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Top 17 SEO Companies in Vancouver, British Columbia


Zencast Media LLC has listed the best SEO companies in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The above list keeps the latest market trends and studies in mind. The effort is made to make you aware of the best SEO agencies around Vancouver, BC that you can check out and hire according to your business requirements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 17 SEO Companies in Vancouver, British Columbia

Top 17 SEO Companies in Vancouver, British
  • A Comprehensive Presentation
  • On Vancouver, British Columbias Most Popular
  • SEO Companies

What is SEO?
  • SEO or search engine optimization is a set of
    practices designed to enhance the visual appeal
    and positioning of web pages in organic search
  • Because organic search is the most prominent way
    for people to discover and access online content,
    a good SEO strategy is essential for improving
    the quality and quantity of traffic to your
  • There are dozens of best SEO companies in
    Vancouver that helps to provide high ROI for your

Why Would Small Businesses Require SEO?
  • SEO is essential for reaching out to your target
    audiences especially for small businesses who get
    overshadowed by bigger businesses in the market.
    Here are some of the most essential reason to why
    small businesses must invest in SEO
  • Brings in more customers through organic search
  • Encourages you to focus on user experience
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Builds credibility and trustworthy web experience
    for customers
  • It is cost-effective and pocket-friendly
  • It is trackable
  • In this presentation today, Zencast Media, one of
    the most trusted SEO Companies in Vancouver,
  • British Columbia, will be highlighting the top 17
    SEO companies who have created a niche in
    uplifting the digital
  • footprints of the business across the world.

1. Zencast Media
  • Zencast Media LLC is a top contender among the
    primary technical and digital consultancy firm.
    Over the years, we have built strong foothold in
    the industry, catering across the states of UK,
    USA, Canada and other parts of the globe. Our
    mission is to empower the future with hot-cake
    modernistic designs, contemporary technologies,
    and revolutionary e-marketing techniques. The
    company has a strong objective and our experts
    work in tangent to achieve the goals and success.
  • Client requirements and satisfaction gets the
    maximum importance at Zencast Media. Whatever is
    the project, be it a mobile application
    development or website designing or branding, we
    work closely with you to ensure perfection in the
    outcome. Our testimonial section strongly
    reflects our values, ethics, and approach towards
    client handling..
  • CEO Rajkumar Prasad
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US
  • Call 1 647-496-7061
  • Mail

2. Guaranteed SEO
  • Guaranteed SEO is the top seo services provider
    that offers a wide range of services and
    specializes in responsive web application
    development and Web optimization. They offer
    services like SEO, online paid advertising (PPC),
    social media marketing, website audit, conversion
    rate optimization (CRO), analytics conversions
    setup and eCommerce SEO.
  • President/CEO Eric Ayache
  • Registered 1996
  • Address 688 W Hastings St, 480, BC V6B 1p1, CA
  • Call (604) 630-0767
  • Mail

3. Vancouver SEO Company
  • Vancouver SEO Company is a results-driven digital
    marketing company focused on Search Engine
    Optimization, Google Ads, PPC, and Social Media
    Presence. They offer other services such as SEO,
    Google Ads, social media and web design.
  • CEO Linden Schwark
  • Registered 2014
  • Address 1043 West 7th Ave Vancouver, BC,Canada
  • Call 1 604-260-5507
  • Mail

4. Optimized Webmedia Marketing
  • Optimized Webmedia Marketing is a top seo company
    in Vancouver that specializes in SEO and adwords
    PPC. They provide solutions such as SEO, website
    design, PPC ads management, Google my business
    management, social media Facebook ads and lead
    tracking reporting.
  • CEO Donald Kim
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 705-1221 Homer St, Vancouver,
    BC,Canada, V6B 1C5
  • Call 1.778.272.8213
  • Mail

5. BreezeMaxWeb
  • BreezeMaxWeb is a digital marketing agency in
    Vancouver, BC that specializes search engine
    optimization (SEO), search engine marketing
    (SEM), and social media management (SMM). They
    offer services like search engine marketing, SEO,
    online store/website creation, social
    reputation management, branding creative, lead
    generation R.O.I, analytics reporting, native
    video ads and app software engineering.
  • President CEO Andrew Faridani
  • Registered 20056
  • Address 170-422 Richards St. Vancouver,BC V6B
  • Call 1 888-466-4167
  • Mail

6. Cansoft Technologies
  • Cansoft Technologies is a Canada-based software
    development and SEO company that specializes in
    SEO. They provide services such as software
    development, mobile application development,
    website development and SEO.
  • CEO Kazi Mamun
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 1283 Howe St Vancouver, BC,Canada V6Z
  • Call 1 778-251-6525
  • Mail

7. ROI Web Marketing
  • ROI Web Marketing is a Vancouver based web
    marketing agency that specializes in web design,
    SEO and internet marketing. They offer services
    such as internet marketing, website design, web
    hosting and SEO. They are also lead generation
    and conversion specialists.
  • Director/CEO Samantha Bangayan
  • Registered 2003
  • Address 595 Burrard St. Vancouver,BC, V7X 1L3
  • Call (604) 239-0101
  • Mail

8. Techatami Web Design
  • Techatami Web Design is a Vancouver based web
    design, graphic design, digital marketing and SEO
    agency. They also offer web design development,
    graphic design, SEO, social media marketing,
    advertising marketing, website maintenance and
    commercial photography.
  • CEO Kambiz Ahmadi
  • Address 89 Nelson St 2810, Vancouver,BC V6Z
    0E7, Canad
  • Call 1 604-445-7761
  • Mail

9. iias Vancouver SEO
  • iias Vancouver SEO is a Vancouver based SEO
    company that specializes in website design and
    optimization. They offer services like website
    design optimization, search engine
    optimization, web application development, CMS
    solution, web hosting and search engine
  • Founder CEO Mike Johnson
  • Registered 1995
  • Address 30720 Simpson Rd 101 Abbotsford,BC,
    Canada V2T 3R7
  • Call 1 604-556-0211
  • Mail

10. More Hot Leads
  • More Hot Leads is a Vancouver based digital
    marketing and SEO agency that specializes in SEO
    and lead generation. They offer services such as
    SEO, lead generation, video marketing, local
    business listing, WordPress websites, funnel
    optimization, landing page, Facebook ads, PPC and
    Google Ads.
  • Co-founder/CEO Joshua Polsky
  • Registered 2015
  • Address Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1S9
  • Call (844) 206-9025
  • Mail

11. WittyCookie
  • WittyCookie is a full-service Vancouver web
    design and SEO company that specializes in SEO
    and social media marketing. They offer services
    such as website design, branding, SEO, social
    media marketing and digital ads.
  • Marketing Director Kevin Young
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 170-422 Richards Street,
    Vancouver,British Columbia V6B 2Z4, CA
  • Call 1 (888) 936-3653
  • Mail

12. Kontakt Digital
  • Kontakt Digital is a Vancouver based SEO agency
    specializes in helping businesses increase their
    organic search rankings on search engines. They
    offer services such as Google analytics, Google
    search console, Google my business, Google tag
    manager, SEO audit, Schema markup, Google
    merchant centre and SEO link building services.
  • Founder/CEO Dewan Bayney
  • Registered 2017
  • Address 408 55 Water Street, Office
    1999,Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1
  • Call 1 604-200-7655
  • Mail

13. Jelly Marketing
  • Jelly Marketing is an award-winning digital
    marketing PR firm that specializes in digital
    ads, social media, SEO, public relations
    services. They offer services such as marketing,
    digital media, social media, SEO, and public
  • Founder/CEO Darian Kovacs
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 212 23189 Francis Ave Langley,
    BC,Canada V1M 0G4
  • Call 1 604-674-3559
  • Mail

14. SlavTech Marketing Inc.
  • SlavTech Marketing Inc. is a Vancouver based SEO
    and SEM company that specializes in website
    optimization and PPC. They offer services like
    SEO, SEM, PPC, video marketing, and social media
  • CEO Slav Mandic
  • Registered 2008
  • Address Suite 300 1275 West 6th
    Avenue,Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1A6
  • Call 1 604-726-4716
  • Mail

15. Clixeen Marketing Vancouver
  • Clixeen is a Vancouver based digital marketing
    agency that has satellite offices in Toronto and
    Orlando. They offer services such as website
    design, search engine optimization, social media
    marketing and advertising.
  • Office Manager Shahin Ayoughi
  • Registered2016
  • Address 700 W Georgia St, Vancouver,BC V7Y 1K8,
  • Call 1 604-773-8000
  • Mail

16. URated
  • URated is a Vancouver based digital marketing
    agency that specializes in seo and social media
    marketing. They offer services such as website
    design, website hosting maintenance, social
    media management, business review management,
    online advertising, SEO, creative and zoho mail.
  • CEO Patrick Davies
  • Registered 2015
  • Address 777 Hornby St Suite 600, Vancouver,BC
    V6Z 1S4, Canada
  • Call 1 778-785-3750
  • Mail

17. Geeky Marketing Inc.
  • Geeky Marketing Inc. is a full-service web
    marketing and design agency that specializes in
    web design development and SEO. They offer
    services such as mobile app development, UX/UI
    design, website design development, branding,
    graphic design, content marketing, SEO, display
    advertising, PPC, email marketing, social media
    marketing, business strategy, campaign strategy,
    media relations, content strategy and brand
  • President/CEO Farhad Mehrabi
  • Address 1123 409 Granville St Vancouver,BC,
    Canada V6C 1T2
  • Call 1 604-844-3544
  • Mail

  • Choosing the best web development agency is
    equivalent to finding a needle in the haystack,
    because the market is dotted with hundreds of
    companies and agencies, ready to serve you with
    the most unique strategies and concepts.
  • In this presentation, Zencast Media hopes, the
    list will be able to assist you in narrowing the
    options for choosing the right one for your
  • We wish you all the best in your endeavours

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