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Imitation And One-Gram Gold Jewellery Are Gaining Popularity In India


Innovation in gems and metals has transformed the jewellery market. Feel the best customer experience and get your desired jewellery designs online at Ciero Jewels, at affordable prices. Visit the website for more designs and a variety of options available for every occasion. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Imitation And One-Gram Gold Jewellery Are Gaining Popularity In India

Ciero Jewels
  • Imitation And One-Gram Gold Jewellery Are Gaining
    Popularity In India

Imitation Jewellery
  • As the trends are changing, taste and consumer
    liking are also changing. In recent years, the
    demand for Imitation Jewellery and Artificial
    Jewellery has increased. People are taking great
    interest in one-gram Indian Gold
    Jewellery, because of Indian daily soaps and
    Indian film industry influence.
  • The demographic range for these jewellery options
    varies from middle class to upper middle class
    within all the age groups. Lets understand the
    meaning and desirability of imitation jewellery,
    and one-gram gold. 

What Is Imitation Jewellery?
  • Imitation jewellery is the ornamental pieces that
    are made using various materials to give that
    beautiful tone and look. The metals used for
    making real ornaments are very expensive and it
    is not feasible to buy every Indian Gold
    Jewellery, but with Imitation Jewellery are
    trying out new designs and different looks which
    is making it desirable in the fashion world.

What Is One-Gram Customized Gold Jewellery?
  • One-gram gold jewellery is not actual gold, but a
    coating of one gram of gold. It is also a type
    of Imitation Jewellery that is gaining
    popularity. Women are appreciating this new style
    of jewellery and wear it on every occasion. You
    can buy this Artificial Jewellery Online. 
  • So, the bottom line is to go for Imitation
    Jewellery and one-gram gold jewellery without a
    doubt. There are plenty of beautiful designs
    available online at Ciero Jewels. To cut the long
    talk short, if you want to wear the
    exquisite Customized Gold Jewellery but dont
    want to pay a big amount for it, then one-gram
    gold jewellery is good to go.  

Why Choose Imitation Jewellery And One-Gram Gold
  • These pieces of jewellery are perfect for daily
    use and there is no fear of robbery. These are
    very sturdy and come for every occasion. You can
    choose to wear this Customized Gold Jewellery on
    pre-wedding occasions, at weddings, and
  • Is Indian Fashion Jewellery And One-Gram Gold
    Jewellery The Same?
  • This type of jewellery is often referred to as
    fashion jewellery. It is a misbelief
    that Imitation Jewellery is not as good
    as Customized Jewellery, look-wise, but it is not
    true. With new evolving technologies and
    techniques, high-quality classic designs are
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