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Destinations Covered at 10 Days Rajasthan Motorbike Tour


Loved to tour on Motorbike? Brahmand Tour Is offering Rajasthan Motorbike Tour for 10 Days. Get all the best Destinations Covered in 10 Days in our Rajasthan Motorbike Tour. Visit now. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Destinations Covered at 10 Days Rajasthan Motorbike Tour

Destinations Covered at 10 Days
Rajasthan Motorbike Tour
The city of pink it is celebrated as a place of
culture history. The forts, historical
landmarks and gardens, museums temples,
marketplaces, and many others are among the main
landmarks in Jaipur. It is awe-inspiring to see
its architecture, as well as learn about the old
tales of Maharajas. The artifacts can be seen
thoroughly soaked in the present day of the city
representing the past.
The splendor of its imposing fort, glory of the
various palaces and havelis and bazaars all
amongst a backdrop of lakes makes it one of the
foremost chosen destination in Rajasthan. The
beautiful and magnificent lakes are the soul of
Udaipur and act as a major tourist
attraction. The scenic backdrop of shimmering
lakes embodies the essence of charm in this
city. Must visit lakes are Fatehsagar Lake, Lake
Pichola, Badi Lake and Udai Sagar Lake
With a background of dry hills and specs of green
stands the small city of Pushkar. Buildings
located one top of another makes the city all
the more alluring. It hosts one of the biggest
camel fairs in the country. People from all over
the world come to explore and enjoy sights of
the Pushkar Lake from the small ghats. Pilgrims
offer prayers to Brahma at the temple in
Pushkar, which is the only temple of Brahma in
the country.
Mewar, sometimes known as Mewad, is a region in
Rajasthan's south- central area It includes the
present-day Rajasthan districts of Bhilwara,
Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh.
The Mewar festival, held every year in the month
of March-April, can be split into distinct but
integral parts i.e. Religious and Cultural.
Numerous rivers and their tributries flow
through the land of mewar and change the
landscape around these parts to verdent scapes.
Ranthambore National Park
A sanctuary consisting of dense forests grassy
terrain, Ranthambore is a beautiful location to
observe and explore wildlife.
Ranthambore is known for its large tiger
population. During the past few years, there has
been a decline in the tiger population in
Ranthambhore due to poaching and other
reasons. Other animals that can also be found
here are sloth bears, chitals, hyenas, wild
boars, sambars, nilgai and leopards.
The city resides beneath its magnificent fort
which truly showcases advance architecture and
good work of stones. Chittorgarh Fort has a great
history behind itself, the fort has witnessed
many battles. If you have time, you should
definitely visit it as every fort in Rajasthan
has uniqueness of its own. It has Victory Tower
which is 90 feet high and there are ponds and
temples which enhance the beauty of this fort.
Kumbhalgarh is famous for its magnificent
monuments, royal chhatris and glorious palaces.
The place is vibrant with greens and blues. The
Kumbhalgarh Fort with its intricately carved
temples and superb artistry is one of the
strongest fortresses in the country. There are
more than 360 temples inside the fort, out of
which 300 are ancient Jain temples and the
others are Hindu shrines. Though several
additions were made to the fort by the rulers of
Mewar over the years, the original structure
exists even now.
Jodhpur is known as the sun city may be because
the rulers of the Marwar were sun worshippers
and also because the city enjoys bright sun all
through the year. Jodhpur was founded in the
year 1459 by Rao Jodha and the city earned its
name after him. The second largest city in the
state of Rajasthan is divided into old city and
new city. The city is famous for its magnificent
forts and palaces. It is also called the blue
city because of the shades of blue the houses
has been painted in.
Bundi is a city in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan
state in northwest India and capital of the
former princely state of rajputana
agency. Bundi the erstwhile capital of Hada
Rajput, is one of the glorious places of
heritage. Bundi is also known as City of
Stepwalls, blue city and also as Chotti
Kashi. Driving in to Bundi from the train
station, through roads will depict the dry dusty
lands of Rajasthan. The awe-strucking
architecture and design of forts is equally
breathtaking in this city.
Kothari's Patwon ki
Patwon Ki Haveli stands out due to its unusual
and wonderful design. Havelies were once the
residences of many eminent royal court members
or wealthy merchants. In vague terms, havelis
are royal mansions. and this one is colored in
a beautiful golden color.
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