    business to the consumer.
  • For more business growth it's necessary to expand
    it across the world, it can give you a much
    better ratio of consumers. We are having a
    specialist and experienced team to develop
    tailor-made B2B and B2C travel portals for your
  • Technology has all the abilities to do good and
    smart coding to grant you a quick running tool to
    grow your business. We are providing end to end
    solutions within the travel segment which
    includes Own GDS Integrations, Own API/XML
    Integrations for Airline Management system.

  • This product comes with advanced modules and has
    all options for corporations that have a global
    growth of travel business around the world. The
    product also permits the integration of multiple
    APIs and also leaves a space for customization.
    We are specialized in travel portal design,
    development, and integration of several GDS XML,
    LCC API.
  • We are serving travel agents or travel
    corporations looking for B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2E
    modules and also who are looking for Franchise
    Module and Distributor modules.
  • FlightsLogic is an online Travel Booking Engine
    and an entire Travel Technology Solution catering
    to the various desires of online travel agencies
    (OTAs) and travel management corporations
  • FlightsLogic travel agency back office software
    connects with multiple GDS (i.e. Sabre, Galileo,
    Worldspan, etc.) and third-party suppliers to
    fetch the worldwide content for numerous services
    like Flight. Travel CRM Back Office is featured
    with a centralized integrated backend Interface
    to manage multiple sales channels (B2C, B2B,
    B2B2B, and B2B2C).
  • FlightsLogic travel portal B2C Online Booking
    System offers the proper tools that create the
    booking performance quicker and easier for every
    kind of client - corporate or end-customers.
  • We are a leading travel portal development
    company, giving B2B (agents), B2C (Users)
    corporate travel portals with GDS and third-party
    APIs integration.
  • Our solution is a function-rich B2C booking
    engine integrated with eye-catching user-friendly
    designs. B2C Portal Solution is designed for
    corporations aiming to increase profit by giving
    inventories directly to customers.

  • You can construct a B2B or B2C Portal for your
    travel agency that contains advanced flight GDS
    and numerous alternative APIs. Also, create
    secured payments on your portal by integrating
    Payment Gateways.
  • Tour travel industry has discovered drastic
    changes in several aspects like operation
    methodology, target audiences, marketing
    strategies, etc.
  • Travel portals today are not only suggesting that
    to search out the most effective places to go to
    on holidays, however, they need also instead
    expanded the services to flight booking, etc.
  • It can be commented on after going through the
    detailed necessities. Skilled travel portal
    development companies have a prepared framework
    for the various forms of travel models and
    therefore using that, could reduce the time and
    development cost.
  • A travel portal would be useless within the
    absence of a ticket booking feature which is
    ideally joined to the highest airline and
    shipping corporations.
  • A perfect travel portal should be ready to
    address the varied payment choices and gateway
    among tourists and travelers. We offer
    integration of XML APIs, payment gateways, GDS
    and others.
  • FlightsLogic is specialized in portal design,
    development and integration of various GDS's XML
    and JSOM, APIs, testing to consumer hosts when we
    also maintain the product for 24/7 technical and
    client support services.

  • Our software helps those who are looking to find
    online travel Portal Development services and
    B2B2C online travel portal start-ups
    corporations. Our Award-winning internet booking
    engines offer complete solutions to the potential
    online travel agency.
  • Our B2B booking system has all the essential
    modules enclosed, you can adjust pricing and
    markup policies dynamically, manage credit
    limits, and manage cancellation policies and
  • From a responsive B2B reservation portal, your
    approved agents can logon to your B2B portal,
    search and book products, add a mark-up and pay
    money for booking online.
  • Customize your own travel agent reservation
    software to capture customers who book beyond
    operating hours and provide customers access to
    your inventory 24x7.
  • Using our travel reservation software, customers
    will have access to the best available tours and
    transfers inventory, creating your sales
    independent of the operating hours of your
    agency. We offer travel development that empowers
    corporations to deliver a completely loaded
    online travel booking website that goes well
    beyond client expectations.
  • FlightsLogic travel reservation system can
    deliver travel websites with B2B B2C travel
    portals. And these travel websites can be
    integrated into numerous APIs for flights, Travel
    packages, payment entryway integration, user
    login, agent login.

  • FlightsLogic travel reservation system is
    constructed through combined effort and skills of
    our Management, Travel Software Development who
    have a few years of expertise in online Flight
    Package, System Developments, Travel website
    interfaces, website design, online travel agency,
    Travel business marketing.
  • Our guarantees are to offer end-to-end travel
    technology services with various value-added
    options, this will guarantee to grant you the key
    to your success in the online travel business.
  • Online Travel Booking System is a comprehensive,
    robust, efficient and cost-effective XML based
    mostly E-Commerce solution designed by
    FlightsLogic. It's a one-stop complete
    reservation platform providing an online booking
    portal on B2B and B2C platforms.
  • We are one of the worlds leading travel portal
    development companies. We offer all the relevant
    travel portal related software solutions that
    would facilitate your business to get global
    recognition. A well-responsive website with all
    the advanced technical options is what you will
    get from Travel Portal Solution.
  • We build your path to success. The airline
    business has been transformed within the
    preceding few years. This transformation has
    resulted in the Online Flight Reservation System.
    It's supported by Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and
    Worldspan which are the most used GDS systems.
  • The GDS system helps to change a transaction
    between an Airline Company and travel agencies.
    Hence, it can be said that the online flight
    reservation system has created the work easier
    for travelers and travel agencies.

Which are the best features of B2B Portal and Why
Travel Agent uses B2B Travel Portal?
  • FlightsLogic B2B is an ultimate product for B2B
    solutions business operators and travel agents
    and alternative sub-agents to book flights. It's
    essential for travel agents and agencies to work
    booking from many branches and sales channels
    into one single place and for that a consistent
    management of these bookings.
  • Travel portal B2B Platform is extremely abundant.
    We connect the gap between your agents and
    company clients and their needs via giving you
    the Industrys Leading B2B portal with all needed
    interfaces like B2B, B2E, and B2C, etc.
  • We offer customized B2B B2C Travel Portals with
    advanced options to the travel agents to grow
    their business. We also provide a B2B white label
    travel portal that permits you to attach with
    alternative travel agents from your network and
    permit them to form travel bookings at discounted
    B2B rates on the portal using their own separate
    login approach.
  • Our travel portal consists of GDS/third party API
    Integration for Flight booking services. We
    provide all travel portal solutions for b2b
    agencies across the world.
  • Our B2C reservation engine is intended and
    developed with the latest technologies to ensure
    the very best quality. Server, bandwidth, and
    performance, IT Infrastructure we will beware of.

  • We have extensive expertise in building travel
    booking systems for numerous clients around the
    world and our teams substantiate our capability
    to make your brands booking engine.
  • We offer numerous online travel sales channels
    B2C, B2B, B2E, B2B2C, and B2B2B travel portals,
    and these B2C travel portals can integrate into
    numerous APIs for flights for real-time
    inventory. We establish XML / API integrated
    travel websites for travel agents, tour
    operators, corporates and Start-Up travel
  • We have incredible expertise in providing
    technology services to each off-line and on-line
    travel agents. Our B2C portal system provides a
    sophisticated Internet-based reservation solution
    that is designed to ensure solutions will be able
    to serve any size of outbound and inbound Tour
    Operators in single or multiple workplace
  • Our online B2C white label travel solutions to
    travel agents worldwide permitting them to start
    their own online travel business. With over 1100
    White label/API partnerships already, our
    solutions permit you to engage with your
    customers more closely while giving them a spread
    and depth of services that weren't previously
  • B2C stands for business to customers, is the
    technique for selling products and services to
    the client. Our software is one of the most
    effective travel portal provider companies across
    the globe.
  • Our latest travel portal is absolutely customized
    and based on the clients necessities. You can
    offer each b2b and b2c services to your customers
    by using our modernized travel portal. You can
    offer straightforward flight booking expertise to
    your customers by using this user-friendly travel

  • We provide you a quick and secure flight booking
    API solution which helps you to provide high
    standard services to your customers.
  • We have integrated web-based white label travel
    booking engines in all b2b travel portal
    development and b2c travel websites for all
    clients including b2b customers of our precious
  • Our aim is to deliver end-to-end travel
    technology solutions with identifying value-added
    options, this will guarantee to offer you the key
    to your success within the travel and tourism
  • We deliver online travel solutions for B2C, B2B,
    B2E, B2B2C, and B2B2B travel portals, and these
    travel portals or websites can integrate into
    various APIs for flights for real-time inventory.
    We develop XML based travel portals for travel
    agents, travel agencies, tour operators, a travel
    company and travel corporations.
  • We have vast knowledge in providing services to
    offline travel agents we have successfully
    delivered over 80 online travel portals and
    travel booking engine websites for every size of
    a travel agency. It's an online medium that
    enables selling travel services to end customers
    directly on their travel portal.
  • Our B2C Online Booking System offers the right
    tools that create the booking method quicker and
    simpler for all types of clients - corporate or
  • It has the best travel software for travel
    corporations worldwide because it helps them to
    extend their profits by avoiding paying
    commissions to sales agents. We offer B2C travel
    portal services to empower everyday travelers to
    function as their own agents as they get access
    to wholesale pricing usually reserved just for
    travel agents.

  • A B2B travel agent platform assists increase
    sales and conversions. With cooperative tools and
    a full suite of available travel products, the
    user can create the planning process
    conveniently. Travel Agents offer neck-to-neck
    competition to important online travel agencies
    by providing their customers with unique shopping
  • Customers can shop twenty-four/ seven from the
    B2C platform for Flights. The application offers
    an expert look and fool for much better user
  • The website will be obtainable for online booking
    choices for flights. The website can be
    self-managed by back end CMS (Content Management
    System) for dynamic any image, text or even
    adding pages. Our B2C platform offers the proper
    tools that create the booking method quicker and
    less complicated for all types of end-customers.
  • It's must-have software for travel corporations
    worldwide because it helps them increase their
    profits by avoiding paying commissions to sales
  • Providing B2C travel services on your company
    website empowers everyday travelers to function
    as their own agent as they get an approach to
    wholesale pricing usually reserved just for
    travel agents.
  • The online travel engine is connected via API
    with multiple airline suppliers, GDSs and
    consolidators and its simply managed from its
    own dedicated back-office having at a constant
    time front and back-end interfaces.
  • Our major B2B booking engines like Tour, Package
    engineered with all essential tools that modify
    you to transfer your own contracted product,
    integrate third-party suppliers, modify pricing
    and markup at runtime, generate agent wise
    reports, map banners, incorporate business rules
    and simply take an insight into business sales.

  • From a responsive B2B reservation portal, your
    authorized agents can logon to your B2B portal,
    search and book products, add a mark-up and pay
    for booking online.
  • From the Admin booking panel, they can view,
    email, or download booking vouchers or cancel the
    booking of their customers from any device at any
  • Travel Portal Development Services smoothen the
    itinerant method. It integrates various
    expedition components with GDS/XML API. Offers
    wide exposure to your travel product. It helps to
    establish complete loyalty.
  • Our B2C Booking Engine allows your client to
    directly book travel deals online without
    intervention of alternative travel agents or tour
    operators. We have XML integrations with over 50
    suppliers and investigate more, that offers your
    customers a good variety of choices to select
  • Customers can book international and domestic
    travel products using any device at any time. Our
    user-friendly and responsive online travel portal
    enhances your customers' booking expertise.
  • You can integrate multiple GDSs and third-party
    suppliers XML/API for flights to your online
    booking engine to sell multiple products under
    one roof.
  • Tours and travel have continually been popular
    for each business and pleasure. With the
    approaching of technology and internet age, it's
    very necessary to possess an efficient travel
    portal if you work in the travel business.
  • Without a completely running website, you are
    losing all the opportunities obtainable online. A
    website offers you visibility within the virtual
    world and captures the eye of your potential

    Contact us      For
    more details, please visit our website
  • https//www.flightslogic.com/b2b-portal-developm
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