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How to Start a Logistics Company in Free Zone, Dubai, UAE


Dubai is the epicenter of trade and commerce in the UAE, and industries of all kinds are flourishing in this region due to its favorable business environment. Dubai's geographic location and infrastructure, in particular, make it an ideal supply and distribution gateway, with revenue expected to exceed USD 30 billion by 2035. The logistics industry in Dubai is also fiercely competitive. This means that if you want to gain a strong foothold in this market and thrive in the future, you will need to invest significantly in the capital. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Start a Logistics Company in Free Zone, Dubai, UAE

How to Start a Logistics Company in Free Zone,
Dubai, UAE
  • Last years pandemic revealed several flaws in
    the global logistics industry, as well as having
    serious consequences. The UAE, on the other hand,
    is one of the few countries to have emerged from
    the bad situation as soon as possible. It is the
    only country that has experienced sustained
    growth in the logistics industry following the
    pandemic. UAE acknowledges that the virus was
    present, is present, and will remain, but it must
    stabilise its logistics industry regardless, and
    in this regard, UAE has performed admirably thus
    far. We believe that there has never been a
    better time to start a logistics company in Free
    Zone, Dubai, UAE.

Important information to consider before
establishing a logistics company in Dubai, UAE
  • Given the perks and benefits, there is no better
    place for a logistics business on a global scale.
    However, there are a few things you should be
    certain of before establishing a logistics
    business setup in UAE

Customs, documentation, and paperwork processes
  • You must be aware of all customs procedures,
    paperwork, and documentation requirements. Before
    entering the logistics industry, you should be
    well-versed in customs and the clearance process.

In-person meeting with your client
  • A one-on-one meeting with a logistics supplier is
    extremely beneficial because it ensures clear
    communication between all involved parties and
    reduces the likelihood of any mishaps. Credit
    terms with a signed agreement are also essential.
    This makes it easier to resolve any future

Understanding the logistics market
  • The logistics market in Dubai is quite
    fragmented, with many suppliers spread across the
    UAE. This means that hiring an experienced
    company is the best option. It will help you save
    money, avoid clearance failures, and are usually
    well-versed in all customs rules.

  • Logistics in Dubai is certain to thrive, thanks
    to the presence of some of the worlds busiest
    seaports and airports. It also has excellent road
    connections to the neighbouring Emirates and
    countries surrounding the UAE. So, whether you
    want to start a logistics business to sell
    locally, internationally, or domestically, you
    can do so.
  • Setting up a logistics business in Dubai has
    certain advantages, such as tax benefits, where
    businesses pay extremely low taxes.
  • This business has no minimum capital requirement,
    no currency restrictions, and no visa
  • Dubai provides a free cargo and freight
    connection, as well as free-zone benefits, which
    boosts additional business activities and

Dubais four major logistics business hubs are
Dubai South Free Zone
  • Established in 2006 by the government of Dubai,
    the Dubai South Free Zone provides world-class
    infrastructure as well as exceptional government
    support. The Dubai South Free Zone is 145 square
    kilometres in size and is located near Al Maktoum
    Airport. This free zone is well-planned, with
    high-tech warehousing and easy access to downtown
    Dubai. The government has made additional
    investments in light of the free zones prospects
    as it emerges as a highly flourishing zone of
    Dubai. This is currently the most popular
    jurisdiction for logistics firms in the UAE.

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)
  • Another popular location for a logistics business
    setup in Dubai is the Dubai Airport Free Zone
    (DAFZA). Dubai airport is one of the busiest in
    the world, with a trading route to Europe and
    connected geographies, providing significant
    benefits to companies formed in DAFZA. DAFZA is
    home to over 1800 businesses and 15000
    professionals. Some of the worlds largest
    logistic conglomerates have their headquarters

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JFZA)
  • The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JFZA) was founded in
    1985. It currently has over 8000 entities
    operating in the jurisdiction, making it one of
    the top free zone jurisdictions in Dubai. JAFZA
    receives approximately 24 percent of Dubais FDI.

Dubai Logistics City (DLC)
  • Dubai Logistics City (DLC), also known as Dubai
    World Central, is the worlds first platform
    designed to promote logistics and trade
    facilities in the United Arab Emirates. It has a
    total area of 140 square kilometres. This free
    zone is Dubais largest and most ambitious
    government project. The DLCs companies are
    spread across a large area, with an annual air
    cargo turnover of nearly 12 million tonnes.

Transportation of Cargo
  • Air Cargo Transportation Air cargo
    transportation can include air freight, airport
    packing and sorting, air fleet management
    (including leasing and freight forwarding), and
    freight forwarding.
  • Sea Cargo Transportation Sea cargo
    transportation includes containers, RORO, and
    bulk sea freight, packing and sorting at
    seaports, and vessel and container leasing.

  • Land Cargo Transportation Overland freight by
    road and rail, shipment expediting, and dispatch
    support for groupage cargo.
  • Third-party logistics, also known as 3PL 3P
    applies to any service contract involving
    commodity storage and shipping. This includes
    client warehousing and transportation services. A
    3PL company may provide a single service such as
    warehousing, transportation, or inventory
    management. They may, however, provide
    system-wide bundling of services and management
    of a clients entire supply chain.
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