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Travel Agent GDS


FlightsLogic is a Web-based Travel Agent GDS platform that helps businesses with team management, reporting, invoicing, marketing integration and more. FlightsLogic offers a complete Travel Agent GDS Software Solution for Travel agencies and companies of all sizes. We provide the best online travel software solutions for the travel industry. If you want know more, please visit our websites – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Travel Agent GDS

Travel Agent GDS
Travel Agent GDS
  • FlightsLogic provides Travel Agent GDS API
    integration services. Our company specializes in
    integrating global distribution systems and we
    have worked successfully on GDS systems such as
    Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, and
  • Our GDS Integration Service will help your travel
    company book thousands of airline tickets.
  • A mirror image of the passenger name record in
    the airline reservation system is maintained in
    the Travel Agent GDS system.
  • If a passenger books an itinerary containing air
    segments of multiple airlines through a travel
    agency, the passenger name record in the GDS
    system would hold information on his entire
    itinerary, each airline he flies on would only
    have a portion of the itinerary that is relevant
    to them.
  • Travel Agent GDS is ideal for airlines that want
    to improve their communication and visibility
    with travel agencies and save time, money, and
    overhead on their booking formalities.

  • To Increase and maximize your online travel
    booking, we've built a booking engine that allows
    travel agent GDS.
  • Global Reservation System is a reservation tool
    that can be integrated for streamlining travel
    bookings for all travel partners including travel
    agents, travel companies, tour operators, and
    online travel agents.
  • Travel Agent GDS can be used to handle the
    booking of reservations, and also communicate
    with other parties.
  • Travel Agent GDS has been one of the major
    contributing factors to the success of online
    travel portals and the growth of the travel
  • GDS is an important tool used by online travel
    agencies to provide customer access to a
    real-time inventory of hotels, flights, rental
    cars, tours, etc.
  • Our online travel agency software is a web-based
    travel reservation system, using which end users
    - B2C and travel agents - B2B can book the travel
    deals online.

  • Using travel agency software, travel companies
    are processing flight booking, hotel booking, car
    booking, transfer booking, sightseeing booking,
    and for several other hospitality-related
  • Top travel agency software support B2C, B2B,
    B2B2B, B2B2C, and label modules to cater to the
    different types of clients.
  • FlightsLogic, an award-winning travel technology
    company, is working with travel agencies
    globally. We provide Travel Agent GDS, Global
    Reservation System, GDS Travel System, GDS to
    travel agents.
  • We develop comprehensive travel agency
    software/reservation systems including the
    modules for flights, hotels, transfers, cars,
    sightseeing, insurance, and holiday packages.
  • We develop a travel agent GDS software for travel
    agencies and tour operators. Galileo, Amadeus,
    Sabre Travel APIs Web Services Integration.
  • Boost your hotels share of the global
    distribution system channel with FlightsLogic's
    Travel Agent GDS Solutions, proven tools that
    reach travel agents at the point of sale.
    Leverage advertising campaigns and preference
    products and optimize spend across all major GDS.

  • FlightsLogic is introducing new reporting and
    analytical capabilities for travel agent GDS
    advertising, a tool that reaches travel advisors
    across all four systems at the point of sale and
    helps hoteliers win and attract
    high-average-daily-rate bookings from business
    and premier leisure travelers.
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are used by
    travel agents and services to provide everything
    from airline tickets to rental cars to hotel
  • FlightsLogic Expands GDS Advertising Capabilities
    with Exclusive, On-Demand Reporting Platform
    Across all Global Distribution Systems.
  • FlightsLogic is a complete Travel agency software
    that manages your travel business online and it
    is 100 cloud-based. You can manage your business
    anywhere in the world.
  • Many travel agents around the world are using the
    Global Distribution System (GDS) as their major
    booking channels. It is also responsible for the
    significant growth of the travel industry.
  • If you are brand new to the travel business, you
    will be probably wondering what a GDS is and why
    GDS is much important to develop travel agents
  • FlightsLogic is a singular solution providing
    travel agency software consisting of a travel
    agent GDS booking system, developed to offer
    unparalleled travel management services for
    agencies and independent tour operators.

Popular Global Distribution Systems in Travel
  • There are certain names that have made a mark in
    the world of GDS. Some of them are Travelport,
    Worldspan, Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, and Abacus.
  • Travelport
  • Travel port is regarded as one of the largest
    GDS systems in the world. Travelport is a
    combination of the traditional and online travel
    distribution systems, empowering the travel
    agents working towards airline booking.
  • Worldspan
  • Worldspan is the technological leader in
    web-based travel e-commerce, which offers a
    solution for all the sectors of the travel
    business and airline booking is their foremost
  • The global travel distribution and transaction is
    effectively processed with the first fares of the
    airline industry, pricing, shopping, and the
    technologies related to the booking of the
    airline tickets.

  • Galileo
  • It is the largest provider of travel content and
    is a technological leader who has been serving
    travel companies across the globe.
  • The elements of global distribution service and
    partnership commitment have helped the airline
    industry to reduce the cost related to business
    operation and at the same time increase the
    revenue and efficiency.
  • Sabre
  • Sabre came into existence to improve the
    connects the travel providers and travels through
    a platform that is highly effective.
  • Abacus
  • Abacus is the leading provider of travel
    solutions in Asia. The fusion of end-end
    technology helped in the creation of a solution
    portfolio driven by the insight of how the
    airline industry works.
  • booking reservation system for American Airlines.
    Before Sabre was introduced, the airline industry
    was facing issues with the manual system of
    airline booking and the increasing number of
    passengers with each passing year. Sabre
    transformed the way in which airline booking was
    made and the whole system became online.
  • Amadeus
  • Amadeus is known to be the leading transaction
    processor for the travel and tourism industry on
    a global level. It forms a worldwide network,

Why Travel Agents/tour operators and travel
management companies should use GDS
  • GDS is a worldwide "Global Distribution System"
    computerized reservation network used as a single
    point of access for accommodating airline seats,
    hotel rooms, rental cars, and other
    travel-related items by travel agents, online
    reservation sites, and large corporations.
  • The global companies which offer global
    distribution systems are Amadeus, Galileo, and
    Sabre. They are owned and operated as joint
    ventures by major airlines, car rental companies,
    and hotel groups also called automated
    reservation systems (ARSs) or computerized
    reservation systems (CRSs).
  • The GDS includes Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport.
    Our motive is to offer your buyers an extensive
    array of travel services with all-time presence,
    charges, practices, and strategies. We enhance
    the buyer assistance search practice and give
    them a sufficient spectrum of products.
  • The Amadeus GDS system is highly favored by the
    travel operators. The travel operators over the
    globe use Amadeus API integration for the goal of
    reserving a flight, vehicle rentals, vacation
    packages, resorts, and different travel

Why does the Airline industry require Global
Distribution Systems
  • The airline booking system early was totally
    manual and you had to visit a travel agent to
    confirm a seat in a particular airline.
  • The travel agent will have the information
    regarding a single or at the maximum two airline
    companies and you would have to manage with them.
  • The travel agent could not provide you with the
    choice of choosing the airline depending on the
    cost or choosing the seat after looking at the
    seat map.
  • The introduction of the GDS system has made the
    process of travel booking much easier, as you can
    now compare the airlines, their service, ticket
    availability, and cost of the air ticket and
    proceed with the booking.
  • The GDS system is a way of direct connect which
    forms a part of the pro-consumer enhancement and
    the related financial motive of eliminating the
  • The Airline loads information into the GDS
    system, which is used as a one-stop-shop for
    providing flight information to the clients.

Why A Travel Agent GDS Software Is Needed?
  • The travel GDS booking software limits the
    alternatives and has coordination with a
    different travel booking agent. This software
    enhances the customer travel experience and shows
    a huge decrease in running expenditure.
  • The travel GDS solutions are growing as a great
    asset for centralizing the selling process,
    advertising, running and financing process, etc.
  • Travel agent GDS software assists online travel
    agents to gain an elaborated report which is
    significant for increasing the use of travel
    administration. This is for the reason of
    invoicing, explaining and adjustment. Accounting
    software for travel agencies helps in maintaining
    records in an arranged form.
  • The online travel agency software is capable of
    delivering travel services at a faster pace. By
    using this agency software the online travel
    agent feeds different details regarding pricing
    on various bases.
  • Travel agency software includes the records,
    reports, visuals, location maps and a snapshot of
    tour packages.

  • Travel booking software controls additions,
    concession, payment plans, blackout days,
    advertisement and accommodation availability,
  • We successfully provide the best benefit of
    accessing travel data to all travel agents,
    travel companies, and their cust.
  • FlightsLogic is a one and only solution for all
    enormous collections of travel products from all
    over the world leading the global distribution
  • Our integration of a single API can give you the
    inventory from multiple GDS systems, flight
    consolidators, and low-cost carriers (LCCs).
  • FlightsLogic global distribution system assists
    you in boosting your sales around the globe.
  • FlightsLogic works with all the major GDS
    providers, travel consolidators, and integrates
    with Amadeus GDS, Travel port/Galileo GDS, Sabre
    GDS which supports operating reserving airline
    seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel
  • Our Travel Agency Booking Software allows your
    sub-agents to securely access your live
    inventories, make reservations, and issue an
    instant confirmation for their end customers.
    Manage agent markups, margins, credit limits,
    commissions, and other business rules on one

FlightLogic integrates following Travel Agent GDS
  • Flight Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Car Reservation System
  • Events Reservation System
  • Events ticket Management
  • Sightseeing and Attractions Booking system
  • Transfers Booking System
  • Cruise Booking System

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