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Lawn Care Tips for Beginners in Bountiful Utah


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Title: Lawn Care Tips for Beginners in Bountiful Utah

Lawn Care Tips for Beginners in Bountiful Utah
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  • It can be a very exciting feeling when a
    homeowner gets the keys to their first property
    that has a lawn. A lawn is their private oasis
    usually equipped with a garden and luscious green
    grass for residents in Bountiful. However, proper
    lawn care can be overwhelming for beginners
    especially for Utah residents. Here are some tips
    on how to perform proper lawn care on their

  • The first tip to lawn care covers the basics that
    most landscapes in Bountiful typically acquire.
    When dealing with turf, what happens above ground
    will reflect what's going on underneath. A good
    piece of advice from professionals is to always
    test the soil. This will allow homeowners to
    understand the starting point for the essentials
    such as soil pH levels. Residents in Bountiful
    can get information on test kits from local
    landscaping companies. It is important to perform
    the test on troubled spots that are bare or have
    unwanted lawn moss. Homeowners should be sure to
    label the samples from those areas properly so
    that the lab can tailor suggestions accurately.

  • When homeowners get their hands on their test
    results, it's time for them to start their
    project with the suggestions given. They should
    correct the lawn errors tentatively and make sure
    the risks dont repeat. The testing labs will
    usually recommend soil amendments to improve lawn
    care. A good suggestion is to use Lime which is
    known to bring back the pH balance to enable
    grass to draw on available nutrients. It can be
    more efficient for homeowners to hit the tough
    spots first for lawn care. In order to simplify
    patching and repairs, homeowners should premix
    premium grass seed, professional-grade fertilizer
    and protective wood mulch into a single product.

  • Next, homeowners should take into consideration
    what grass might be best for their region. Grass
    that is appropriate for the weather conditions
    result in remarkable lawns. Plants, flowers,
    shrubs, turfgrasses vary in different climates so
    it is important to obtain gardens that will
    tolerate Utahs region. There are cool-season
    grasses that peak in growth during the winter
    months and in fall and spring.

  • The last tip to homeowners on proper lawn care is
    to manage water. Grasses flourish best when they
    are watered deeply at a less constant rate. If
    watering is done shallowly, this encourages
    shallow roots to be susceptible to drought and
    other stress. Good watering practice will allow
    homeowners to reduce consumption and save on
    bills while their garden grows healthier.

  • Cancel out the stress of lawn care and call All
    Seasons Landscaping today at (801)292-0450
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