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VCare Trichology hair care clinic in Chennai


VCare Trichology hair care clinic in Chennai and Bangalore offers world class hair growth treatments and hair transplantation therapies with a team of expert hair doctors, Trichologists and surgeons at a state of art facility clinic. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: VCare Trichology hair care clinic in Chennai

  • PRP is a potential emerging non-surgical based
    therapy for natural hair follicles stimulation
    for thinning hair. Larger clinical studies are
    pending but the current medical literature
    contains numerous optimistic results. Although a
    few controlled studies exist, anecdotal and case
    reports are the primary sources reflecting
    success with PRP therapy.

Results may vary from user to user
What is PRP?
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and is a
new novel way of treating skin and hair problems.
Platelets are rich in growth factors which can
induce growth of any cell, that may be hair root
cells (papilla cells), or collagen cells
(fibroblast) or joint cells(synovial membrane
cells) that stimulate healing and regeneration in
human body
Principle of PRP?
PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy uses growth
factors in platelets and plasma separated from
autologous blood, eliminating the risk of side
effect and rejection reaction.
Who can take PRP Therapy?
  • PRP is like an induction therapy means it induces
    hair growth.
  • Theoretically, it should be effective in all
    types of hair loss. But commonly, it is treated
    in male and female patterned baldness, after hair
    transplant and also in some cases of alopecia

Who should NOT have PRP treatment? 
  • Patients with history of heavy smoking, drug and
    alcohol use.
  • Medical diagnosis such as platelet dysfunction
    syndrome, thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenaemia,
    hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute and
    chronic infections, chronic liver disease,
    anti-coagulation therapy, chronic skin diseases
    or cancer, metabolic and systemic disorders.

How it is Prepared?
PRP is prepared from your blood. Around 18-20 ml
blood is withdrawn in PRP kit and spun in FDA
approved and medically certified centrifuge
machine, Which is specially designed for yielding
high platelet count. This spin separates blood
into various constituents like red cells on the
bottom, plasma on the top called (Platelet Poor
Plasma), and platelets in the middle on top of
the red blood cell layer known as the Buffy
coat. The Buffy coat is taken and further
concentrated by fast spins, which later activated
by calcium and kept in small syringes to inject
into scalp skin. 
How is this Therapy given?
  • It takes around 1 hour to complete the therapy. A
    numbing cream is applied over scalp for ½ hr to
    reduce pain and discomfort. Scalp is cleaned with
    antiseptic solutions. Just before therapy, a
    local anesthesia may be given to make it compete
    painless. Then PRP is injected into deep skin at
    hair roots by multiple pricks. This therapy is
    given in interval of 21 days for 3 to 5 months
    depends upon scalp area. Later , maintenance
    therapy can be taken every 3-6 months.
  • 21 Days Once 3 6 Sessions  

How much pain or discomfort during therapy?
  • It causes mild pain which is tolerable. We have
    few innovative things to make it almost painless. 

Will PRP therapy be effective, To regain my
completely lost hair? 
  • No, PRP therapy will improve growth of existing
    hairs, it will increase the growing phase of
    hair, reduces hair fall, and reverses thinning
    which ultimately gives density.

When can I expect hair growth? 
  • Initially you will see improvement in hair fall,
    the visible changes can be seen after 4-6 months.

Supplemental therapy mandatory
What are the side effects of PRP therapy? 
  • Since your own blood is used in PRP so as such
    there is no severe side effects. Mild pain and
    pin point bleeding is common. Allergic test with
    local anesthesia should be done before therapy to
    avoid reaction. Sometime mild swelling over scalp
    may occur, which will resolve in 3-4 hours. 

  • No medications or surgical instruments required
  • Very simple and quick procedure
  • Reliable and natural looking result of healthier
    looking hair
  • Suitable for both Men and Women
  • All natural medical process through using
    patient's own blood
  • No need to take rest after process. Patient can
    self drive home
  • Potential therapy for thin hair
  • Non aggressive treatment

  • Autologous, therefore non immunogenic
  • Stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells
  • Accleration of healing process and reduction of
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Improvement of microvascularization
  • Stimulation of fibroplast growth and collagen
  • Release of the main growth factors involved in
    tissue repair and regeneration.

Is Blood investigation required for PRP?
  • Total Blood Count CBC
  • Random Blood Sugar RBS
  • Prothrombin Time - PT
  • Bleeding Time - BT
  • Clotting Time - CT
  • Australia Antigen - HBs Ag
  • HIV I II
  • HCV
  • Thyroid Profile ( If required)

PRP Contains?
  • Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it and
    prescribe PRP therapy for hair loss control and
    to delay the early stage balding or as a
    compliment to a nonsurgical approach for those
    patients who are not eligible for hair transplant
    or who want to delay hair transplant. As a
    non-surgical treatment option, we recommend PRP
    therapy along with hair supplements and serums
    which will be advised by our team of experts.
  • Laser therapy
  • The revolutionary drug free treatment which
    target hair follicles for stimulating hair growth
    and revitalizing damaged hair with Medical Grade
  • 3x per week 15 minutes

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