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Sabre GDS Reservation System


Get more direct bookings and increase your revenue, business, and online presence with the Sabre GDS Reservation System. Sabre GDS Reservation System is one of the most widely used tools for the travel industry. Our next-generation Sabre GDS software platform is equipped with the best-in-class module to keep your agency ahead of the curve. For more details, please visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sabre GDS Reservation System

Sabre GDS Reservation System
How to develop a travel reservation system with a
GDS system like Sabre? 
  • An integral part of the success of a travel
    booking engine is a Sabre Global Distribution
    System (Sabre GDS). Mainly, Sabre GDS is a
    computerized reservation network that makes it
    easier for travel agents, end-users, or
    corporations to access and make reservations for
    flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour
    packages, and other travel products.
  • Sabre GDS consequently, fulfills the inventory
    needs of online reservation sites and travel
    agencies. It also allows customers to make their
    bookings based on the choice of airlines and
    multiple providers. 
  • Sabre GDS is an efficient and cost-effective
    distribution channel that helps airlines, car
    rental companies, hotel airlines to increase
    their market reach for leisure and corporate
  • The Sabre system has been incorporated by major
    airlines, hoteliers, travel agents, car hire
    companies, rail carriers, and cruise operators.
    Its exceptional features include flight
    schedules, pricing policy, product availability,
    booking, and ticketing status. 
  • FlightsLogic is a market leader in the
    development of the travel booking system. We
    integrate GDS systems including Sabre GDS for
    global travel management companies. 

  • We have a proven track record in integrating
    Sabre GDS systems for airline, hotel, car rental,
    and vacation bookings with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    options along with the admin module.  
  • Our GDS Integration Service will help your travel
    company book thousands of airlines, hotel rooms,
    and vacations online. 
  • With the Sabre GDS reservation system, you can
    have a wide range of flight, hotel, car and rail,
    and cruise reservation systems. By integrating
    Sabre into your application or travel portal,
    customers can shop across hundreds of alternative
    airports, thousands of hotels, holidays, and car
    rental suppliers to choose the best of their
  • We offer a fully flexible Travel Booking System
    integrated with one of the Most Sophisticated
    Sabre Global Distribution Systems for the Travel
  • Depending on the business and solution
    requirement i.e. be it Online Travel Agent who
    wish to integrate Sabre API in its platform, on a
    Startup willing to introduce a B2B or B2C Travel
    Portal, or a Tour Operator to produce the content
    from GDS for Airlines, Hotels and any other
    inventory, we build an application and integrate
    the Sabre API. 
  • We develop the best Sabre GDS booking and
    reservation software for tour and activity
    companies combined with specialist web solutions,
    resulting in increased revenues, reduced costs,
    and exceptional efficiency. 
  • Our travel reservation system services include a
    flight reservation system, hotel booking system,
    car reservation system, cruise, and insurance

Get More Direct Bookings Better Conversion with
Sabre GDS Integration 
  • While technology enriches across distinctive
    domains, travel companies and agencies are
    looking forward to innovative and efficient
    travel solutions that could help them succeed in
    establishing their market value worldwide. 
  • Since ages, Sabre GDS Reservation Software has
    revolutionized travel and tourism with its agile
    and advanced travel technology solutions. These
    days, travel agents solely rely on Sabre GDS for
    its reliability, security, and faster results. 
  • Sabre booking system is proven to be the ideal
    platform for travel agencies and their clients to
    provide travel data, book tickets, rent a car,
    hotel bookings, and so on.
  •  The Sabre Travel Network is an excellent
    solution for the travel industry. Sabre Travel
    Network is the global leader for the world's
    leading travel agencies and corporate travel

  • Sabre is one of the best GDS systems in the world
    to have a dominant market. Travel agents use
    Sabre GDS to access travel inventory for booking
    flights, hotels, and other travel services. The
    inventory that Sabre provides consists of over
    400 airlines and 125,000 hotels and used by over
    400,000 travel agents globally. 
  • It has a record of processing over 1 million
    travel reservation transactions every minute
    during peak season. Sabre also offers travel
    agencies desktop solutions to search and book and
    XML web services.  
  • FlighsLogic is one of the best Travel GDS
    integration companies in the XML Sabre GDS API,
    with decades of expertise. As the GDS API,
    FlightsLogic integrates web portals for web-based
    engines, hotel bookings, flight reservations,
    tour packages, cars, and rail bookings. 
  • Sabre API Integration offers a hotel booking API,
    Flight XML API Integration, and Car Booking API,
    which includes features such as flight booking,
    payment management, ticket booking, cancellation,
    and ticket holder benefits.

  • Sabre Flight API 
  • Sabre Flight API is immensely beneficial for
    travel businesses who like using 3rd party travel
    API Integration service. The use of impressive
    Flight XML APIs gives a unique platform for these
    businesses to operate. 
  • FlightsLogic's Flight API integration service
    ensures a great and easy software system. It
    brings many advantages including- accurate and
    systematic metric system, a single multifaceted
    platform, multiple API Integration, a tailor-made
    interface, and user-friendly.
  • Sabre Hotel API  
  • Sabre Hotel API is essential for hotel business,
    as it requires booking, payments, and
    cancellation process easier. API for hotels can
    be incredibly difficult to create, owing to the
    different room types and facilities provided.
    However, a fully comprehensive and highly
    functional API can offer significant benefits to
    both business owners and guests. 

  • Sabre Car API  
  • Sabre Car API is immensely beneficial when
    booking rental cars and car booking portals for
    travel agencies. This car booking software helps
    in vehicle booking, rental car booking, with a
    slit of cars and fare prices mentioned. 
  • To take your business to the next level, hire the
    top API integration provider, which is also the
    leading white-label API. FlightsLogic offers
    travel solutions for Amadeus API integration,
    Sabre API integration, Car Hire API, Fight XML,
    TravelPayout API integration, and more. 

What factors make a Sabre GDS Reservation System
useful to travel companies? 
  • An integrated web presence along with a
    centralized booking system is the ideal way for
    companies to achieve the most rapid growth from
    direct sales channels. 
  • As the travel industry continues to be more
    saturated, companies need to use Global
    Distribution Systems like Sabre to bring
  • Sabre GDS system is the primary access point for
    the travel industry to push and pull real-time
    inventory for airlines, hotels, car rentals,
    cruise ships, railways, and more. 
  • Sabre GDS is a reliable and cost-effective
    distribution channel that helps airlines, car
    rental companies, hoteliers to increase their
    customer base.
  • As such, Sabre can help your travel company to
    succeed in the competitive travel industry. Our
    professionals at FlightsLogic can help you gain a
    decisive competitive edge with our comprehensive
    Sabre software integration services. 

  • Online travel companies prefer Sabre GDS all over
    the world because of its simplicity and
    availability of large travel packages. Sabre not
    only provides airline tickets but also looks at
    the reservation of train tickets, car rentals,
    hotels, etc. 
  • We at FlightsLogic provide the best Sabre GDS
    system integration for travel agents and tour
    operators. We specialize in the development of
    travel portals, travel software development,
    travel website development, travel API GDS
    integration, and much more! 
  • If you are in the travel business, whether you
    are a travel agent, a hospitality group, or plan
    to launch an Online Travel Agency (OTA), you must
    choose a GDS system that supports your marketing
  • Sabre, one of the global providers of GDS, is
    modernizing and changing the travel industry with
    its marketplace. Their system is used by
    thousands of travel suppliers and buyers to
    facilitate market planning, sales, business
    operations, and more. 
  • Sabre Global Distribution System has a tremendous
    amount of useful data that can be used by OTAs to
    deliver to consumers. Within one platform, travel
    agencies have access to real-time inventory and
    pricing for airlines, hotels, rail lines,
    touring, car rental, and more. 
  • Sabre GDS processes the best variety of
    transactions daily. Over the last two decades,
    Sabre GDS has become the largest GDS system and
    therefore the largest travel content producer in
    the world.

  • Features can be used to compare many factors,
    such as pricing, location, dates, airline seats,
    and times. Having all that data in one place in a
    user-friendly application will boost brand
    loyalty and give you a competitive edge.
  • FlightsLogic can easily integrate into the Sabre
    GDS and expand your travel offerings to allow
    your business to grow. Our highly qualified team
    will configure and customize your platform, be it
    a hotel or an intermediary like OTAs so that the
    most relevant information can be easily accessed
    by consumers. 
  • The Global Distribution System (GDS) is a global
    platform that connects travelers to service
    providers. Hotels and accommodation providers
    with a wide range of products, rates, ratings,
    availability, and a full database of travel
    agents and other booking search engines. 
  • The Sabre Travel network provides an excellent
    approach for the travel industry. The Sabre
    Reservation system allows for companies such as
    travel agencies, airlines, hospitality, car
    rental, and tour operators. The travel agencies
    can use this to explore, rate and booking.
    FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology
    company with deep expertise in consulting,
    development, and integration for B2B B2C travel
    management agencies. 
  • We are an adept travel software company with
    expertise in API/XML integration with GDS like
    Sabre to allow your users a wide range of travel
    outcomes with a 24/7 presence, details, tariffs,
    laws, and policies. 

Get the best Sabre GDS booking system by the
experts of FlightsLogic 
  • FlightsLogic is an ideal travel technology
    provider for the travel industry, who wants to
    set up or develop or update a customized booking
    application for their website. Our
    next-generation Sabre software platform (with GDS
    integration) is packaged with the best-in-class
    module to keep your agency ahead of the curve.
  • We provide a variety of online booking systems,
    travel booking engines, airline ticket booking
    systems, and so on. We have also helped
    businesses to develop various travel portal
    modules like B2B travel portal development, B2C,
    B2B2B, and B2B2C travel portal development
  • Our expertise in the travel industry and
    methodology know-how has enabled us to assure you
    that we are very capable of offering you very
    effective and varieties of GDS, XML, API, and web
    service integration solutions to a single
    application. We deliver effective GDS Integration
    services according to evolving requirements of
    the travel Industry. 

  • At FlightsLogic, we can provide you with a
    remarkable but robust marketplace. We are
    constantly developing better ways to help create
    a more sustainable future for the travel industry
    and consumers as a whole. With our Sabre airline
    reservation system integration services, we help
    you serve your customers better. 
  • With Sabre software, you can empower and sell
    your customers more efficiently and effectively.
    We take into account the needs of your customers
    so that you can accomplish a higher level of
  • Also, we strive to have a better understanding of
    your business so that we can offer valuable
    services that can help you generate higher
    profits while saving on costs. Our services and
    products are designed to optimize your business
    processes. At FlightsLogic, you'll get a variety
    of travel solutions to help you grow and shape a
    successful future. 
  • We offer Sabre web services integration, which
    provides easier, faster, and more flexible access
    to the Sabre software system. Through your online
    portal, you can easily integrate our products and
    services and all the features required to get
    into a broader marketplace, with your apps and
  • Connect to us for Sabre GDS, Sabre Reservation
    System, Sabre GDS Booking, Sabre GDS software,
    Sabre GDS system, Sabre XML API integration,
    Sabre GDS travel software development services. 

What are the features and benefits of the Sabre
GDS Reservation System? 
  • Real-time Exposure Access Worldwide Inventory
    of airlines, hotels, cars, and busses other
    travel-related entities
  • Access to both B2C and B2B travel booking engines
  • Can be integrated with Web Mobile Platforms
  • Direct status check booking through the API
  • Expand coverage with travel agents and agencies 
  • Single window interface and easy connectivity 
  • Targeting all travel agencies and agents
    accurately with the best fares and commissions
    Information maintenance is convenient with GDS 
  • Opening inventory to new distribution channels 
  • 247365 access of travel agents and agencies to
    the entire inventory 

  • The Sabre GDS software can be easily integrated
    into Android, iOS, and Web platforms Effective in
    enticing international travelers 
  • Allows business models such as the Retail Travel
    Agency and the OTA (Online Travel Agency) Offer
    customers increased pricing transparency 
  • Travel agents can have a global platform with
    huge market penetration
  • Provide your customers with the best rates that
    no other system can provide 
  • Place travel services to several clients without
    affecting your marketing budget
  • Offers the best commissions and fares for travel
  • Sabre GDS makes it easy to manage and obtain
  • It facilitates a single-window interface for all
    your business needs 
  • Sabre GDS software enables enhancing the coverage
    to gain exposure to other travelers and travel

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